Trap x Futa. Dom with few limits needed.

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Jan 27, 2019
I have been have some specific cravings lately. So before you read on, the kinds of fetishes I'd like to include are illustrated nicely in the NSFW artist 'Albatross's work. The gender pairing will ideally be feminine boy x futa/tgirl but if you're interested in something like this but it's the gender pairing not doing it for you, I may be up for changing it. But about the fetishes, enjoy further feminization, chastity may be up for discussion, tease and denial, cheating, age play (18+ only), size difference, toilet play (not entirely necessary), race play, body worship, low general hygiene, foot fetish. Dom needs to be ok dubcon/noncon but it just depends on the writing about whether or not it will get to sexual violence.
So I have a few variations on this specific craving, so the details can be tweaked but here's the general idea. Your character is a dominant, large, chubby bully that's much older. She's maybe selling drugs on the side for extra cash, she's definitely done time, she's dangerous for sure and clever too. Not book smart, but very street smart and she's knows people. I'm going for someone that's maybe carved her personality out in a ghetto up bringing. So somehow, she'll meet my character and I'm thinking maybe it's on halloween and already being a little on feminine side was perhaps coaxed into crossdressing for the event, all in good fun. But the problem is with proper application of makeup, hair extensions, fake nails and the right kind of flattering attire, it's all too passable. Now maybe they're meeting for the first time or maybe your character has had their eye on mine for a while but never really committed to do anything about it until now. Now whilst your character might be cool with kind of forcing some sex acts, I'm thinking they actually find themselves falling in love with this cute whimpy femboy. So I want this darksided with a soft spot. It gets a little difficult to explain exactly what I mean, I feel. But love for your character is a little different to what love typically sounds like. I feel like conversation could make the progression of the RP a lot clearer so if this sounds like you're kind of thing, please get in touch. My post length varies depending on the scene, but for the right partner I could happily write more than just a big paragraph. If you're passionate and have a way with detail, no need to be concerned about bigger posts.

I want someone fairly active. Ghosters need not apply. I've be burned a whole lot by them.

100% discord is my preferred platform. this kinda what I want the dom to look like. Open to discussion however.
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