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Jan 12, 2019
Hey guys! If you have never RP'd with me before, my name is Twisted. I've been RPing on and off for about 15 years approximately. I enjoy both online roleplay and tabletop gaming.

That being the case, I do take my character backgrounds and plot pretty seriously. That doesn't mean there won't be any sex or intimacy in my plots- in fact my preference is NSFW RPs. :) What it does mean is that certain stories will have a slower or faster progression than others, I like to keep things interesting, and my post length after the opening post will typically be between three to five paragraphs.

Still with me? Cool! :D

Roles I play (in order of frequency):
-doms who sub on occasion

Settings I like:
- literally anything, but if you pick history/alternative history, don't be surprised if I have no idea what's going on

Things I like:
- kink
- light to moderate bdsm
- character development
- plot
- toys
- suspense

Things I don't like:
- scat/vore/etc
- shota/loli
- mpreg
- furrys (anthros are fine, but full on animal anatomy is not a turn on of mine)

That's about all I can think of, and if you have specific questions feel free to PM me! I am a very open person, and I am down for a lot of stuff, and willing to work with a lot of stuff.
Plot ideas will be added as I think of them in the posts below! Thanks for checking me out. ;)
The Chosen


Jan 12, 2019
This is an older plot of mine. And it could potentially be very dark.
This takes place during ancient times of magic and myths. Humans are the predominant race in the world, and other races are so scarce that they are considered to be merely myths.

Two hundred years before the story takes place, a race of humanoids began appearing all around the world. The thing that set them apart from humans was that they had almost completely white eyes and strange, glowing runes all over their skin. With no memory of their homeland or where they came from, they were called "Milk Eyes" by some locals and the name stuck.
Around the same time that this was occuring, another entity entered the world of humans. Strange, black beasts- monsters that seek to devour and destroy. Creatures that roam from city to city, mericlessly bringing ruin in their wake.

At the present of the story, milk eyes have been majorically enslaved, endentured, and strongly policed. Their strange abilities make humans distrustful and many believe they are somehow responsible for the appearance of the dark ones.

My character is a young Milk Eye living in a temple. He was raised there, and has spent his entire life there training to find a way to rid the world of the darkness.

At the beginning of the story his home is being attacked and, in fleeing, he meets your character.
Your character can be whoever you want. Ideally, I would like them to be a bit suspicious and untrusting of my characters people to create some initial animosity, but I am open to alternatives. My character's ultimate goal is to defeat the darkness.
I would prefer you to play a top/switch for this story, but again, I am open. :)
Lessons in Magic


Jan 12, 2019
<3 This RP is taken! If wanting to do something similar, message me!!!! <3

In a modern day society with magic and mythical creatures, after standard schooling promising mages enroll into a number of prestigious universities around the world.

At one such university is where our chatacters meet. Elias by outward appearances is a lazy, moody mage who doesn't particularly care about his schooling but seems to excell at magic with ease. But there is more to him than meets the eye.
Your character could be a fellow classmate, teacher, room mate- there are many possibilities. The RP could happen at the university, it could take place in a special school fraternity or secret order or mages, or maybe my character is an apprentice somewhere your character works or apprentices at.

This RP has the potential to have multiple characters and storylines or it could be a one-on-one character RP.

My character is a seke/switch. :)
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Royal Garbage


Jan 12, 2019
This story takes place in futuristic Britain, year 2105. A bloody coup brought an early end to the previous Queens line, leaving the British army scrambling to find a new heir, and overthrow the tyranicall new leader and reclaim control. A distant relative was found in Scotland, and was throne was taken back, the new Royal leader and his family were named the new monarchy.

My character in this story is the crown heir, Prince Saffron. And as far as royalty is concerned, he is complete trash. He is addicted to night life, partying, drugs, alcohol, you name it. It really seems as though he is doing all he can to trash his family name.

This story can go two ways, either one of two or a combination thereof.
Plot heavy: There seems to be a lot of unease in the capital. The king attends quiet and secretive meetinga while civilians protest outside of the castle gates, often met oppressive force by local authorities. Saffron believes his father has been corrupted, perhaps by some other entity operating outside of the government or perhaps simply by the draw of power. In an an effort to find the truth, Saffron began disguising himself and going out into town, trying to gather information while posing as a civilian. Trying to find the right people to talk to drew him into the back alleys and warehouse nightclubs of the town, and as time went on and the leads he found all brought him to dead ends, he ends up getting lost in a sea of guilty pleasures and sin, losing sight of his main goal. This would be the time when he meets your character.


This plot can be a little bit more smut and draw driven. Saffron abhors not having control, and the royal life is making him crazy. He does all he can to shirk his royal duties and escape his own reality, and he doesn't really care if he tarnishes his family name in the process. He is the tabloids favorite local celebrity. Your character could be someone he meets chasing pleasures and fun, drawing him in further to the life style, or perhaps someone trying to pull him out, and help the self destructive prince. This one will be focused much more on Saffron's relation with his family and intimacy most likely.

I am also completely open to alternative plot ideas. Like, maybe there is a deadly illness taking impoverished neighborhoods. Or maybe the prince actually ends up getting a captured by the resistance. Or maybe trafficked or caught up in the underground mafia. Give me your ideas if the other plots don't suit you.

In both potential story lines, there are a lot of rolls your character could play. Freedom fighter, mafia, law enforcement, castle guard, concerned royal cousin, normal civilian- I'm pretty open.

As far as personality is concerned, Saffron can be a bit difficult. He's demanding, haughty, and doesn't take much shit. He dislikes authority and feeling like someone is trying to control him and is absolutely a bit of a power bottom. If that sounds like something you would like, let me know! :)
Shadows in the Mist


Jan 12, 2019
This RP is taken! If you'd like to do something simar to this, please reach out!

I'm super excited for this one and really want to find someone to flesh out this story with. This came to me in a dream.

This is a mystery RP, with maybe some light fantasy and horror elements, which follows the story of two young adults and the disappearance of my characters sister.

I do need to state for this RP that while events prior to the RP taking place happen when my character is in high school, events during the RP take place when my character is 18. And all characters involved in intimate relationships will be 18. Let's not break any rules here.

Also when I had this dream originally, or protagonists were related to some degree. Possibly a cousin x cousin relation, could be a more distant cousins. If this is not something you are comfortable with, I am 100% open to changing this. Could be step siblings, adopted siblings, etc.

My character is a moody, emo/goth high school graduate. He's a sarcastic introvert who, following an incident with the passing of his mother, has been moved into the care of his distant family members, perhaps either an aunt/uncle or step parent during high school.

The other character in this dream is the distant cousin or step-brother (again, flexible on this). While our characters were friends as children it seems they have grown into very different people, and they do not get along at all. You can play your character however you'd like, as long as there is some anamosity between them intially.

Anyway, my character's stay was supposed to be a temporary situation that ended up drawing on longer than initially planned. Instead, our characters finish school and are well into summer, mutually looking at jobs and colleges when our story takes place.

They no longer have school to avoid each other at. As tensions rise between my character and yours, they are all waiting on word from my character's family who have gone eerily silent, specifically word from his younger sister, who is still in grade school and staying with another relative. They have been waiting on a phone call or letter.

It's a very foggy day which finds my character a little too deep in his own mind after a small confrontation with your character, when the letter comes.

It looks strangely old. As if it had been sent years ago. It's addressed from his sister, and it contains a lot of information that simply doesn't add up. A single, friendly memo reminding my character not to mope, a class list of his sister's school, strangely missing her name, a family photo, a report card...not the information they were expecting, and lastly a letter that doesn't make any sense, talking about things that never happened.

This makes my character very concerned, and he wants to travel back to the state he's from to find out what's going on. Nobody else seems concerned or willing to help him, so he decides to find his own way there. And either while he is packing his bags to make a getaway or after he's already left and is marching his way down the road, your character confronts him and decides to help him get back to his family, because at least then my character would be out of your characters hair.

This launches them into a road trip across country, and the mysteries keep on coming from there. My characters sister has become displaced some how, in time, or perhaps another world. And our boys are trying to get to the bottom of it all, while struggling with their differences, and perhaps something more?

There will likely be a darker, more occult-ish aspect to this RP, so my partner will need to be ok with dark themes.

There is a lot of room to work out some fun plot mechanics in this one. It could even involve time travel, or a faerie otherworld.

I am very open in ideas and planning for this.

My character in this rp will be a switch, tending towards a more submissive role.

I am somewhat flexible on this so if this doesn't meet your needs but you are interested, let me know. :)
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Title TBD, Inherited Powers


Jan 12, 2019
This one was yet another idea that came to me in a dream.
This takes place in a world where people can have unique powers. Think like X-Men, My Hero Academia, etc. Powers aren't super common and people who have them are really closely monitored.

My character's mother has powers, and while I have not yet decided the extent to which she makes this known, she is a vigilante of sorts and has made many enemies over the years. While she is a pretty great vigilante and has the respect of many of her peers, she's not exactly a stellar mom.
My character has been totally powerless all his life and has a very strained relationship with his mom. His father has not been in the picture since he was a baby and it's unknown if his father had his own abilities.
My character, now a young adult in the story, is traveling with his mother to visit his eldery grandpa in the hospital when they fall under attack by malevolent forces, a group of other gifted people who seemed to have made his mother their target (or did they?)
It had only been a few days prior to this happening that my character had started to feel a bit weird, different, "off". When the attack happens, the stress of a very dangerous, high risk situation is a catalyst that finally makes him realize his gifts.
With his abilities rising to the surface it makes him a target of their attackers, and while fleeing he ends up in a standoff against one of the members. During that encounter he confeses that he has no interest in following in his mother shoes, didn't even think he any kind of special abilities. At that time the person he was standing off decides to back off.

From here I have a lot of ideas for where the story could go.
What I would like is to have my character hook up with the person he faced off with. This person doesn't have to be a "villain" per say- perhaps my characters mom is actually the villain. Maybe she's super corrupt and they are trying to stop her. Or maybe this other characters intentions are misunderstood. Or, maybe he is a villain. Either way if we go with this plot, I want to plan out a way for them to regularly interact. Maybe they end up with the same mentor for their abilities. Maybe it's like a bhna thing where there is a school for that. Or perhaps they just keep running into each other? Maybe your character is my characters mentor, and they don't realize it (you know, because diguises and stuff).

Or maybe he doesn't hook up with that character and it's someone else entirely.
I'm open to any possibilities!! Let me know in PM if you're interested.
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Two Princes


Jan 12, 2019
This idea came to me in a super cool dream and I decided it would make an awesome RP!

This setting would be medieval fantasy.
The world our story takes place in is divided into many kingdoms. Over the years total peace has been challenging, as someone always wants to fight over something. But for twelve years, total peace is what they've had.
My character is a prince of a western kingdom, serving along side a lord reagent who took the place of the late king, my characters father. His mother rules her own kingdom in darkness. She is a malevolant witch queen, and they are somewhat estranged. While a few know of their relation, causing my character to have to squash occasional suspicions about his intentions, he tries to keep it mostly underwraps as he wants nothing to do with his mother's dark reign. My characters is traveling, perhaps as part of his lessons or on a mission of peace, with his mentor and a very small team of soldiers to another country. There is where your prince resides.
They were friends when they were very young, and would have remained close perhaps but war and death had pushed their families apart to far reaches of the world. Though they have both changed with age, memories and fondness start to rekindle when they meet again. But before they have time to truly reconnect, the witch queen declares war on your characters country, launching the two princes into a flight for their lives as the flee the onslaught of her army.
Their only hope of defeating her is getting the other nations to band together.

For the sake of keeping this RP open and fair, if you do not wish for your character to be a prince, I would also be open to you playing a civilian of the kingdom they are visiting, a soldier, or mentor character's mentor. Pm me if interested! :)

My character would be either an uke or a switch.
Missing Moments, Horror/Fantasy


Jan 12, 2019
"I've been missing time. Not days, or weeks, no, just minutes here and there. I could be enjoying dinner and then I will get up and walk outside and remember none of it.
And I wish that was the worst of it.
My roommate says I was speaking in tongues- gibberish that he didn't understand when I took the knife across my chest and tried to do the same to him.
We took me to a doctor. They don't know what's wrong with me. They said night terrors, maybe some form of ptsd, but this happened while I was awake. And I've never had anything bad happen to me, at least no more than the usual guy.
Then there is the other stuff. The dreams. Dreams of being suffocating by branches, thorns digging into my throat. The dream about the woods- have I been there before? And the moments where I wake up and I can't breathe.
I don't know what to do. This all happened after I got back from camping. Three years ago. Why do I feel like the woods are calling me back?"

This RP is probably going to be fairly dark. This is modern fantasy and horror, and if you are squeamish about dark themes or uncomfortable subjects stay away maybe try a different one.
This actually came to me in a dream. Three years prior to the story taking place (subject to change) he came back from a camping trip which he always remarked as fairly boring and unmemorable. For three years he did normal things. He didn't excel at anything but also didn't really do poorly, it was like he was just there. He did often day dream and space off but otherwise he seemed fairly normal.
Now, he's in college. And that is when things started to get strange.
At first, it was just sleepwalking. Nothing too extreme and nothing he couldn't handle. But when he started to try to take measures to prevent his sleepwalking, it got worse. He would find himself blacking out in the middle of tasks but instead of being asleep he would do things. At first harmless things but as time progressed the things he did became more and more dangerous. What was more his dreams had taken a dark and violent turn, and he would often wake from them unable to breathe. Sometimes it happened while he was awake too, he would suddenly get a flashback of something, he wasn't sure what, but it would steal the very breath from his lungs.

Without spoiling too much, want my character doesn't know is that something bad did happen to him back when he went camping and he struck a deal with something there in the woods. Perhaps it was fae, or perhaps some sort of spirit or maybe a demigod? That part is open to suggestion.
Regardless of the entity it is now calling him back but for what purpose we do not know.
The story starts with my character trying to seek help. Together with your character they will need to try to piece together what's happening to him, and eventually make their way back to where it all started. Your characters role in this is pretty flexible. He could be his roommate, or perhaps you are the person he has recruited to help them. Maybe some sort of occult expert, a doctor of some kind, or maybe you are also some sort of magical entity that found his request for help and decided to take on the task? Like I said it's very flexible. :) And if you have any ideas please feel free to tell me; I would love to hear what you think should happen in this story.
My character will more than likely be uke or switch.


Jan 12, 2019
Just had this cute little idea of a bakery and café.
The harmless shop appears normal from the outside, but it actually serves a very special clientele.

The buzz around the underworld is it's the only bakery in the are that serves those creatures that have more specific dietary requirements.
Vampires, werewolves, demons; all sorts of supernatural creatures flock there for special treats that have been specially catered to meet their needs. Red velvet cupcakes made with blood that vampires can actually eat? A smoothie made with actual souls? There seem to be few diets they can't cater to.

My plan is to play the head chef (though I'm willing to negotiate this position), and I haven't decided on if he's going to be a shy little vampire, or a human. But I have ideas.
The plot honestly is very open and can go in many directions! Maybe a human wanders in and starts getting nosey, or perhaps the mysterious owner hires a human and the staff don't know why.
Maybe it's a patron of the establishment decides to poke around and find out who the head chef?
Maybe a rival business opens up nearby?
Lots of possibilities!
There is also room for multiple characters as it is a cafe with a staff, and with customers.
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