Dark Horror LGBT Vampire the Masquerade: Rottnem by Night

Lo DeBale

Jan 2, 2020
"In life Rottnem was your cradle. Your home. A single city yet it was your entire world. Just as it was for many before you. But now it is your grave. And in death, your eyes may finally open. Steel yourself neonate, for the truth of this world has shattered lesser minds than yours. And as kindred, knowing may be inevitable."

Rottnem is a city of vice and violence. Crime rates are sky high and sin is the currency of the day. Yet still the morbid metropolis has an inescapable draw. A charm that seems to put so many under its spell. Tourists come from all over the world to experience the night life here. Seeking the thrills and hedonistic indulgences promised by Rottnem, people often venture into this den of vipers never to return. For the glittering lights and bustling crowds conceal an ancient darkness. Monsters of the sort one might see in films as well as those far too unspeakable to be dreamt of by mortal imaginations gather here like flies around a festering wound. And you are among them.

You are kindred. A corpse animated by the foul magic of the vitae. The warmth of mortal passions and indulgence is muted and distant for you, assuming they remain at all. And the sharpest sensation you have ever known or ever will know is the hunger. The overwhelming need for warm mortal blood consumes you just as it does all your kind. You could drown yourself in that warm, rich sanguine and still it would not be enough. It'll never be enough. You are a predator who's appetites can never truly be sated. But you are far from the top of this concrete jungles food chain. And with such ancient evils and unknowable horrors lurking in the darkness with you, it's only a matter of time before predator becomes prey.

With this project I hope to explore the many faces of horror. From traditional, atmospheric ghost stories to the gore and gristle characteristic of the slasher genre and everything in between. As is often the case with my stories, there will be few limits but those imposed by site rules. Needless to say, this will not be for the squeamish or easily offended. Player discretion is strongly advised. While I appreciate any application from a VtM veteran, knowledge of the source material is not entirely necessary. I only ask that players brush up on the basic lore of Vampire the Masquerade 3rd edition for the purposes of smooth role playing.

What I'm looking for
-3-5 skilled writers with a taste for the macabre
-post lengths of between 1-3 full paragraphs (note that I do not ask for nor do I want novella length responses. I dont want the flow of the story to get stifled because I have to respond to every point in an 18 para player post. Nor do I want players to feel like I'm neglecting them because I dont hit on every point of their response)
-passable literacy (grammatical errors are excusable within reason but broken english is a hard no for me)
-COMMUNICATION!!! Seriously, dont hesitate to let me know if you want more or less of something in your story. Dont just expect me to read your mind.

What to expect
-daily to weekly responses depending on my circumstances
-multi para to novella length responses
-50/50 ish plot to smut ratio
-blood, horror and other spooky nonsense
-almost no kinks refused
-a gm with over seven years of off and on experience
-willing to play straight or gay pairings (no lesbians, sorry. I cant get into those but players are more than welcome to pair up with eachother for these if they so choose.)

If you've made it this far and are interested in playing, please pm me and submit a character sheet for my approval. Face claims should be included but please no anime. Finally, read the full request! It's not much to get through and it's the bare minimum for me to gauge proper interest.
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