Veronica Cartwright

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Apr 9, 2019
Name: Veronica Cartwright
Nickname: Ronnie
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Weight: 109 lbs
Height: 5’ 7
Breast Size: D
What they do here: Veronica is a student at the school.
Sexual Preferences: Veronica likes to take charge in the bedroom and seduce her lovers but will also be submissive to another girl if they take charge from her. She’s used to being the one who does all the work and her flirty, sometimes promiscuous nature masks a need to have a genuine emotional connection with another girl. Regardless of who’s in charge, Veronica isn’t interested in soft sex. She likes her sex to be rough and wild. She loves toy and tongue play and can be a risk taker in and out of the bedroom.
Why they are here: Veronica applied to the school and was accepted because of her interest in studying the effect arousal has on free will. She hypothesises that under the right circumstances a person’s free will can be overruled by their sexual desires and wants to make a name for herself by proving her theory.
General Information about Character: Feisty and sarcastic, fun and flirty, studious and dedicated. Veronica can be any one of these depending on her mood and switches between them seamlessly, going from sarcastic to flirty and mischievous to focused solely on her studies in seconds. Luckily for her, the theory she wants to prove has plenty of room for practical experimentation. She always comes across as confident and in control of herself, having little time for people who are shy or meek outside of her research. Despite her flirtatious and confident behaviour, Veronica keeps information about herself close to her chest unless it’s related to sex. She comes from a nice family but finds them too boring and reserved for her tastes so rarely talks about them.

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