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Jan 3, 2019
Welcome to our site,

I am RisaXSeph; I handle greeting new members here and answering general questions. You can see my introduction here. This is a community centered around writing role plays, stories and other various forms of online text based role playing. This is a form of creative writing and much like writing your own book either on your own or with other co-authors/writing partners. If you are new to role playing please look over some of your fellow writers posts for inspiration and post an introduction in this board telling us about yourself. From there you can post a request thread explaining what you expect and what you want to write so other people here know what interests you. While you are here please keep in mind the following:

  • Our rules are located here; by joining this site you agree to them.

  • Privacy guidelines are here.

  • You can change your password and enable or disable Two Factor Authentication here. If you do not know what 2FA is basically it enables a key on your phone to protect your account from someone logging in with just your password.

  • Please do not share personally identifying information; these sorts of sites pride themselves on anonymity. If you want to reach out to your fellow writers with contact details please do this off-site and off of our Discord (that means DO NOT SPAM THE DISCORD WITH YOUR PERSONAL CONTACT DETAILS; if you feel the urge to do that... do it in Direct Messages on Discord... Not PMs on the forum.

  • If you have questions about the site, how to use something or need to report bugs post them here.

  • If you want to list your kinks you can do that here on our interests site. Other various details about your character can be listed on a f-list or you can also list this information in your request thread but systems like this just make it look nicer.

  • Please don't advertise your own website here. We are here to write; not go to some random website.

  • If you want to add bookmarks please click on your name on the top right and click bookmarks to see them. To add bookmark click on the little bookmark symbol at the top right of your thread next to the post number and share button.

  • If you want to see a list of the top members, staff and related information about our membership you can go here.

  • If you would like to join our Discord server please click here. To set your Discord username and other profile information click here.

  • If you run a group role play or want to start one please create one here.

  • If you have questions about something not listed here that is not a bug, not some support matter or not general discussion and you would like to contact the admin team about it please use this link to contact them. This includes things like deleting your account, legal matters, DMCAs and so on.

Again welcome to the site and thanks for joining us!
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