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Jan 3, 2019
The other thread is about music. This one can be about podcasts, and any other type of spoken commentary.

At first I used to only see youtube as a place to get music on demand, and to find useful how-to videos (I learned how to wax my snowboard from youtube).

Ever since 2016, the established corporate media have started going off the deep end and pushing outright lies and fake news. As a result, I've had to look elsewhere for sane opinions, and I found a lot of them on youtube (an "alternative sense-making apparatus", as the Weinstein brothers call it, or an "alternative influencers network", as George Soros calls it). It all began in 2017 when I started noticing some really weird reactions by my Facebook friends to current events, like James Damore's memo, and the Charlottesville rally. I used to live in a mainstream-liberal bubble, and I had a subscription to the Toronto Star, which is kind of like the New York Times' adopted Canadian kid brother. NYT is somehow a trash rag now, and the Star still seems trustworthy, but the opinions have gotten a little weird in the last half of this decade.

Then that winter Disney released a stinking turd of a Star Wars movie, which somehow got >90% from critics on rotten tomatoes, and I spent that entire Christmas break on youtube trying to figure out what the hell was going on with the movie industry, that critics could endorse something so poorly written. That opened up a whole new world of film commentary that I'm richer for having experienced. So I thought I'd make a thread to see not what, but who people are listening to these days.

I also somehow stumbled on a whole bunch of channels dedicated to reconciling medieval fantasy tropes with medieval history, and I found all of that incredibly fascinating, especially as I try to write more realistic fantasy RPs on this site.

I'll list my sources by genre:

News and Politics
- Tarl Warwick (Styxhexenhammer666) :: Daily snark from a libertarian populist "minarchist" (as in we only need a minimal level of government just to keep the peace)
- Tim Pool (Tim Pool / Timcast / Subverse) :: Honest reporting and opinion from a social liberal who keeps it real
- Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad / The Thinkery / Akkad Daily) :: Well-researched investigations (Sargon) along with oft-flippant (classical liberal) political commentary (his other two channels)
- Vee :: Romanian anti-communist random-guy-on-the-internet. I find him informative on things relating to Europe and the EU.
- Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson) :: British activist frequently persecuted by the UK government for speaking out against Pakistani grooming gangs. His best work is his documentary, "Panodrama", trashing the BBC, for which his channel was put into restricted mode as a reprisal.

Philosophy, Psychology, Science, and Religion
- Jordan Peterson :: Very interesting psychology lectures (especially relating to the Book of Genesis, as well as to Jung and Nietzsche)
- Stefan Molyneux :: Anarcho-capitalist philosopher with a call-in advice show. His big thing is a secular morality doctrine called Universally Preferable Behaviour.
- Bishop Robber Baron (Robert Barron, actually) :: Grounded theological insight from a very smart Catholic bishop
- Paul VanderKlay :: Christian pastor obsessed with the Jordan Peterson phenomenon; Paul is a well-read and thoughtful person and usually has good points
- Aydin Paladin :: Nerdy girl obsessed with scientific studies, memes, and autism jokes

Interview Podcasts
- Joe Rogan (PowerfulJRE) :: Very open-minded dude who does all different kinds of drugs with all different kinds of guests (most-watched interview was with Alex Jones; and another with Elon Musk)
- Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report) :: Libertarian with some interesting guests (my favourites were Ayaan Hirsi Ali; James Damore; and Tommy Robinson)
- Eric Weinstein :: Just started his podcast show recently, but he's found some very interesting people so far. And Eric's a very interesting person himself (I suppose you have to be, when you're that ugly).
- Bret Weinstein :: Eric's brother, the professor from Evergreen. He has some old videos on biology, and one really excellent one about his Evergreen experience called "How The Magic Trick Is Done". He just recently started a podcast, though his uploads are very infrequent.

Medieval History and Fantasy Gaming
- Shadiversity :: Very entertaining analysis of fantasy tropes from an Australian D&D nerd.
- Skallagrim :: Interesting analysis and demonstrations of medieval weapons and armour.
- Metatron :: Interesting historical insight from an Italian noble-one, especially when it comes to ancient Rome.
- Lloyd Lindybeige :: Various topics relating to military history from a hyperactive Englishman.
- Tod's Workshop :: Reconstructions of medieval weapons, including recently a brilliantly-researched test of a longbow against Agincourt-era breastplate.
- capandball :: Hungarian guy who talks about old firearms, particularly of the muzzle-loading variety.

Entertainment (Movies, TV, Video Games)
- MauLer :: Hilarious and biting "unbridled rage" critiques of terrible movies and TV shows (his best work being season 8 of Game of Thrones)
- Thor Skywalker :: In-depth and very respectful discussion of Star Wars lore
- WorldClassBullshitters :: General talk and critique of Star Wars and other pop culture topics, such as Marvel movies. Best known for filming toy store shelves full of unsold and discounted merchandise from the new Star Wars movies.
- Brendan Malone (Left Foot Media) :: Kiwi film critic, has some interesting takes on various movies
- Literature Devil :: Commentary on comics and other media presented in an entertaining format

- Mark Meecham (Count Dankula) :: The guy with the nazi pug. Does comedy videos, the best being his "Absolute Mad Lads" series.
- David Stewart :: Down-to-earth fellow, speaks on a range of topics such as fiction writing, economics, metal, and guitar playing.
- Jocko Willink (Jocko Podcast) :: Badass retired navy seal. Speaks a lot about leadership and self-management.
- FreedomToons :: Sometimes funny, sometimes not funny, but always covering topics not typically found elsewhere.
- Soph :: Teenage troll with highly provocative videos that got her banned from youtube (find her instead on freespeech.tv)
- Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen :: Norseman who talks about camping and viking history, and occasionally criticizes modern culture
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Mar 31, 2019
Ah, yeah... Why not. I'll be brave and share.

News and Politics
- The Thinkery
- Way of the World
- Daisy Cousens
- Laura Towler

Philosophy, Psychology, Science, and Religion
- Jordan Peterson
- Bishop Robert Baron
- Ascension Presents/Fr. Mike Schmitz

- Frank Tufano
- Health Coach Kait
- Health, Home, and Happiness
Jan 12, 2019
United States
Jordan Peterson
Joe Rogan
Mr Atheist - Formerly-Mormon atheist. More or less PC, but he tries to be factual/logical about debunking crazy religious people and doesn't rely on personal attacks

Bald and Bankrupt - Travel blogger who goes around some pretty rough and non-touristy parts of the world, mostly India and Russia/Eastern Europe, and gives facts about the history and culture
Jocko Willink
Absolute History - I've been listening to the series about various time periods and the things that were dangerous, such as sugar and exploding chimneys in the Tudor period, arsenic-tainted wallpaper and radium in the Victorian/Edwardian periods, electrocution-by-appliance in the 50s, etc.


Jan 3, 2019
I just subscribed yesterday to a new channel called "capandball", which you can file under 'History'. This guy seems to really know his stuff when it comes to antique firearms, and he mixes history and firing demonstrations together into his videos in a way that makes them both entertaining and informative. Also, he looks like Little Finger from Game of Thrones, and has an outrageous French accent (edit: or maybe he's Hungarian?). I crack a smirk every time he says, "smoozbore".
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Jan 3, 2019
I also completely forgot to mention Bret Weinstein's "Dark Horse" podcast. His uploads are so infrequent that I forgot it existed. I should also mention Sargon's third channel that he started a few weeks back, called Akkad Daily, which had a few videos on Trudeau's brownface scandal and a great one on a piece of 4chan culture jamming called "Islam is right about women". Also, I added the stoic norseman Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, whom I didn't mention earlier but may as well now. I don't watch all of his stuff, but every time I do I find it very relaxing to observe the forest in the background and listen to the slow and measured pace of his voice.
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