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Jan 3, 2019
Please don't post here.

Hello! Welcome to my mxm search thread. I have a general search thread with other pairing types and more plots and such here, but this thread contains all information and plots specific to mxm. I'm looking for all manner of partners--shorter to longer posts, shorter to longer term RPs, story or smut focused, and anything in between. Specifically, I'm looking to sub/bottom in all of these pairings. So if you're interested, please shoot me a PM, and hopefully we can get something started!

I have a character thread here if that's more your jam.

I'm open to pretty much anything at the moment, but ☼'s indicate strong cravings.
A indicates I have a character in mind for the RP (and links to it), but these are negotiable.
If I have tmi background info on a plot, a link to this info will be indicated with a ☾ (but I'm flexible on this stuff!).

About Me
  • I am a PhD student with four jobs, all of which require active forensic casework and various deadlines, so while I like to be regular with my responses, sometimes my work hours get very heavy on short notice, and I may disappear for a bit. I will always, always come back, even if I don't get the chance to give you a head's up (because sometimes I don't get one either!), but feel free to poke me if it's been a bit. I appreciate updates if your availability changes, or if you want to drop something, but I'm very unlikely to ever poke you.
  • I am open to pretty much every ratio of plot to smut, as long as there's at least a dash of each, so let me know what you're interested in.
  • I average at least 3-4 good sized paragraphs per post, up to around 8-12 good sized paragraphs per post. I'll more or less match, so, again, just let me know what kind of RP you're looking for.
  • I don't require or have to use any particular kind of character references--I'm perfectly happy with just in-RP descriptions. Let me know if you have a preference, and I'll try to accommodate.
  • I RP only original characters with original characters. I don't do fandoms, though I my be open to fan-based RPs if I know anything about and am interested in a franchise. I'm not big on anime/TV/books, so expect most of what I know to be obscure, spoopy, or video games lol.
  • I don't personally RP anything that isn't human or humanoid (so no furries or creatures or non-humanoid aliens), but you are very welcome to play whatever you'd like.
  • I prefer to play characters that are early/mid 20s to mid 30s, although you are welcome to play older. 18+ teens are negotiable if somehow relevant to the plot, but otherwise ehh.
  • I will play whatever range of male you're interested in--femboys, androgynous, average, athletic, manlier, whatever. Just let me know what you want, or at the very least what you don't want!

About You
I am looking for a partner who:
  • Can write at least 3 to 4 good sized paragraphs.
  • Has decent spelling and grammar (perfection not required).
  • Puts some effort into their writing.
  • Creatively contributes to the RP.
And that's about it! Other than that, you do you lol.

In no particular order, and by no means exhaustive. Feel free to mix and match!
  • Work - Boss/Employee/Coworkers/etc.
  • School - Teachers/Students/Classmates/College/Bullies/etc.
  • Medieval - Princesses/Princes/Kings/Queens/Knights/etc.
  • Fantasy - Thieves/Assassins/Mages/Magic users/etc.
  • Magical beings - Elves/Faeries/Vampires/Werewolves/etc.
  • Supernatural - Demons/Angels/Ghosts/Witches/etc.
  • Sci-fi - Aliens/Pilots/Navigators/Zombies/etc.
  • Family - Siblings/Twins/Friends/etc.
  • Crime - Police/Detectives/Criminals/Gangs/Mobs/Spies/etc.
  • Super - Heroes/Villains/Civilians/Powers/etc.
  • Fame - Idols/Actors/Musicians/Managers/Fans/Reporters/etc.
  • Other - Blackmail/Kidnapping/Stalking/etc.
  • Relationships - Arranged/Romantic/Sexual/Forced/Incestuous/etc.
I particularly love spoopy RPs (though not really excessively gory ones) of basically any kind.

Again, I am open to fandom-based RPs with all original charcters.
  • Bloodborne (a hoonter must hoont)
  • Caste Heaven (manga)
  • Dark Souls (mostly 1 and 3)
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Dead Space (games, movies, and comics)
  • The Evil Within (Survival/horror and hunky detectives? Yes, plz~<3)
  • Fallout (specifically 4, or vaguely any)
  • Final Fantasy XII (possibly, but unlikely, other FFs; I know nothing about Revenant Wings; maybe Tactics)
  • Harry Potter (I read 1-6 and saw 1-2)
  • Phantasy Star (Online Episode I specifically, vaguely Online Episodes II and IV)
  • Pokémon (trainers/humans, not Pokémon, sorry~)
  • Prey (2017)
  • Resident Evil (PlayStation games and Japanese CGI movies only)
  • Silent Hill (PlayStation games only; or just something vaguely similar and not necessarily based on canon lore)
  • Star Wars (old and new school)
  • Twin Peaks (Or something in the spirit of; who doesn't love derpy FBI agents?)
  • The Walking Dead (TV show)
  • Welcome to Night Vale (I don't know how, just... ilu if you make this a thing.)

This list is by no means exhaustive, but just some quick favorites that are definitely likely to pique my interest haha. They're not really in any particular order.
  • Any kind of ass-play - anal sex, anal virginity, fingering, spanking, groping, grinding, licking, biting, worship, pegging, etc. Anything you can think of, really.
  • Feminine doms - such as femboys/traps; manly man doms (and everyone in between haha) are of course wonderful too
  • Light bondage - ropes, handcuffs, etc.--tie MCs up as often as you'd like!
  • Incest - mostly siblings/twins--but also pseudo-incest (step-siblings/parents); anything else is a hard maybe.
  • Dub-con, force, coercion/blackmail, pesudo-rape, rough sex--but also consensual sex is great too haha
  • Risky/public sex - the thrill of getting caught doing it in plain sight
  • Sleep sex - YC or MC asleep, waking up or not
  • Large cocks and/or extreme tightness--I'm open to unrealistically large (especially if it takes our characters a few tries to make it fit~), though within reason (not bigger than either of our characters large, thanks)
  • Threesomes, moresomes, multiple partners (for YC and MC), and just doubling in general
  • Pain - not necessarily excessive, but hair pulling, biting, spanking, rough sex in general, etc.
  • Crossdressing - YC or MC, full time, part time, once, convincingly or not, etc.

Plots and Pairings
Longer plots and such will be in subsequent posts, and I am always 100% open to any plots you may have, or coming up with some plots together based on mutual interests. For now, here are some very terrible and basic plot blurbs lol. Some of these have more developed plots that go with them (*), and they are arranged as YC/MC.
  • Omegaverse - Haven't done this before, but shoot me any pairing ideas you have; can be mixed with other pairings.
  • Thief/Royal*- A thief in the castle stumbles upon something they'd much rather steal than mere treasure.
  • Hero/Villain's Sidekick - A hero subject's a captured villain's sidekick to less than heroic treatment.
  • Femboy/Male - Not really a plot, just any RP in which a femboy tops.
  • Pilot/Navigator* - A gruff but capable pilot and soft but intelligent navigator crash land, and despite how poorly they get along, need each other to survive.
  • Anonymous* - Two strangers agree to meet up for kinky, public sex via an app--but MC wasn't the one who put up/used their own profile.
  • Human/Fallen Angel* - A hapless human stumbles upon a fallen angel in the woods, takes them home, and tries to help the angel adjust, and keep the angel safe.
  • Fallout 4* - YC (BoS, Institute, Courser, etc.) is injured and near death, but rescued and nursed back to health--only their savior (MC) turns out to be a synth.
  • Cosmic Horror - No real ideas, just generally into a cosmic/eldritch horror vibe.

More plots will be in the posts below. Anything marked with *** is a craving at the moment!
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Jan 3, 2019
Roleplays will be organized more or less within the following categories in the posts below, though some overlap may occur.
C r i m e
D y s t o p i a n
F a n t a s y
F u t r i s t i c
M e d i e v a l
M o d e r n
S t e a m p u n k
S u p e r n a t u r a l

C U R R E N T ☆ R O L E P L A Y S

A City, Darkly

~{ Modern, supernatural, monster of the week }~
mxm with Jaden Starling

Bound by Fear and Heartbreak
~{ Modern, supernatural, forbidden love among the ghosts }~
mxm with StarryLunaHime

Desperate Times and Unreasonable Measures
~{ Sci-fi, a space gladiator and his master space dork }~
mxm with Blood and Jokes

From the Sea
~{ Modern, fantasy, a shark and his two-legged captive boyfriend}~
mxm with midknightblue

Undercover Husbands
~{ Modern, spies, suburbia }~
mxm with Blood and Jokes​
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Jan 3, 2019
Will contain: Crime, murder, cops, detectives, criminals, victims, mystery, etc. (Supernatural is almost always a welcome twist to these plots)

Blood and Coffee
Killer (for hire) (YC)/Victim (glorified barista) (MC)
Modern, supernatural?, murder, mystery, blackmail?, doubling?, etc.
In the dark of the night, a local coffee shop owner (MC) is unfortunate enough to take a detour through a lonely park on his way home. Ordinarily a peaceful place, the perpetually unlucky glorified barista manages to stumble upon the scene of a most grizzly murder just at it's climax--and the murderer (YC) is none too keen on the interruption. A chase ensues, but the killer seems far more interested in the hunt than speedy bloodshed, at least for this particular prey, and when the other is caught and incapacitated, he is surprised and confused to wake up the next morning in his own bed, sore, but alive. The local is almost convinced the whole ordeal was a terrible, terrible nightmare--almost, that is, until the killer shows up at his cafe, at his home, and at everywhere in between, seemingly stalking the other out in the open. Things come to a head when it is, instead, the killer himself who stumbles onto a would be murder in the shop owner's own home, where another has his prey cornered. So the skilled murderer does what he does best, slaying the intruder, and rescuing his would be victim from danger--immediate danger, at least. Now the harrowed homeowner is left with a conundrum--turn in the man he has seen commit two murders right in front of him and put himself in further danger, or keep his mouth shut and accommodate a killer who has the means to protect him and has already saved his life. Either way, now indebted to him, the curious murderer has no qualms keeping his personal barista safely under his thumb.
Why YC kills can be up to you. Maybe they're hunting down bad people thanks to some violent vigilantism, or they work for an organization that pays them handsomely, or they have a score to settle against a particular lot of ne'er-do-wells, or they're just a homicidal maniac looking for a good time.
Why YC would spare MC is also up for discussion. Maybe they have some past connection, or MC reminds YC of someone dear to him, or he's been paid to keep MC safe, or he feels a mysterious (supernatural?) draw to MC, or he just likes the way MC's ass looks in those jeans. Really, we can go at this from a lot of different angles, mostly contingent upon whether and to what extent we inject any supernatural flair into the RP.
MC does have people after him, for reasons we can either discuss, or that you can discover as the RP progresses. Totally up to you! But expect this to be an important mystery, at least for MC.
As far as the potential for doubling goes, let me know if you're interested, and I'll let you know my thoughts--and I welcome any ideas you might have, of course!

Cruise Control
Cruise Ship Employee (YC)/Passenger (on the run) (MC)
Contains: Cruise ships, staff members, passengers, age gap?, etc.
On a particularly luxurious cruiseliner, it is sort of a tradition among much of the staff that they 'claim' a passenger on each and every trip, wooing them and bedding them and generally showing them an amazing time, only to replace them as soon as another set of passengers and another voyage disembarks. One such crewmember (YC), fresh out of high school and finally old enough to join in the games, participates eagerly in the tradition, meeting a new, pretty girl every week, most of them a bit older and very experienced, to the point where he's gotten a little bored with the whole ordeal. Still egged on by his coworkers, however, the young man makes a decision to mix things up a bit, and attempt to snag himself a male passenger for the first time. He's always been a little curious, after all, and what happens on a cruise ship stays on a cruise ship. Why couldn't he be bi for ten short days? After some deep consideration, he finally finds a passenger (MC) who seems to be just his type, and he immediately sets out to put all the moves on him, and court the young college student like he's never been courted before. Eventually successful with the help of a little alcohol, the crewmember finally convinces the passenger to spend an evening with him, on one condition: the passenger must, no matter what, be ready to go to shore the following day when the ship is set to dock at a small string of tropical islands. Assuring the newest notch in his bedpost that they'll turn in early and be up bright and early the next day, the crewmember continues to overload the unsuspecting passenger with alcohol and other persuasive substances, and take him back to his room to spend a very long, very intimate evening together, only to have it turn into a very exhausted morning, and, eventually, a very panicked afternoon. Unbeknownst to the amorous employee, the unassuming passenger is in fact on the run, and when he doesn't make port when he is scheduled, they find themselves stranded in open sea, pursued by all number of nefarious individuals dead set on catching them both if need be.
Plot notes
There doesn't have to be an age gap if you don't want; they can just both be 20 somethings. Also, we can come up with an interesting reason together for the passenger to be on the run, such as being a wanted criminal, or a poorly protected witness, or the son of a crime family on the run from a rival crime family, etc.

ALSO. This plot, but in space.

Dark Web
Hacker Neighbor
(YC)/Asshole Neighbor (MC)
Modern, blackmail/coercion?, hacker/victim, double relationship?, neighbors?, etc.
A particularly skilled hacker (YC), while he may sometimes use his skills to dispense his own brand of social justice online, isn't shy about using his considerable abilities to ruin the lives of people he deems to have slighted him, personally. One such individual who incurs his wrath is another resident (MC) of his apartment complex, with whom he has an unfortunately hostile interaction one day with seemingly no provocation. Pissed, rather than retaliating with his fists then and there, the hacker decides he'd rather get his revenge with his fingers, easily hacking his way into the guy's poorly protected laptop, able to peruse his entire life at his leisure. However, though he initially intends to ruin his neighbor's life when he starts taunting him from within his own computer, once the two start talking, the hacker finds himself strangely interested in changing his mind. Alone in the quiet of his room, his neighbor seems almost likable as he begs not to have his hard drive, full of all his dissertation work, wiped clean, and the more the hacker looks into his life, the more he realizes this is one potential victim he might prefer to help. His neighbor has a horrible job, the crappiest apartment in the building, no family to speak of, debt up to his ears, the doucheiest of all abusive boyfriends, and generally the kind of life that might warrant small breakdowns from time to time at the expense of some stranger he bumps into in the hallway. So the hacker makes up his mind to help the guy—but, of course, not for nothing... after all, there's a lot to be said for webcams, and remotely controllable devices.
Plot notes
So basically I would want for them to become internet boyfriends, with the hacker not necessarily wanting to reveal his identity as the guy next door right away or ever. What he wants as a sort of 'payment' for using his skills to set the guy's life on a better track is up to you, whether it's just someone to talk to, in exchange for the neighbor completing various frivolous tasks for the hacker's amusement, or eventually 'performing' for the webcam (maybe with a few toys the hacker has shipped to him) however the hacker desires. They could even eventually meet up, but only with YC in disguise. I would, however, like for their relationship to turn somewhat mutually romantic at some point.
They could also develop a somewhat scathing relationship as neighbors at the same time, without MC knowing it's actually the same guy. YC could even stipulate, as the hacker, that MC must do certain things with him as the neighbor, and insist that he's watching. If he can get the neighbor to fall for both versions of himself at once, that would be ideal!
We could also maybe toss in some third parties, such as the abusive boyfriend, or maybe some other skilled 'friends' of the hacker who learn of what he's doing and decide they want in on the action.

Life Hack
Hacker Student (YC)/Hacked Teacher (MC)
Modern, student/teacher, age gap, younger dom/older sub, out/closeted?, blackmail?, etc.
A smart, tech savvy student (YC) decides to remotely hack his teacher's (MC) laptop in class one day out of sheer boredom. He's cute enough, but seems a little boring and vanilla for the student's tastes, and so he doesn't expect to find much other than maybe answers to the next week's homework. But when he peruses his seemingly tech illiterate teacher's search history, he finds the unassuming male seems to be questioning his sexuality online, perusing a number of sites that just happens to cater to men interested in other men--definitely something that the student feels he is perfectly equipped to help his teacher out with. Deciding the opportunity too exciting to pass up, the student contacts him online pretending to be someone else, asking him to meet up to 'get to know each other'. Little does his unsuspecting teacher know just how much of his dirty search history he's about to have leveraged against him...
Optionally, this could occur someplace like a private, religious university where it would be doubly bad for MC to get entangled with a student and have that student be male. Basically lots of repressed feels on either/both sides.
Also optionally, the sites on MC's computer can actually have not been visited by him, but by someone else using his computer, a virus of some kind, or whatever. Basically MC would be woefully unprepared for whatever YC thinks he's into, but too scared not to go along with the blackmail (and also probably secretly very curious haha).
What I'd like for this is for YC to trick MC in any number of ways... Whether this is by just hiding the fact that he's a student, or hiding the fact that he's the same person (maybe she can keep convincing him to meet up multiple times with different identities or something), or whatever you can come up with. Either way, they can keep up some sort of online contact, without the teacher knowing whoever he's been meeting up with for romantic/sexual encounters is actually one of his students. I like the idea of parallel relationships developing without the teacher realizing they're both with the same person.
YC can either have had a crush on his teacher, or wanted revenge on him/someone else for whatever reason, or both, or neither... There's a lot to do with this, I think. An element of blackmail after their first (or first few) encounters is also an option. I'm also open to another classmate or someone else finding out what YC has been doing, and wanting to get in on it... only for both of our characters to realize they might actually accidentally have developed some romantic feels that make them unwilling to share.

Urban Hunting
Homicide Detective (YC)/Crime Scene Photographer (MC)
Modern, crime, survival/horror, detective/witness, witness protection, dumb?, etc.
In a city rife with crime, a detective (YC) must remain vigilant to stay one step ahead of the criminals, and keep the citizenry safe. Easier said that done for one particular citizen, a freelance crime scene photographer (MC) who seems to have an almost miraculous knack for getting himself caught-up unawares by the crime wave of the week. It probably doesn't help that he has a slight sex addiction, and his latest match just happened to be a serial killer whose perfect type the photographer is to bed and dead. The detective manages to intervene before the last bit, but the killer escapes, the photographer now his only surviving target--at least for now. Much to his dismay, the detective is tasked with keeping the handsy photographer safe while they hunt the killer down, and the killer hunts them back. Easier said than done, of course, as the photographer is prone to sneaking off to meet up with strange men in strange places... unless, of course, the detective can manage to scratch his particular itch in the relative safety of his own bed.
Basically sex and violence, not necessarily at the same time (but also not necessarily not at the same time?). I'm open for this being darker or dumber, whatever you'd prefer (MC is kinda dumb tbh), but basically YC would be trying to solve a crime with MC all over him, and a killer all over MC. And then maybe they team up to solve more crimes together (with YC doing the work and MC as accidental bait again... lol?). Whatever!

I'm also open to the killer being more of a character if you're into that kind of thing, with a sort of love/murder triangle going on. Also, want supernatural elements? Let's go.
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Jan 3, 2019
Will contain: The end of the world, post-apocalypse, zombies, aliens, war, natural disasters, survival/horror, etc.

Survivalist Ex (YC)/Dependent Ex (MC)
Contains: Dystopia, exes (pre-existing relationship), zombies?, survival, etc.
Before the world ended, YC and MC were, arguably, in love. They were young, sure, foolish, maybe, but there was no doubt they at least cared for one another. And so it was incredibly hard for each one of them that, when the infection ravaged the world in a sudden, merciless wave, they happened to be across the country from one another at the time. Although they each did what they could to get to the other, fought through hordes of the infected, did things they never thought they would do in the name of love, and pushed as hard as they could, eventually, it became apparent that such an attempt was not only futile, but suicidal. Each one hoping to simply begin to survive, with the faint but lingering dream that they would one day be reunited, they eventually had to move on. For his part, MC found this easier to do, if only out of the sheer need to have a partner to help protect him, and keep him alive. In doing so, he managed to secure himself a spot in a relatively stable, safe settlement, playing house with his new beau, if only to ensure his continued usefulness. YC, on the other hand, took a somewhat different route, still keeping the flame for MC burning so brightly that it has become almost an obsession, leaving him little opportunity for other lasting relationships, despite the ample offers he receives. Un-needing to build strong ties, he fell into a group of much more harsh survivors, who travel the dangerous roads, doing what they must to live, even if that means preying on the humanity of others. Despite their different paths, or, perhaps, because of them, neither one of them is expecting or prepared for YC's group to stumble across MCs settlement after so many years of thinking the other dead. Worse, though the people they have become might be entirely incompatible, neither one of them can help but feel that twinge of first, young love budding up again, putting each one of them at odds with their respective societies.
This DOES NOT have to take place during a zombie apocalypse. It can be anything, really... Aliens, supernatural, man-made, natural, etc.
I would like so much tension in this lol. In order to ensure his continued place in his community, MC will continue to insist that his new boyfriend is his final choice, even if he would go with YC in a heartbeat if he thought they wouldn't immediately be killed, either by their respective groups or the ravenous hordes.
Depending on how unforgiving you want YC's group to be, this can go a couple of different ways. They can attempt to enter the settlement on friendly terms, and simply stay and help out for a while before they get back on the road, but end up having friction between them and the more rule-bound settlers, wary of outsiders and their dangerous ways. In this case, MC would probably attempt to convince YC to stay with him, even if they couldn't be together because of whoever he's with now, or YC would probably try to convince MC to leave with him, even though it's not exactly the safer option.
Alternately, they can simply decide to take over/destroy the settlement, using up their resources and their substantially less armed residents until there's nothing left. This can involve not only eating all their food, taking all their weapons, and generally confiscating whatever useful good they've managed to foster, but also using the settlers for labor or as entertainment, or even just keeping them confined until they decide to leave. In this case, YC can struggle with leaving MC, who has seemingly abandoned him and moved on, to the whims of his companions as some kind of punishment for his perceived infidelity, or claiming him as his own, either to punish him himself, or keep him safe from whatever any of the other invaders might do to him. The latter, though, he might worry would show weakness to the group, and so he'd likely want to hide his true intentions, either to the group only, or even to MC as well.
We could also transition from the first into the second, just to get longer plot value out of it. Eventually, we can also just move on to them back together, trying to survive. And, of course, we can cause problems using MC's new boyfriend, or some other traveling companion of YC who is absolutely obsessed with him, and sees the sudden ability to take MC out as an opportunity to finally claim YC, etc. etc. All kinds of things!
But basically I would like them to have a lot of strife and pent up resentment between one another, even if it's a product of still being in love and thus heart broken after so much time apart. I don't want their reunion to be easy.

Fall from Grace ☼ ☼ ☼
Demon Hunter
(YC)/Angel (MC)
Contains: Dystopian, supernatural, angels/demons, survival/horror, forced relationships, etc.
The world has fallen. It was not the wars and vices of man that did them in--though their sins did open the gates--but a violent, devastating wave of demons, clawing into the human world from hell itself. Most of the population on the planet was wiped out in a horrifying, bloody instant, and though the survivors prayed for salvation, heaven sent them no quarter. The few who managed to survive the initial onslaught now eke out a dangerous living in their new hell on earth. One particularly apt survivor has himself become a demon hunter (YC), skilled at dispatching even the fiercest of foes as what's left of the human race struggles to regain its footing. Though battles may be won, the war is far from over, and even the demon hunter struggles to survive. And so, with little other recourse, he performs a summoning. If Heaven will not send them salvation, the hunter will tear it from their arms himself. He successfully does so, managing to summon not a demon, but an avenging angel (MC), barred by the laws of his kinds from intervening in the tragedies of the world below, but now bound to the hunter as his unwilling guardian. Though the angel is indeed just as powerful against the forces of hell as the hunter had hoped, the angel makes every attempt to untangle himself from the hunter's shackles, and flee heavenward once more. Together, their struggle is as much to survive as it is to find some common ground, taking on, all at once, the evils of man, the forces of hell, and even the forces of heaven bent on taking back their own.
MC will not be a willing helper, though the hope is YC will be able to change his mind over time as the angel gets to see just how in badly need of help the surviving human settlements are. How much sway YC has over mine is also up for discussion, so let me know your thoughts!
I would like the angel to be powerful, but for YC to be as well; this could mean the angel acts more as a support for YC who does the heavy hitting, with MC more the shield to YC's sword. I'm also open to using his angelic powers on earth frequently wiping MC, meaning he goes from essentially all-powerful to entirely powerless when he overextends himself, so our characters have to go back and forth protecting one another (and YC may have to teach MC how to fight like a human as he recovers).
I am open to discussing a more concise overarching plot to this, depending on YC, with specific baddies/goals/etc.

In the End Taken
(YC)/Recluse (MC)
Contains: Modern/sci-fi, apocalypse, survival, dub-con, age gap?, etc.
When the end of the world comes, a young, paranoid recluse (MC) finds himself well prepared to hold out for weeks into the mayhem. His apartment always was a bastion against the outside world, after all, well stocked with non-perishable foods to keep him from having to venture into the outside world often, and well barred with many locks and security measures that keep both the inhuman and human out. He manages for weeks to stay inside as the city falls to chaos around him, only finally daring to venture out in search of a particular supply when he absolutely must. Unfortunately for the recluse, he not only chooses the worst possible time to venture out into his apartment complex, right in the midst of a group of violent survivors raiding what's left to scrap of the building, but he is also being watched, by a particularly skilled survivor (YC) and loner, who has taken to the end of days as though it was his lifelong calling. The survivor may have ample skills to survive the new, harsh reality, but they're not stupid; the survivor knows the recluse's apartment is well stocked, and would make a remarkably impregnable home base, and so, as the recluse attempts to hide, the survivor strikes. The survivor rescues the recluse from the raiders, but at a price, having grown accustomed since the world fell to ruin to taking what they want, and what the survivor wants is not only the recluse's home and supplies, but the recluse himself, to make passing the long, lonely days of armageddon just a little less lonely.
The reason for the apocalypse can be whatever—zombies, aliens, demons, a natural disaster, a man made disaster, whatever floats your boat!
Basically, the survivor can plan to use the recluse after rescuing him, both for his supplies and for sex, and maybe even trading sex with him for other supplies they need, but I would like it if they start to develop more of a relationship with one another over time, to the point where the survivor really does just want to protect the recluse and not share him with anyone else.
How the survivor knows the recluse is in there is up to you; maybe they were neighbors the whole time, and the survivor was just waiting for the chance to get into the apartment; maybe it's incidental and the survivor just decides to 'save' the recluse from the raiders for sex only to find out he's got a pretty good setup going; maybe the survivor had been watching the recluse long before the apocalypse ever hit, finding it a surprisingly opportune time to take what they've always wanted. Whatever!
While I expect there to be a lot of sex up front in this RP, I would be fine transitioning from sex-driven to story-driven as they continue to try to survive together, either maintaining their base in the apartment, or venturing out.

Inmate (YC)/Officer (MC)
Contains: Dystopia, zombies, survival/horror, criminal/officer, forced relationships, etc.
At the end of the world, there aren't many men yet left alive to stand between the living and the undead. With what remains of humanity struggling to survive as it is, the remaining, joint militarized government makes a decision that would have been unthinkable before the virus hit. The most vile and violent of criminals (YC) remain largely alive, thanks to the safety of their maximum security prisons, and though they may have been sentenced to life or death, it was before the land came lawless. They're not free now, but they're fodder for the war, able bodied men with skills in murder, destruction, and mayhem the government plans to aim at the infected hordes. But not with free reign, of course, each criminal, strapped with a kill switch, being assigned to an officer (MC), with his finger on the button.
Just what YC is imprisoned for is up to you. It can be something truly terrible, something horrible but unavoidable, or something he truly didn't do. Regardless, YC's time in lockup, if not his life beforehand, should have made him a capable, brutal fighter worth admission into the program.
Though YC will be the more physically imposing of the two, MC will have the upper hand, with the ability to end YC's life should his own be threatened. In addition, should YC let MC die, he's a ticking time bomb. Essentially, both will need to keep the other alive for survival, whether they get along or not.
At some point, I would like YC to gain the upper hand, or at least the chance to do so. Depending on what point their relationship is at then, this could go any number of ways that are entirely up to you. Ultimately I'd like for there to be some kind of romance, even if it's hard fought.

Thicker than Water
Survivalist (YC)/Dependent (MC)
Contains: Dystopia, incest? (siblings), survival, etc.
Two brothers, separated in the chaos that was the apocalypse, have taken very different roads to survival, each staying alive in their own way. The first (YC), always the more capable of the two, is a true survivalist in every sense of the word, fighting for himself and anyone worthy of being at his side, against the forces that ended their world, the forces of nature, and other men alike. Yet he's spent the whole time searching for the one blood link that still may be alive, his brother (MC), who he loved perhaps a bit too much even before it all ended. Against all odds, they do, in fact, meet once more, but his brother is not quite in the state the survivor expected. Always charming and good looking but never very capable otherwise, the other brother took to offering favors to those around him interested enough keeping him alive for the benefit of having their way with him later. And on top of this fall from grace, the brother appears to have amnesia, as it is obvious he has no recollection of his survivor brother when he offers his body and services for protection to his last remaining blood tie. It's such a taboo thing to accept--and though their fondness for one another was always perhaps a bit peculiar, it never amounted to much when the world was right--but the world has already gone to hell. And who would know if he maybe indulged just a little..?
They don't have to be siblings if incest isn't your thing; former best friends, a sister's husband, whatever. Just something where they have the kind of past relationship making taking up the offer of sex for protection a difficult one to accept.
It doesn't have to be a zombie apocalypse, either, just something that leaves the world in a dystopian state. Zombies are a great default, in my opinion, but I'm open to suggestions!
Whether or not the other brother actually has amnesia or is taking the situation as an opportunity to finally sleep with his brother is up for discussion. Also what he does if/when he finally regains his memory can be discussed to ensure maximum drama lol.
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Will contain: Fantasy, medieval/fantasy, modern/fantasy, magic, magic users, magical beings, adventure, etc.

Cursed Adventurer (YC)/Cursed Prince (MC)
Contains: Fantasy, fairy tale, magic, curses, adventure, etc.
A cursed adventurer (YC) finally hears the story of a cursed, sleeping royal (MC), deep within some enchanted woods. As everyone knows kissing and waking a sleeping royal is bound to garner rewards of both the material and magical kind--thus removing the adventurer's curse, and perhaps gaining him a lovely bride--the adventurer seeks out the cursed royal to earn his due reward. Only, after the perilous journey to the young royal's lips, the adventurer discovers two unfortunate hiccups at nearly the same time--first, the royal is not the princess he was expecting, but a prince; and second, although the eventual kiss does appear to wake the prince, the effects are also woefully temporary. Although through some trial and error and likely frustration the adventurer is able to determine that subsequent kisses (and other such attention) do keep the prince awake for usefully longer lengths of time, neither one of them are fully relieved of their respective curses, the prince eventually falling back to sleep. Despite some protests at the impropriety of it all, it seems the adventurer and the prince have no choice but to travel together and attempt to find cures for both of their curses--and just maybe have a bit of fun along the way.

From the Sea Taken
(YC)/Merprince (MC)
Modern/Fantasy, merfolk, multiple forms, forced situations, love/hate relationships, doubling?, etc.
Even among those who dwell within the deep, sharks are often considered the fiercest, most dangerous, and wildest creatures beneath the waves. They are inimitable in combat and physical prowess, with each subspecies having their particular, vicious strengths, and though they are not welcome into polite society, their harrowing might is often paid for or else conscripted by the various lofty kingdoms of the seas and their petty squabbles. Still, sharks are considered second class citizens, and worse for one particular young shark (YC) than missing out on the finer things the merkingdoms have to offer, is missing out on their finer mates. So when the opportunity strikes, and the headstrong shark finds one of the fair merfolk (MC) in danger, he dives to the rescue, unknowingly tangling himself in a mess of the royal sort. It wasn't just any merman he managed to both rescue and frighten all at the same time, but a prince--not to mention an ideal mate for a virile young shark--and without much thought as to the ramifications, he whisks the unwilling prince off with him to a rather surprisingly modern accommodation he has managed to keep beyond the beaches that border theirs and the world of men. Though the prince attempts to escape his captive, as it turns out, the moment he touches the sea, his pursuers are alerted to his presence, and the den of the ravenous beast may just be the safest place for him to lay low for now... though even the shark cannot guarantee the prince is safe from himself.
What form(s) YC takes is up to you, but at least one in the water and one out of the water (at least mostly human) make the most sense.
Essentially, YC has kidnapped MC due to the prince seeming like the ideal mate, but their personalities and reasonings can definitely clash, and YC has every intention of keeping MC in his hold both to keep MC safe and to keep MC for himself.
How YC makes the money to afford a decent life among humans is up to you, but an easy solution is fighting for money (and then we have the opportunity for MC to attempt to take care of YC afterward...)

As for the potential of doubling, the prince and the shark don't have to be endgame, if you'd like. Essentially my thoughts are while YC tries to keep mine cooped up, he still goes out himself to hunt and maybe figure out what's going on with the prince, and meets (and rescues?) a hapless oceanographer (MC), and YC is surprised to meet a human who actually thinks sharks are great and not just terrifying killing machines.
As for the prince, he manages to sneak out of wherever he's being kept, and though he'll eventually learn well enough to stay out of the water himself, that doesn't mean he might not hang out around the beaches and catch the attention of some surfer or sailor who wasn't totally bargaining for a royal snob when they decided to get his attention...
Anyway, doubling is totally optional, and either set of pairings can be endgame as far as I'm concerned (and even if we decide on one pairing over the other, there's nothing to say we couldn't have fun with all three pairings).

The Prince and the Apprentice
Cursed Prince (YC)/Mage's Apprentice (MC)
Fantasy, medieval, royal/commoner, cursed, adventure, love triangle?, dumb?, etc.
Through nefarious means, an act of fate, or his own fools whims, a prince (YC) has found himself cursed. Though a man by day, in the light of the moon, the prince becomes a beast, bloodthirsty and without reason, a danger to both his enemies and his people alike. With no other recourse, the prince takes it upon himself to travel to the atelier of a well-known and powerful wizard, who dwells far beyond the populated expanses his very existence threatens, secluded at the very edges of his kingdom. Secluded, but for his young apprentice (MC), who is the only one there to greet the prince's unexpected arrival, and is mistaken by the prince as his own master. Though full of latent potential and bound for greatness himself--eventually--the apprentice is not exactly quite so worldly or knowledgeable about the prince's plight as he might appear. Still, the two of them decide to make a go at tackling the curse together... for better or for worse.

Student/Teacher Relations
Student 'wife' (YC)/Teacher 'husband' (MC)
Contains: Modern, magical school, teacher/student, arranged marriage, age gap, role reversal?
A certain magical school, well known in all the right circles, has a young teacher (MC) who is well liked enough, but only by the most diligent of students. Most, especially the lazy, the spoiled, and the troublemakers, hate him, as he has a reputation for being somewhat of a hardass, a total tool, and without a lenient bone in his body. This, of course, makes him the subject of a number of things: fear, loathing, and, if only by the brave, pranks. It is one such student (YC), who feels sleighted by his teacher in the grades department, who decides to poke around in the closed-off teacher's personal effects to get some juicy dirt or otherwise gets distracted by them in the midst of a prank, inadvertently stumbles into a very dangerous situation. The student inadvertently triggers the manifestation of a powerful creature, bent on draining the young intruder's lifeforce and consuming him whole. Luckily, the teacher happens to show up in time to banish the beast, but there is a problem: the student will continue to be a target of the malevolent creature until he is eventually killed unless drastic steps are taken. As the being is bound to the teacher's bloodline, the only way to ensure the student's continuing ability to breathe and walk around and generally not be dead, is for the student and teacher to marry, for at least long enough for the link to be severed. With both of them equally horrified, but no real recourse in the matter, they must follow through, withe the agreement that they keep the marriage under wraps between themselves and the appropriate authorities who had to know, and keep the arrangement enough within the realms of tradition that the otherworldly being does not see right through their ruse.[/left]
Plot notes
The student can be any kind of magical being you might prefer, and we can tweak the reasons for the student having gotten into the situation of prank-pulling and dirt-gathering don't work for you.
As for the role-reversal thing, although the student would essentially be agreeing to the part of the wife in the ceremony they take part in just because that's the default role left, I'd like it if the student were a bit more dominant in/pursuing of some kind of relationship between them, even if it's only physically and not necessarily romantically at first. Just because I like the idea of the one who is supposed to be the teacher, the husband, the protector, older, and generally the most at least magically powerful of the two, inadvertently finding himself at the whims of (within reason) his new wife because of his marital duties. We can certainly have it both ways eventually, I just like the idea of this at least at first!

The Ties that Bind
Lower rank student (YC)/Higher rank student (MC)
Contains: Fantasy/supernatural, magical schools, roommates, magical creatures, blackmail, fighting, etc.
M? F ****
A school for magical creatures exists in its own little dimension, well known for producing students with powerful magic, in both battle and support. Students are ranked from S to F, by power level and skill, tested at the end of each year with the hopes of ranking up, as a student's rank determines not only their social status, but also the strength of the partners they are assigned in the regular battle tournaments, one set to offense, and one sent to defense. The S ranked students, most of them battle class, get the pick of the litter, constantly stealing away whatever defensive partner they choose from long lasting pairs, and tossing them aside when they've outlasted their use. Some students, for whatever reason, refuse to pair up at all, thinking themselves too powerful to need the support. Two such students, a popular, powerful, dickish S class student (MC), and an unfriendly, lower class student (YC) with little interest in social hierarchy have had an unhealthy rivalry for seemingly no reason for the past three years. But the S class student has made many enemies as a result of his arrogance, and when a handful of lower class students conspire to take him down a peg or two, he is overwhelmed by his own nerve and their number. He escapes, and though they are uncertain of their success, the S rank student has been inexplicably stripped of his powers. Fearful of his sudden vulnerability, and in yet another fight with the lower class student as a result of his own snark, he suddenly offers to be the lower class student's subordinate in one of the upcoming tournaments. Suspicious, the lower rank student takes the offer as some sort of veiled insult, and when he threatens to take the other student on, his rival has no choice but to resort to begging, feeling that the lower rank student is his only chance at protection without the risk of exploitation most of the higher rank students are known for. When the powerless student finally admits the reason for his sudden request, his only hope has a sudden change of heart, deciding to agree to the arrangement to, for once, have the upper hand. Defensive class students are intended to be subservient to the fighters they serve, and when they are the same gender, they are expected to become roommates. The S rank student is forcibly moved into the other student's room, who has thus far managed to get by without any roommate at all, and is expected to do as he's told, subject to the lower rank student's vengeance, at least for as long as it takes for his powers to return.
Plot notes
[size=8pt]Your character can be most any sort of magical creature you choose, and can be any higher rank below S that you choose, either for reasons of skill or laziness.
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Will contain: Sci-fi, Modern/Sci-fi, aliens, space travel, technology, powers, heroes/villains, etc.

(YC)/Researcher (MC)
Sci-fi/Futuristic, survival/horror, aliens?, frienemies, etc.
On a small, remote research colony, set up on one of the few habitable planets found along the outer edges of charted space, daily life is far from exciting. The community mostly consists of one of two types of people--the homesteaders who raise the crops, construct and repair the facilities, and generally keep the small settlement operable, and the researchers, the entire reason behind the facility's presence there. Resupplies come infrequently, and communication with anyone else in the universe is remarkably slow--help even slower. With few security officers, the community is not at all equipped to handle either of the two catastrophic events that occur near-simultaneously.
A prisoner transport ship is, thanks to a handful of nefarious and clever individuals, overrun, yet hopelessly destroyed in the aftermath, with no choice but to crash land on the remote colony lest they drift forever in the cold darkness of space. Few survive the landing, but those that do are far better equipped for survival and violence than the hapless colonists. Yet not quite so well equipped as they might have believed...
Unbeknownst to all on the seemingly welcoming, docile planet, a particular species hibernates deep, deep within the planet's crust, coming topside every decade to raze the planet to the ground in brutal fury and hunger. The crashing of the transport ship just happens to have heralded their arrival, and those who survive the initial assault are poorly equipped to stand alone until the next supply ship, and the potential to be saved, finally return...
  • Though I'd like to have a researcher myself, YC can be basically anything you'd like from the above clusterfuck: a colonist, another researcher, a prison guard, a prisoner, or even some other friendly alien race.
  • Ideally, our characters will start off with a hostile (even violent/nearly fatal?) relationship, before finally, begrudgingly realizing they need each other to survive (for example, YC has all the guns and muscle, but MC has all the knowledge of what can and can't kill you on the planet, and some potential means of safety or escape).
  • What the natives are, exactly, is totally up for discussion (more humanoid, or totally monstrous), as well as what they're after (to kill everyone, to eat everyone, to mate with everyone?, some combination thereof, etc.).

Pen Pals
Soldier/Officer (YC)/Ship's Engineer (MC)
Sci-fi, survival/horror, long term relationship, mistaken identities, closeted/curious (?), etc.
The life of a soldier (YC) is lonely, especially in the dark, deep vastness of space. So when a new and already seriously outdated 'pen pal' initiative is offered, the soldier eagerly jumps at the chance to break up the monotony of duty with some digital correspondences with a pretty girl on a colony far, far away. He gets a letter, and a picture, a cute brunette with a bubbly personality who tells him how excited she is to get to know him, and he responds eagerly. It takes time, the void between them full of many means of interference, their signals only lined up just right with a painful infrequency, but the solider gets a reply. It seems a bit more timid and uncertain, but he chalks it up to nerves, and though the time between their letters and the space between the two of them seems insurmountable at times, a friendship manages to blossom between the two, a lone, glittering star in the otherwise deep, dark night of the soldier's life.
Soon enough, though they've only ever communicated through text, a little more than friendship begins to bloom for the soldier, at least, and, soon enough, his pen pal mentions she'll be stationed on a particular ship for work, somewhere far out from the colonies. Somewhere the soldier happens to know well. Somewhere he, too, has just been assigned. Excited for the chance to finally meet--and possibly romance--his long time, long distance companion, the soldier keeps this a secret, hoping the surprise will be a pleasant one. And sure enough, when he arrives, he does find his pen pal's surname on the manifest, listed as an engineer--just the job that second, fateful letter mentioned that she had. Only, as it turns out, she is a he (MC). Though the first letter the soldier received was, indeed, from a bubbly brunette, the remainder of them came from her twin brother, who knew all too well his well-meaning but fickle sister would never get to her response 'eventually'. Everything else about his subsequent correspondences was true, just the photo, his name, and his gender were... borrowed. The engineer's plan was, simply, to offer his hand in friendship to someone who sounded as though they could use it, and the soldier's plan was to surprise the engineer with his presence on the ship just as he was surprised with the engineer's identity.
Neither one of them planned, in the midst of it all, for the ship to come under attack by hostile entities, each of their respective skills as a skilled soldier and the ship's engineer requiring them to work together to survive.
Whatever invades the ship, and however it happens, is entirely up for discussion. Aliens either intelligent or not, some other hostile military force, a zombie-like infection, space wizards. Whatever!
YC's sexuality and how he takes essentially being lied to is up to you. I'd like for them to still have some lingering romantic tension even if their sexualities don't seem to be immediately compatible, as they did end up being attracted to the other's personality.

I do have one specific request for this plot. Pretty much all of this plot is negotiable, but I really don't want to start with their correspondences as part of the RP. I've never managed to get this plot off the ground, and it's always been because we get stuck trying to make all of the letters between the two engaging and not awkward. I am totally down to discuss OOC all the kinds of information they've shared and things they would have talked about and bonded over, but, again, OOC. Hopefully that works for you!

P v P
Subordinate Employee?
(YC)/Boss? (MC)
Subordinate/Boss or Coworkers, rivals, virtual reality, blackmail, closeted, etc.
MC is a quiet, serious, fastidious worker at a large company who has managed to work his way up the corporate ladder through hard work and skill, though he's made little in the way of friends or fans along the way thanks to his stern, unfriendly nature. YC on the other hand, while he excels in his field and is much better liked has found himself assigned beneath MC, someone he believes is unfit and undeserving to tell him what to do. The two have little in common save--unbeknownst to the both of them--their favorite pastime outside of work: a virtual reality world where they can be more idealized versions of themselves, and take out some of the stresses of their workday.

Though their avatars vary in some ways from their true selves, to the point that they could easily mistake each other for total strangers in-game, when the two coworkers come across one another online, there's no denying that the instant attraction isn't at least a little tied to the animosity each shares with their opponent's lookalike at work. While YC takes his virtual life as the prime opportunity to do as he wishes and have fun without consequence, MC has used the opportunity to begin to explore a part of his sexuality he managed to successfully suppress (until a certain frustrating and frustratingly attractive underling started causing him trouble) with the benefit of anonymity. He's been too scared to take anything all the way, of course--instead entering into competitions at which he is incredibly skilled, offering himself as prize to the victor, and content (or so he tells himself) with the thrill of potential defeat and nothing more. Because, of course, he's remained entirely undefeated...

Until he finds himself challenged by a player, that is, who looks suspiciously, frustratingly, enticingly like the bane of his workday--and at last MC's winning streak is put to an end, with YC happy to take the prize he was offered. Only YC, both in reality and in game, is easily the more savvy of the two, with enough knowledge of technology to know his prize is none other than his boss. Not that that stops him from claiming his victory--even if it's just in virtual reality. But YC is smart enough, at least, to keep thorough, explicit mementos of his conquest... Mementos he has every intention of using in the real world, in the hopes of finally getting the upper hand at work, and just maybe recreating some of that in-game fun in the flesh, one on one...

I'm open to all kinds of variations on this plot, including but not limited to the suggestions below. There's a lot that can be done with the setup, so feel free to toss your own ideas/tweaks at me!

- The pairing doesn't have to be MC boss/YC subordinate. They can simply be coworkers vying for the same position, YC could be the boss, or this can be in another setting entirely (such as a school, maybe?).
- The competition they have can be anything--a fighting game, a racing game, a shooter, etc. Whatever kind of activity their avatars can get up to that you'd like them to compete in.
- They can actually have multiple encounters online before they do anything offline, with or without MC knowing that he's started virtually sleeping with his coworker. Basically we can RP it just like it's really happening, though they only experience it mentally for the most part (as in YC can claim MC's virtual virginity, though MC is still a virgin irl).
- YC could even be straight, just intending to fool around enough to incriminate MC, but finding that he rather likes the fun, and if it's just online it's not really a big deal to experiment...
- MC could be dating/engaged to someone of import, such as the boss's daughter. YC could even be the sibling of MC's fiance, or some other similarly scandalous setup.
- Basically they can continue their encounters online (eventually as part of the blackmail), but the situation can also start filtering into the real world, starting off with smaller things before finally progressing to a full on physical relationship (definitely at the office <3 ).
- If you'd like YC to be a nicer guy, he can possibly be blackmailed/coerced himself into blackmailing/getting dirt on MC by some third party that wants revenge on MC, MC's job, intel on the company, etc. I'm open to whatever! (Also if this tosses in potential love triangles... awesome lol)
- In general their encounters online can be a bit more fantastical, with various settings/roleplays they can engage in for fun, otherwise unrealistic scenarios, various transformations of their avatars, or even other partners. Just let me know what might interest you, as there's a lot that can be done!

Human 'Knight' (YC)/Alien Prince (MC)
Sci-fi, human/alien, commoner/prince, powers, adventure, arranged situations, dumb?, etc.
Even an accomplished student (YC) whose field requires him to look to the stars doesn't necessarily expect to get accosted on the street by a stranger. Accosted, that is to say, meaning grabbed and kissed furiously, and stranger, that is to say, meaning someone the student doesn't know, whose fashion choices and mannerisms and overall whole deal are just a little weird, and who, perhaps most strikingly of all, claims to be an alien prince from beyond the stars (MC). The student isn't necessarily sure of the who, what, where, when, why, or how, but he ends up entangled with whatever it is this supposed prince has going on, which unfortunately involves getting chased by strange men with big guns. As it turns out, however, the student finds himself suddenly equipped to more than handle the situation, the prince's kiss awakening something within him he never knew was there. Quite literally, in fact. According to the prince, his selection of face-smooshing partner wasn't random--the student has been chosen, a dormant gene within him activated by the kiss, that allows him--requires him--to protect the prince on the interstellar adventures that await ahead. Whether he likes it or not.

Stars Crossed
Villain (YC)/Alien Hero (MC)
Modern/Sci-fi, super powers, villain/hero, human/alien, angsty OR silly, age gap?, etc.
He might not be evil, but he's definitely a villain (YC), and the league of heroes that protect his stomping grounds are high enough on his shit list that he might just be ready to get downright nefarious to put them back into their place. So when he encounters their newest recruit, a young, bright eyed, fresh faced new superhero (MC), the villain decides it's time to get creative. And laid. As it turns out, the new hire happens to be just his type, and the villain sets out to win the young hero's affections--or at least take his body--by whatever means necessary.
And he's successful, too. But at a price. As it turns out, the hot new phenom of the heroing world who came out of nowhere came, in fact, from somewhere. From somewhere out in space. Though mostly human in both form and function, as it turns out, the hero's species mates for life, and whether he wants it or not, the villain suddenly finds himself laden with the blame and responsibility of claiming the young hero as his own.
I'm down for taking this down a darker route, or keeping it lighter and sillier. Or, heck, a mix--whatever you'd prefer.

I think it's doable that the villain and hero both have alter-egos that interact, with the villain of course knowing who the hero is because glasses don't mean I can't tell you're Superman, Superman. How the villain actually manages to bed the hero is, also, up for discussion, depending on the tone you'd like to go with.

More than just mating for life, the hero's species needs his mate to live. He's weaker if they don't spend time together (doing things together also helps a lot), to the point of eventually losing his powers, and, if enough time goes by, dying. It's difficult and unlikely to sever the bond between him and the villain, but there can totally be outside love interests for either or both of them that try to make it happen. (I'm always down for love triangles/squares/basically-circles.)

Ultimately I'd like them to actually fall for one another, so... Happy endings?
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Will contain: Medieval, royalty, knights, adventure, etc. (May also contain optional elements of fantasy)

One True Love
Philandering Prince
(YC)/"Damsel" in Distress (MC)
Medieval/fantasy, fake/arranged relationship, crossdressing?, adventure, silly themes, royalty, magic?, etc.
In a quaint but prosperous kingdom lives a young prince (YC) with a problem. He is clever, charming, handsome, well liked, and heir apparent to the throne. But his parents, beasts that they are, have begun to hint that he is at marrying age, and, worst of all, absolutely insist that he--for some unfathomably silly reason--marry for love. The prince is incensed by this, as something so troublesome as marrying for love goes completely against his nature. He is known, after all, to be quite philanderous, working his way through the kingdom's supply of eligible (and sometimes ineligible) women at an impressive pace, and marrying for love would no doubt put an end to his carousing ways, or, at the very least, put a damper on them. If, like any sane, caring parents, the king and queen were to arrange a marriage for him with some unattractive princess he never met before, who had about as much interest in him as he had in her, the prince is certain he could keep up with his amorous activities unhindered. It isn't, of course, that he isn't a good man, just that he is a restless one, keen on adventure and excitement, which he has trouble finding in a single woman for longer than a month at a time, tops, and that's stretching it an awful lot. So when, while gallivanting about his kingdom's many and verdant woods, he stumbled across a damsel in distress (MC) and bravely comes to her rescue, only to find out that she is, in fact, a he, the prince at his wit's end, comes up with a devious scheme. Professing his undying love to the bewildered traveler, and whisking him off to the castle to present him to the king and queen as his betrothed and one true heart's desire, the prince is absolutely certain that choosing a man as his mate will put an and to this whole true love nonsense, as surely a king cannot take a husband. And while the prince finds himself sorely mistaken, the traveler finds himself caught up unawares in the prince's marital schemes.
Plot notes
Basically I'd like this to be about them falling for one another over time despite the prince basically attempting to use him as a shield against marriage, and the traveler attempting to use the prince as a bastion against the ones who were chasing him.
We can have adventure and intrigue and stuff with whoever is after MC, and come up with cool stuff that way.
I'm also open to there being magic involved to whatever degree.
Although I'm not exactly interested in playing an overly effeminate character, I would be down for YC convincing MC to dress up as a lady for a bit (or for whenever they're outside the castle as a couple, or whatever), just to make the reveal to the parents all that more dramatic lol. I'd be down for the lulz.
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Will contain: Modern, coworkers, school, neighbors, basically whatever (May optionally contain some fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural elements)

Analogue Proxy
Fanboy Student
(YC)/"Idol" Student (MC)
Modern, students, straight/gay or closeted/out, fan/idol, dumb?, etc.
She might not be the most popular one, but one particular student (YC) can't help but obsess over his favorite digital idol, a pretty, 3D girl who sings and dances and does everything in such a particularly cute, graceful way. His ideal girlfriend, not so much for the way she looks, but for her mannerisms and quirks, and the candid moments she has for with her fans from time to time. Manners and quirks the student starts to notice displayed by one of his classmates (MC), much to his surprise and confusion. Thinking the other student must be a fellow fan who copies their shared idol's mannerisms as a show of his loyalty, the student decides to get a bit closer to his classmate, excited to finally meet a fellow fan in real life he can finally discuss his favorite idol with.
Only the more they get to know one another, the more the student realizes it's not just his idol's mannerisms, but everything about her that his classmate displays--her likes and dislikes, her talents, and the way she moves. As it turns out, in fact, his classmate is his idol, paying his way through college by doing motion-captured, voiced altered, pre-recorded and live performances as a digital idol, never once suspecting that his secret would be found out. Least of all by a friendly classmate who might just have the most confusing of all crushes on him.

Brotherly Love
Younger Brother (YC)/Older Brother (MC)
Modern, brothers, younger/older, blackmail, parallel relationships, etc.
Though they were once close, when the older brother (MC) left home for school and didn't return, younger brother (YC) grew resentful as the years passed. Eventually, younger brother graduated from high school and headed off for college--ending up, of all places, at a university that happened to be in the very same city as his older brother had lived in since he'd left. Upon their parents insistence, and to their collective dismay, the younger brother is sent to stay with his older brother before classes begin, in order to give himself time to find a place to live, and get to know the city. Their relationship is immediately strained, and despite the distance that had festered between them, though the older brother attempted to be nice and friendly and deferential, he seemed busy, quiet, and suspiciously as though he was hiding something. So on his first night in a new city, the younger brother decides to ditch his brother's place for something more exciting, finding himself in a particular night club that just so happens to cater to particular tastes. And as the younger brother is quick to find out, his older brother just happens to be on the menu. Curious, and at least a little resentful, the younger brother decides, against all good judgment, to have himself just a little taste test--only to end up indulging in the entire buffet. Having had his older brother in a way he never knew he'd so desperately wanted, the younger brother realizes that he suddenly has the leverage to keep his older brother exactly where he wants him, gaining, in the process, a stable place to stay, and a comfortable bed to keep warm...
Essentially, MC has told his family he's a teacher, which is only kind of sort of true, and has another job that's not exactly fit for public consumption (to be revealed in more detail during the RP). Because MC lives an openly gay and somewhat promiscuous lifestyle, and gets entangled with all manner of suspect persons for work, he finds himself on offer for sex at a less than reputable club the night YC happens to wander in.
Basically I would like YC to opt to fuck his older brother, but not have MC know it right away. He can be blindfolded, or missing his glasses, or whatever else works for YC to take out some of his pent up desires and frustrations on his older brother essentially without consequence. While they're attempting to navigate living together, I'd like for them to keep meeting up for sex with MC having know clue he's been letting his younger brother do with him as he pleases. Meanwhile, romantic tensions between the two are building in the apartment they share, and eventually everything comes out, for better or for worse...

Star Struck
Celebrity (YC)/Lovestruck Assistant (MC)
Modern, famous people, employer/employee, pre-existing relationships, friends, unrequited/one-sided love, etc.
They've been together since before the whole 'fame' thing, the charismatic, popular celebrity (YC) easily roping his college roommate into taking the job as his assistant (MC)--after all, they're best friends, and his assistant is the most capable guy he knows. It's been a tough road for both of them, but the success came incredibly swiftly thanks to their combined talents. While any other assistant definitely wouldn't have stuck through all the turmoil, the celebrity's assistant just so happens to be a love struck fool, head over heels for his best friend for years, but too much of a coward to make the first move, and too much of a wallflower to compete with the glamorous women now throwing themselves at the celebrity's feet. Eventually, even the unrequited love isn't enough to keep the assistant from putting himself through the oblivious celebrity's strong dependence upon him. He has his own career aspirations, after all, and when the celebrity's newest boss takes an interest in his assistant for more than just his secretarial duties, the two friends have finally reached a fork in the road they've walked together for so long.
The celebrity can be anything you want, an actor, a singer, a model, a reality star, some mix of whatever, it's up to you! And then whatever project(s) he is working on are up for discussion, as we can come up with all kinds of interesting things to have them working in all kinds of different and interesting locations. We can also add other celebrities/fans/reporters/whatever for some love triangle or something (including with the director or whoever YC is working for), because in the end I'd like for them to end up having feelings for one another even if one or neither of them will admit it.
The director or whoever YC is working for can have an interest in MC for his talent, or if you'd like the competition for YC, be interested in him romantically and/or sexually. In the meantime, YC could also be in a "relationship" with another celebrity that's good for both of their images, but manufactured by their managers (even if the other celebrity is actually into YC). I'd also be ok with our characters falling into a friends-with-benefits type situation, because MC is so desperate to have as much of YC as he can get, and YC hasn't quite figured out or managed to admit that he feels the same way.
Basically anything to complicate the relationship all the more!

Summer's End
Jock Student
(YC)/Nerd Tutor (MC)
Modern, school life, jock/nerd, bully/victim?, younger/older, closeted/out, cheating?, blackmail?, first time(s), etc.
A good looking, popular, high school jock (YC) had a problem. He was never stupid, but he definitely skipped out on one too many important tests in favor of drinking, partying, and hooking up with every available (and unavailable) girl at his school, and he may or may not have ruined his chances to get into his college of choice... almost. Luckily for the young jock, he just so happened to be a good enough athlete that his full-ride scholarship still stands, if and only if he can take the summer after his Senior year to finish up--and pass--the tests he skipped out on. In truth, if he'd just shown up, he likely would have passed the test with flying colors, but given his spotty track record, his parents absolutely insist he have a tutor (MC)--a tutor who just happens to be a college student who is a couple years older, but definitely smaller, nerdier, cuter, totally his type, and... a guy. Though his tutor isn't exactly shy about admitting he's gay, the jock has never, ever acted on any of the repressed interests that he definitely doesn't--but might--have. Only, they spend so much time together, one on one, and despite his tutor being just the type he would have been likely to bully just that past Spring, they also just happen to be each other's type for some other, decidedly extracurricular activities.
But then, like they all do, the summer comes to an end, the jock gets into his school of choice and tries to put his experimenting behind him, and the tutor goes back to his own school, and graduates at the top of his class--and just as yet another summer is coming to an end, the tutor moves onto grad school, becomes a teacher's assistant, and, entirely, totally, and wholly unplanned ends up at the very same university jock has been attending, and the TA of yet another class jock really needs to pass. In the years they've been apart, jock has fallen back into his old routine of partying and girls, blowing off the classes he's more than smart enough to ace, and hiding from his uncertainties among the pleasures of popularity--all at the peril of his sports scholarship and coveted spot on the team. And, of course, as it often does, history repeats itself, and the school absolutely insist the jock take on a tutor... A tutor who just happens to be a couple years older, but definitely smaller, nerdier, cuter, totally his type, and... someone he has dirt on.
YC will be 18+ when they meet, and though we can move the timeline to the Spring right before he's supposed to graduate rather than the summer after, this is definitely non-negotiable.
We don't really have to go the bully/victim or blackmail route between the two of them if you'd prefer. We also don't have to do the cheating aspect (MC will optionally have a boyfriend), if you'd rather just focus entirely on the jock/nerd and closeted/out themes.
Basically, this will entail first RPing them younger, and then skipping ahead a few years to the two of them older. The idea is YC will be MC's first time ever, and it's up to you for YC, but at least MC will be YC's first time with a guy.
If we do go with the blackmail theme, maybe YC has pictures or videos of the two of them together, which he could threaten to take to the school as evidence of inappropriate conduct by MC with a former student. Alternately (or in addition) if YC can woo MC into cheating with him and maintain evidence of that, he can threaten to take that to MC's boyfriend and ruin their relationship. Your reasoning for YC is your own, but the basic idea is that YC still hasn't totally come to terms with the fact that he's most likely gay (or at least bi), and maintains that this is his opportunity to get sex whenever he wants, and/or have his tutor lie and say he's studying hard during their sessions so he can do whatever he wants.
Ultimately, I'd definitely like for them to both have feelings for one another and manage to work out their relationship in some romantic fashion...
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Will contain: Steampunk, Fantasy, adventure, magic, sky ships, sky pirates, military, steam, etc.

Genius Inventor (YC)/Gentleman Assassin (MC)
Steampunk/fantasy, kidnapping, adventure, assassin/inventor, etc.
An inventor's apprentice (YC) has just been made an offer he cannot refuse--he has three days to craft a weapon, of both impeccable make and ingenious design. Should he refuse or fail, the apprentice knows he will be marked for death, for his client is none other than the infamous Noir (MC), the gentleman assassin, never known to miss his mark. What the apprentice knows is that Noir is skilled, mysterious, and deadly; there have long been whispers that the phantom assassin must be an entire covert guild, a bloodline that passes down their skill from father to son, or some other supernatural entity, for the number of names he has crossed off his list is many. What the apprentice doesn't know is that his unexpected benefactor is, indeed, the newest Noir to take up the mantle, and the apprentice has been chosen to be the assassin's personal inventor--whether he likes it or not.

Sky Pirate (YC)/Imperial Officer (MC)
Steampunk/fantasy, adventure, kidnapping, sky pirates, etc.
For the first time in history, the continent is united, the banner of the Empire flying glorious and high, her territory forged through war and woe. Still, the heart of the Empire prospers, the Imperial Citystate at the center of it all, from which the technological advancements of her people begin to bleed slowly outward. This expansion of the Empire's innovations and people, all for glory and the financial boon of tourism to her newly acquired, still foreign lands, are not without their costs. The march of victory and conquests affects not only the subjugation of the Empire's newly claimed people, but also of the magics and beasts that roamed lands previously left to exist in their natural, unspoiled state. Though there is threat of neither civil war nor rebellion, the Empire too young and mighty to fall, there are still forces beyond her control, both man and beast alike.
One such man is a daring sky pirate (YC), who sets his sights on an Imperial airship, once a vehicle of war, now a retrofitted commercial vessel, full to the brim with wealthy tourists and all the many, lovely trinkets they cannot bear to travel without. Even with the presence of Imperial soldiers, they are easy enough a target for the cunning man--or, that is, they would be, if not for the sudden attack of a great winged beast that once ruled these skies without challenge. A criminal but not a bad man, the sky pirate, with no end of frustration, relents, drawing his blade to protect the innocent lives of the less than innocent peoples aboard the airship. For all the gilt and ornate finery of their armor and weapons, only a single imperial soldier (MC) steps forward to aid the pirate in battle, the two working skillfully together to fend the fearsome creature off.
Yet by law the sky pirate is not a hero, but a criminal, and the moment the wyvern is defeated, he finds himself encircled by the rest of the cowardly guard, meant to be arrested. Seeing no other recourse, the sky pirate avails himself of his only reliable means of escape--taking the soldier who fought alongside him as hostage, only long enough to make a clean getaway, fully intending to ditch the man someplace safe the moment its prudent to do so. Only, as it turns out, the soldier isn't just a soldier, but a nobleman from the crown city, whose import to the sanctity of polite society necessitates an elite task force to hunt down the sky pirate, and take back his captive. Worse yet, the nobleman doesn't seem to quite grasp the severity of their situation, frequently running off to help out each and every random passersby in even the most remote of trouble, failing to take the dangers of a newly united world into account. And, of course, the sky pirate is obliged to chase after him, and keep him from harm, as his own neck is on the line should the nobleman perish while supposedly in his nefarious clutches...
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Will contain: Supernatural, Modern, Fantasy, angels/demons, survival/horror, occult, cosmic horror, ghosts, vampires, magic, non-human creatures, etc.

Thirsty Patron (YC)/Lonely Librarian (MC)
Modern/Supernatural/Horror?, occult, demons?, anonymous sex, etc.
The nights can be long, dark, cold, and lonely. That, or YC might just be horny for a good, hard fuck. Either way, anonymous dating apps tend to keep his bed (or at the very least his dick) warm, and luck of all luck, his newest round of swiping has just managed to match YC with someone just his type, and hotter than the usual lays in his area: @lonely_librarian--exactly that, a single, innocent, attractive librarian at the local university looking for to inject some adventure and excitement into into his lonely, vanilla days. Or, at least, that's what his deceptively innocuous profile would lead YC to believe...
  • The stipulations for our characters meeting up can be whatever you'd like, but for plot reasons I like the idea of MC shyly insinuating he'd like something risky (semi in public?), surprising (even pretending to resist?), and rough. All of which is, of course, a means by which he'll give YC some semblance of control over their encounters...
  • MC is actually looking for a partner for nefarious occult reasons (these can totally be up for discussion), using YC for sexual energy, seed, blood. If you'd actually like YC to be some non-human entity who expected MC to be easy prey, all the more fun!
  • And, of course, despite dark rituals, rough encounters, and subterfuge, I'm more than happy to have them develop and sweet, loving relationship on top of all the dark, kinky stuff.
  • OPTIONALLY: If you would like to keep their encounters 'anonymous' for MC, but have it be someone MC actually knows (either before or meets after), such a student, professor, coworker, library patron, etc., and have the two develop a personal relationship that's friendly (or not), flirtatious, eventually romantic, alongside their hook-ups, great! Especially if this is the means by which YC discovers MC might be up to no good...

A City, Darkly Taken
Private Investigator
(YC)/Perpetual Victim (MC)
Modern/Supernatural/Horror?, demons, detectives, mystery, arranged relationships, etc.
YC is a private investigator, working myriad dirty jobs in a city that seems to be growing darker by the day. Recently, YC has stumbled into a spate of suspicious cases, with crimes too strange, too grisly, too impossible to have any run-of-the-mill, natural explanation. Of course, he works alone in the dark, with no one there to confide his suspicions in, on the brink of finding himself mad, most especially after his last case--one he failed to solve before it was too late. A series of violent murders, his last client the last victim he couldn't save from a seemingly uncatchable, unnatural, unstoppable threat. The investigator contemplates closing up shop for good for the sake of his sanity, when a particularly alluring prospective client darkens his door. A man, beautiful and seemingly otherworldly himself, terrified and bringing with him stories of being hunted like prey by a killer that seems suspiciously like the perpetrator behind YC's last failed case. Despite his better judgment, YC is begrudgingly convinced to take the case by a pretty face, a sense of guilt, and a lingering sense of curiosity and suspicion. And the private detective has every right to be suspicious, indeed, as his newest client is not quite who he claims to be, not entirely what he appears, and not exactly interested in his services for the reasons YC has been lead to believe...
  • YC can have some sort of supernatural ability that helps in his investigations, such as being psychic, an empath, having the ability to see/speak to the dead, etc.
  • Why MC is seeking YC's help can be a surprise, if you'd like, but if you want to know:
    MC works for a secret organization that investigates and handles cases with supernatural elements and perpetrators, and is interested in recruiting YC among their ranks. But more than that, MC is in desperate need of a partner for himself, for decidedly non-work-related reasons (which we can discuss, or can, again, be a surprise; just let me know!).

A Ghost in the Darkness
Historian (YC)/Ghost hunter (MC); Medium (YC)/Undercover Skeptic (MC)
Modern/supernatural, doubling, ghosts, ghost hunters, frauds, survival/horror, etc.
A European ghost hunter and medium (YC) has just made a ground breaking discovery that will put his show on the map. Not only did he find the until now unknown descendant of one of the most notoriously haunted families (and houses) in the country, but the descendant turns out to be an American ghost hunter (MC) himself, more than happy to make a guest appearance on another show if it means getting the chance to know more about his family history. Under the medium's employ is an exceptionally eager historian (YC), who can't help but marvel over what a dead ringer the American is for the last known patriarch of the Powell family--and the ghosts in the mansion seem to agree. Unbeknownst to the medium, the American's show isn't the only one threatening a crossover; his newest cameraman (MC), another American, just so happens to be an undercover member of another supernatural show, but one that focuses not on investigating all things weird and spooky, but debunking them, and unmasking frauds... Frauds like the medium himself is suspected to be.
These are not necessarily the set in stone pairings for this RP, although I would like at least two of them (I pretty much have MCs set). We can mix and match, or instead of a historian there can be some romance between the descendant and a ghost inside the house. (The descendant looks so much like his ancestor that even the ghost might think him a reincarnation, and it would be the reason the historian, who has spent his professional career obsessing over the family line, would find him so interesting.)
Whether the medium is actually a fraud is also up to you. He can either be full of shit, staging every one of his episodes, with this the first time he actually ends up finding himself surrounded by ghosts. Or he can be the real deal, so much so that his success rate for finding activity prompts suspicion not only from skeptical viewers, but his own employers. Either way, MC will have been hired, either by YC's boss or someone else, to snoop around.
This also doesn't have to be set in Europe with European/American characters, but the idea is that their shows won't necessarily have the same audiences or exposure in their home countries, and so it would make sense for none of them to know the other well (or even of their existence, in the case of my cameraman) despite the time they all spend on TV.

The Hunt
Supernatural Specialist (YC)/Student Prey (MC)
Modern/fantasy, supernatural creatures, teacher/student, age gap, magic, survival horror, etc.
A group of college students decides it's a good idea to venture into the woods where various creatures are purported to dwell, and try to gather video evidence of their existence for fun. But for one apprehensive student (MC), none of them actually believe they'll find anything but a good, harmless scare. So when something begins stalking them, and finally attacks, they are all caught off guard. The student, in an attempt to protect the others, is dragged off as the others attempt to escape the woods. Though they hold no hope of saving the student, their rescue is immanent. Of all the possible candidates, it turns out the most qualified to come to their aid is actually a professor (YC), who moonlights as a hunter of supernatural creatures. Though he manages to rescue the student mostly unscathed, for reasons neither of them quite understand, it seems the creatures got a taste for him and are unrelenting in his pursuit. The student and professor become unlikely allies in an attempt to keep the student safe, and hunt creatures down before they are hunted themselves.

Mail Order Bodyguard
(YC)/Bodyguard (MC)
Some combo of Modern/Supernatural/Futuristic, smaller dom/bigger sub, master/bodyguard, angels?, demons?, androids?, aliens?, etc.
YC orders MC through some shady means, and MC fights to protect YC, either because YC already needed protection, or because YC needs it now by accidentally getting MC. There are a couple of options for this:
  • Modern/Supernatural - YC stumbles into a shady, out of the way curiosities shop that seems to have popped up some place they surely would have noticed it before, and decides to look around despite getting iffy vibes. YC has no idea what the myriad exotic odds and ends within the cluttered shop could possibly be for aside from tacky Halloween decorations or some occult dealings, but the shopkeeper finally offers to help YC find the perfect product, if only YC tells him what they want. But the only thing YC can think of in the moment is companionship (or protection, adventure, whatever you'd like), and when the shopkeeper offers YC a solution, in the form of filling out a contract at a cheap rate, YC decides to humor him on a whim. Nothing happens for a few days, and YC more or less forgets about the events, only noting that the strange shop seemed to have vanished just as quickly as it appeared--doubtlessly the victim of a suffering economy. Until...
  • Futuristic - YC comes across some cryptocurrency that he doesn't really need, as the sort of shady, dark web sites that accept the particular coinage tend to traffic in thing he has no real interest in. He peruses some sites nevertheless, finally stumbling across one that offers the one thing YC might actually enjoy finding--companionship (or protection, adventure, whatever you'd like). On a whim, YC decides to order whatever vague product it is the site is selling, before the site seems to crash and then disappear all together. His digital wallet drained of the currency, YC simply shrugs it off and moves on, eventually forgetting about the ordeal all together. Until...
  • ....Until, one night, there is a knock at YC's door, and though he spies no one through the peephole, he finds a large, unmarked box on his doorstep. He manages to drag it inside with some considerable effort, and vaguely remembering his earlier, shady transaction, hesitates to open it, the hesitation momentarily turning to fear when the box appears to make a noise. YC finally musters up the courage to pry the box open, only to find that the companionship on offer was in the form of a very real, very alive person, neatly packaged inside the box. Though the male in the box appears somewhat physically imposing as compared to YC, once he wakes, he seems affirmed of the fact that he belongs to YC, and is dead-set on keeping YC safe--and maybe, in the interim, happy.
  • Options:
    • MC can be an angel, trafficked by demons or some other hunters of supernatural beings, sold by a shop YC should not have been able to enter but for an accident (or some other quirk of YC up to you).
    • MC can be an android, or even humanoid alien, trafficked by some shady corporation or whoever stole from one, sold on a website YC should not have been able to find, with currency YC should not have been able to get (maybe YC is particularly tech-savvy, won it in a bet, etc.)
    • Depending on which we go with, the sellers and/or source of MC will decide to come after YC once they realize their mistake--but by then MC has already decided to protect/stay with/obey/etc. YC.
    • Depending on what you would like to do with YC, YC could have some other person(s)/group already after them, anyway, either instead of or in addition to the above option.
    • Otherwise, YC could have been looking for a servant, friend, or lover (or combo?), and not exactly be thrilled at first by getting a male who is taller and better built than them over a pretty, petite girl, only to eventually realize he can get everything he'd like from MC (help, protection, companionship, sex, etc.)
    • How subservient MC will be to YC is up for discussion. He can be bound/programmed to obey and meet YC's needs, and do so willingly and eagerly, or under duress but have no choice. Or he can just make the decision himself to protect YC since MC is part of YC's current problems (and maybe YC offers some other kind of non-physical protection for MC). I'm basically open to however you want to build and progress their relationship!

Unfortunate visitor
(YC)/Intrepid student (MC)
Contains: Magic, fantasy, horror, adventure, etc.
An Otherworld has always existed, a nightmarish parallel of our own, drawing in unsuspecting souls with the promise of pleasure, only to entrap them beyond salvation as it twists and contorts into its true, horrific form. It is a difficult place to enter, and for good reason, requiring extensive knowledge of doorways and their mechanics, or otherwise access to powerful, dark enough magics to call them forth, and for good reason. For once you pass through a doorway, and the Otherworld has gotten a taste of you, it seldom lets you go for good. Even if you manage to escape, doorways have a tendency to hunt you down, and the more times you stumble through, the more time you spend in the Otherworld, the harder and harder it gets to leave, until you are, at last, consumed entirely, damned forever to wander amongst the depravity and despair. Certain people are drawn to the Otherworld, either by darkness in their souls, or a weakness of their body or mind, and listless or comatose patients often find themselves amongst murderers, rapists, and monsters. But on occasion, perfectly normal people find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, stumbling through doorways they didn't know where anything but mundane, finding themselves lost in the gruesome nightmare that waits in the shadows, or enamored by the promise of sin and desires fulfilled by the terrible creatures that lie in wait to devour their light for good. One such unsuspecting victim is a student (YC), who simply finds himself lost, with no rhyme or reason, in the depths of the Otherworld. It is only by chance that he stumbles upon another student (MC) he recognizes, but does not know well, who, unlike him, has knowledge of the horrifying place, and seeks it out on purpose. Offering his help, the two manage to escape, but the Otherworld seems to have set its sights on the two of them, and as their relationship develops in the real world, their struggle to survive in the Otherworld becomes all the more grave.
Plot notes
I'd be open to one of them being a teacher, or it not being a high school/college setting at all. Or really any other suggestions/ideas you might have, as the Otherworld itself is meant to be open to whatever creative things we can come up with together!

Something Wicked
Anyone (YC)/Anyone (MC)
Supernatural, ghosts, haunted hotel, murder mystery, survival/horror, stranded, doubling, etc.
Rather than rewrite this, I'll just link to the thread I posted about this RP here. I have a multitude of characters I'd happily use for this depending on what you're looking for, and I'd love to have at least two pairings between us (or more?), with however many side characters you'd prefer. Some of the characters I have for this include:
The town deputy
The hotel manager
A hotel guest/lawyer ☆
An unfriendly ghost
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