Worlds of Words. (M for F)

Feb 18, 2019

Worlds of Words

Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to peruse my humble request page. I'm a veteran roleplayer looking for a handful of talented and invested female partners with whom to build lasting worlds of unadulterated awesome.

...and I'm just kind of diving into the deep end with this introduction. I do have my volume and genre preferences, but in all honesty, if my partner is skilled and enthusiastic, then pretty much everything is fair game. So don't hesitate to reach out if not everything resonates with your style or schedule!

Okay, with that out of the way...

I savor the opportunity to write my own prompts. They usually involve an embellished sci-fi or fantasy-oriented backdrop, but rest assured that my ultimate goal is developing a chemistry between our characters. I'd describe my personal style as detailed and introspective without being tedious. I try to be efficient while at the same time allowing some indulgence towards world-building. If you're interested in sampling my style, see my following posts for prompts I've developed. I'm open to participating with a partner's prompt or idea as well.

Genres that float my yacht:
  • Noir
  • Supernatural
  • Science Fiction
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Fantasy
Our theoretical roleplay can progress towards a variety of goals, including but not limited to survival, triumph, and romance. We can discuss goals beforehand or develop our story spontaneously and organically. I tend to shy away from existing properties and character images, but I'm not completely against them.

In regards to romance, I relish the idea of perpetuating sexual tension between our characters. I like teasing and being teased. Detailing specific sexual acts is usually a chore for me, but I believe I do a decent enough job and will not hesitate when the occasion demands it. As far as kinks, I basically have none beyond mild BDSM and various forms of sexual denial. My feelings are that if your character isn’t turned on enough beforehand for missionary to do the job, then I’ve failed as a seducer. (My story-to-smut ratio probably revolves around the 90-10 threshold.)

I think I'm a decent writer, but certainly not a natural one. It takes me time to write, within the confines of a full-time schedule (luckily I now work from home!). My responses usually go through a number of drafts and revisions before I feel comfortable enough to share them. I’m drawn to sculpted wordsmithing which has obviously infused with copious amounts of TLC (thought, liveliness, and craft). I’m not a grammar Nudnik (lord knows I occasionally make mistakes) but the fundamentals should be honored and applied.

In terms of personal volumetric preference, I tend to spout novel-esque paragraphs and indulge myself with world-building, though I try to regulate myself before things get tedious or verbose. From past experience, I also have the ability to thrive with more compact exchanges with the right type of partner. I very much try to post at LEAST once a week per roleplay, with the goal being around two or three depending on the response times of my partner.

As far my ideal partner... feisty but submissive might be the best combination of traits. I like to earn my dominance with someone who won't make it easy for me.

My fear is that I’m getting long-winded at this point, so I get a TLDR list of my goals and preferences on this thread at some point. I also have some thumbnail ideas for stories which I'd love to develop with interested partners. Expect those soon!

I hope I don’t seem long-winded at this point. Feel free to start up a conversation via PM and I’ll happily entertain your questions. If you have any prompts you’d like me to consider, feel free to send those along as well. I’m always receptive towards other ideas and will fully invest myself in their development, as I hope you would do with mine. (As a general rule, I shy away from fandoms.) As far as the concepts I've developed so far:
  • Bag and Tag: A soldier in the future uncovers a helpless refugee from his past during a military operation. He can offer asylum from the looming reeducation camps, but what must she do in return to earn her keep? Please check it here.
  • Scout's Honor: A post-war Earth presents many challenges after humankind barely turns back an extra-terrestrial invasion. Will a chance encounter between two stray survivors forge a new friendship, or perhaps something deeper? Please check it here!
  • One Disillusioned Hero: A former champion of the people has rejected their acclaim and resigned himself to a life of petty crime. Is a job-gone-awry what he needs to reclaim his sense of responsibility and adventure? An oldie but goodie. Check it here.
  • The Princess and the King: A Princess is torn between aiding the King that subjugated her land and the loyalties towards her parents and kingdom. NEW! Looking for a submissive yet feisty female. Check it here.
If any of this resonates with you, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments you might have. I try to be prompt with responses to inquiries. Again, thanks so much for reading. Let's build worlds with words!
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Sep 29, 2020
Mid Atlantic, US
Just read The Princess and the King. I'm interested.

I'm new to ficdepot but not to literary RPing. I love the idea. I also love playing feisty heroines who eventually submit to the right man. (Subs who just kowtow immediately are boring. Stories require tension.)

I work FT plus lately mandatory OT--blah. But I try to respond to threads within 24-48 hours. Some depends on how active my threads are. I'm also on the east coast of the US.

I consider myself a sex-writing strumpet, so writing sex scenes isn't a problem, although I prefer/need a plot. I'm also a freelance editor/proofreader IRL. Although if I post from my phone during a lunch break the typos are numerous. I usually go back and fix, re-write, and add, once I get home and on the PC.

I'm not my characters, so things I would never do sexually aren't off the table. Although scat, pee, vomit, blood (unless it's vampires) are yuck. So much depends on context for me, that making a list of hard or soft no's is tough. I do love dominant men and feisty women!

So far, I'm only involved in Just a Whisper Hotel and Club because a co-writer from Literotica asked me to join. I don't think it's my best writing. If you want a link to one of my favs on Literotica, let me know. I'm haremfaery on there as well.
Liquid Evolution
Feb 18, 2019

The pewter-colored dropcraft, lodged in reddish mud, shifted a bit before its door slid open like an eyelid. From the round ship emerged six soldiers, wearing thin black jumpsuits with matching boots and gloves, right arms extended forward from their chest towards any potential threats. They quickly dispersed in different directions, covering vast amounts of ground in seconds. Rain fell down as thick aqueous bulbs upon the saturated Martian soil, complementing a purplish-gray sky with a thin strip of orange towards the horizon, beyond the sharp ridges of geologic formations.

Charles Brock, by contrast, emerged from the craft slowly, swiveling his head to-and-fro to note his surroundings. He wore the same jet-black uniform as the soldiers that preceded him, with one difference: the red emblem of an eagle representing the Bloodhawks could be seen on either shoulder, announcing his rank as Lieutenant Commander.

The Bloodhawks were the military branch assigned to Earth's Science and Technology Institute, mobilized for reconnaissance and sample collections in potentially dangerous regions. Of course, as was the case with Earth's primary defense organizations, they were regularly utilized for discreet and crucial missions. They recited the same ethical oaths as their civilian counterparts, but sometimes their promises were bent and broken against the insurgents who scattered themselves across the terraformed planets within the solar system.

It was an exciting time in Brock's life; as exciting as life could get for an enlisted grunt soldier, anyway. He earned an officer's promotion years ahead of schedule due to exemplary performance, which offered him more downtime as well as his own private quarters, small but comfy with a telescreen and other details towards ease of life. He was also eligible to claim a sexual partner (one at a time at his current rank) at the Mate Exchange during downtime. The sexual act has always intrigued Charles, since he was still "pure" (most soldiers were due to the necessary dedication and location-specific training required for enlistment), but ESATI had arranged to temper his curiosity on the subject.

Earth scientists had discovered and experimented with a substance named Liquid Evolution. When applied to the human genome, many biological handicaps were erased or substantially diminished. A trained soldier could go up to eight hours or more without taking a breath to oxygenate his blood. Strength and senses were heightened, with bone density increasing by almost five hundred percent due to the manifestation of a strange fibrous membrane. The scientists realized through their observations that they were watching evolution accelerate before their very eyes.

Another interesting and unanticipated effect was the impact on primal genetic impulses. The pleasure threshold of the human orgasm was magnified exponentially, calculated at around ten times the dopamine triggering capabilities of concentrated opiates. Sexually active recipients of LE recorded momentary visitations to new planes of existence, melting sensations as if they were merging into one being with their partner, and other curious phenomena upon climax...

One would think this development would devolve human beings into sex-crazed beasts, but science was always one step ahead. Brain implants would dampen cravings for sexual release, activated only by an electronic pulse delivered by a specialized doctor. Essentially, they served the purpose of an on/off switch for the libido. This ensured focused and obedient soldiers in the field.

These soldiers often patrolled the abundance of planets in the solar system, existing now thanks to massive technological efforts. Beyond terraforming existing celestial bodies, planets were built from space matter and positioned for perfect rotation around with sun with powerful laser-based instruments. Most were around the size of Earth's moon; some quite a bit larger, others slightly smaller. A few hundred or more were distributed in varying distances from the sun, with near-perfect atmospheric conditions for human life, in perfect harmony with the life-giving ball of fire in the sky. Colonies had begun to develop and flourish...

...until a decision was reached by the Chief Council with a majority vote. A mandate was declared that all humans originating from Earth be administered Liquid Evolution for their immediate benefit. The observed advantages were obvious; longer life spans, less susceptibility to disease, and the neutralization of mental illnesses.

There were rebellions, of course. Rumors of rare but horrific side effects resulting from LE exposure spread fear quickly. Others were simply weary of any government-sponsored requirements. The blanketing efforts of propaganda to instill reassurance throughout Earth and its colonies had only so much sway. Militias and guerrilla forces organized themselves, and soon a charismatic leader named Ian Fenwick condemned the Earth's efforts towards dogmatic conquest. The war against Liquid Evolution had begun.

Charles waited for his squadron to make their rounds as he recorded the terrain around him with his datascope. The crackle of audiofeed from his thin plastic helmet contrasted the plip-plop-plips of thick rain with periodic bursts of coordinate confirmations and reports. The seven soldiers were dispatched to investigate heat signatures leaving the Martian atmosphere from this particular sector. Since the culprits were likely pod ships having already made their escape, no significant findings were expected.

Once the sweep was complete, the auxiliary objective was to take topographical surveillance scans since the sector was initially thought abandoned. Any unexpected human encounters were to be revolved according to the Commander's discretion... he could simply pretend they didn't exist, or apprehend them and decide their fate back at headquarters.

Sweeps usually took an hour or more, so Charles took to entertaining himself with his pulse modulators as he waited for his squadron to return. Taking aim at a large nearby rock, he extended his arm and directed his palm towards it, fingers outstretched. With a vsspt sound and a bright cyan burst, the antigravity mechanism activated, lifting the rock into the air. His arm experienced a slight strain before it steadied itself, raising the rock upward until it blocked out the faint visage of sun in the rain-drenched sky.

His visor scans measured the rock's weight at almost a ton. Though he was accustomed by now to his equipment, he always marveled at the modulators which graced either of his gloves. Warfare had certainly come a long way since a decade before, with more humane and conscientious advancements. There was no longer a need for bullets; modulation pulses could stop an insurgent (or group of insurgents) in their tracks with half an effort, freezing them in place until they were fully disarmed. Many insurgents lives were spared when they would have been annihilated with other weapons, but the pulse modulators still had the capacity for violence. With a squeeze of the hand, an unlucky person would be crushed into a pretzel.

With a flick of his wrist, Charles tossed the rock to his left towards a large crater's edge, some fifty yards away. It came down with an almost sickening thud upon the soaked Martian soil, rolling until it disappeared over the basin's lip. He smiled at his own juvenile methods of amusement, until a stark red message abruptly appeared on his visor's readings. TOPOGRAPHIC ABNORMALITY DETECTED.

Charles raised a brow and made his way towards the edge of the crater. A large pool of water had collected at its base, dancing frenetically with the rain. He panned his eyes around the crater's bowl until a discovery was made; what looked like a cave had been exposed by a dislodged rock, seemingly placed there for camouflage. Aha, Charles thought to himself. Looks like me goofing off has its benefits after all.

After a careful approach with a steadied arm, he pulled the rock fully free to expose the entirety of the cave's entrance. What he saw inside amazed him; empty ration containers stacked neatly and an old pair of discarded slippers, before the tunnel bled into the dark unknown. Someone had obviously lived here, or was living here. He dug his boots into the soft mud and stabilized his position.

"Surrender yourself at once," Charles barked with a thick robotic voice, "or I cannot guarantee your safety!"
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