Would You Be My Bottom Jock?

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Jan 4, 2019
About Me and My RPing Style:

*Writing about 1-2 short paragraphs. Can write less/more, depending on your replies as well.
*I play top/seme characters only. That's only when it comes to smut, though, since my characters vary from your confident guys to the shy ones.
*I prefer playing smut driven RPs, which means the NSFW part of the forum.
*I play using real men's appearance for my characters.

*My purpose in RPing is having fun, and it's important that both of us will. That's why I'll try to be as frank and straightforward as I can, and I hope you'd do the same :)
*I really like to get to know the people I'm RPing with, so I'm always offering up my Skype or Discord so we could talk there. If you aren't using one or don't wanna add me for some reason, feel at ease, it's not a must, but rather another way to get to know you! ^^
*Not what people call "Grammar Nazi". English isn't my native language, so I'm sure you'd find some oddities here and there in what I write too, but understandable grammar is necessary.
*I'm constantly improving my RPing skills and my English. It's way better than it used to be when I just started RPing - so if something bothers you in these regards, you're always welcome to say that!
*I will only RP in games which our characters would be human or look like a human.
*Please don't disappear and don't abandon the RP. Talking is the key, and if you don't want to keep RPing or that the specific RP doesn't suit you anymore, just talk to me. We might be able to sort it out, start another RP or just bid farewell nicely to each other.

What I'm Looking For in My RP Partners:

*Anyone who has no problem with what I wrote above.
*Someone who will play the bottom/uke, but not a feminine/whiny one. Has nothing against them, but I find it hard to play with them and find myself attracted to such characters.
*When deciding the appearance for the characters I tend to get a bit picky, but I ALWAYS make sure both sides like what we choose, so I need people with some patience for this part before starting the RP! ^^

My No-No List:

*Feminine characters as the main characters
*Gore & Blood
*Parent & Child (stepfather might be possible tho)
*Fat Main Characters (one of the things that turn me on the most is men with abs so... Yeah, prefer having them when RPing, since RP is a kinda fantasy to begin with~)
*Ageplay (A gap of about 10 years, more or less is fine, even cool sometimes, but more than that would be... weird)

If you're interested in my kinks, just ask away ^^

Plot Bunnies and Pairings:

Nick Jonas - I'm really carving an RP with him as a character. Him x fan or anything, you name it xD

The Matchmaker's Playbook:

YC is a professional wingman and matchmaker. There are three things you need in order to get your crush:
  1. Make sure your crush is not straight so you'd have a chance with him. (Possibly we can also play in a parallel-universe where being gay is the norm)
  2. Have enough money.
  3. Follow each and every order of YC, the matchmaker, and he'll make sure your crush will come running after you.
YC has a 99% percent of success. With his charms, looks, sexy smile, he could practically make anyone fall for him and make anyone jealous at his partners, and acts a lot of times as a fake boyfriend of his clients up until they manage to capture the wanted man, where he and the clients acting as if they're breaking up, allowing the clients to be with their real love.
And here comes MC and asks for YC service. As usual, YC does what needed to make MC's crush fall for him, but then, he finds himself crossing the very first rule of 'the playbook', his very first rule: DON'T FALL FOR THE CLIENTS.
Based on a movie with the same name, but of course, the movie features a straight relationship :<

Porn University:
In an alternate reality where being a pornstar is a desirable job. It is a respected, well-paid job. It got to be such a popular job that schools for porn had started to show up, leading to the current situation of where all the porn stars are these schools' graduates.
These schools, which a lot of times people try to go to instead of college, teach the future porn stars everything, and a lot of what they learn is done the practical way.
Our characters are starting their time in school, and the RP would follow their rather unique classes and their chase after success.
We can play different variations of this game. It can focus on 2 characters only, MC and YC who can be roommates or anything else, really, or another option I had in mind is having 4 main characters as roommates, each of us playing 2 that end up in polyamory relationships.

Power/Control Play
I don't have a particular plot for this one, but basically, I feel like playing a plot with some kind of power or control play. It can be both MC being manipulated (so long in the smut scenes he isn't the one bottoming) or the other way around - having YC submit to MC for any reason. Master x Slave plot might go well for this. Just hit me up with ideas.

Currently pretty much out of ideas, but I do want to start a new RP, so hit me with ideas! Worst I can do is say no and thank you for contacting me, right? :D I will say that I tend to like modern settings better~ You can also PM me with your own thread. Sometimes I don't contact people since I think they might not be up to playing with me and not because I don't find an interesting plot to play with them~

PM me if you're interested! See you~!

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May 1, 2019
Shanghai, China
Hi, if you're still looking, I think we have overlapping interests, and I like the looks of your Porn University and definitely into a Power scenario.

I'm more looking for chat RP, but if you think we're compatible, we can discuss format options. My ad is here.
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