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Jan 25, 2019
This RP takes place in a close approximation of the modern day insofar as technology and the like is concerned. The world is more advanced because of the brilliant minds of Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Bruce Wayne, Michael Holt, Victor von Doom, and even more prolific geniuses using their wit and mind to create all manner of things.

Perhaps the most important things that exist in the world right now are the Justice League and the Avengers.

The Justice League, led by Superman primarily, and the Avengers, led by Captain America primarily, have long worked in tandem dealing with different threats to the planet Earth ranging from the mighty Galactus to the vile Darkseid. While the heroes of the league are not old yet they already have decided mutually that the best thing to do is to begin teaching the newer generation of heroes. These younger heroes in their late teens and early twenties mostly now attend a full funded school run by Charles Xavier who has expanded his mansion to facilitate the acceptance of more than just mutants.

The school reaches out to those who show potential whether it be by showcasing superpowers, exceptional talents, or simply by being from another planet and offers to give them a fully paid for education as well as training with a number of the greatest heroes walking or flying on the planet Earth. Each student is afforded their own dorm room, which is more of an apartment, on campus as well as access to any supplies they might need. Currently there is a program being initiated that is supposed to train the young heroes not to operate alone. While it has different names internally it is generally up to the new team leader to determine what their group is called. A select few have been chosen to lead and have been given many options on who they would like to recruit to their team. Some recruit those they know to help them work together. Some recruit those with varied powers. A number of reasons are given for each choice.

All that needs to be known is that these heroes are going to be tested. Villains are no less dangerous towards the young and inexperienced but the only way to learn how to fight evil is to fight it directly.


Headmaster of the School: Charles Xavier
Gifted Leader (In charge of the mutant and metahuman training): Ororo Munroe
Alien Leader (In charge of the alien's training): J'onn J'onzz
Exceptional Leader (In charge of those with exceptional but human talents): Laurel Lance

Justice League Liaison: J'onn J'onzz
Avengers/SHIELD Liaison: Natasha Romanova
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