Xavier's School for the Gifted, the Alien, and the Exceptional

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Jan 25, 2019

1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center. Xavier's School for the Gifted, the Alien, and the Exceptional.​

In the distance is a mansion that seemed rather normal, almost easy to overlook, as one drives down the roads if they aren't paying too much attention. And yet, for any who give it a second glance, they'll realize it's far from a normal place. At any given time of day there are at least five instances of superpowers being used in broad daylight. These young heroes are not forced to hide as they are in one of the few globally sanctioned places for mutants, aliens, and other highly trained individuals to gather. Older heroes come to pass down their knowledge while younger heroes come to be with others who can understand their unique place in the world. These heroes are organized somewhat by age but mostly by skill. Traditional years mean nothing to a school like this after all.

It was in this mansion that some of the most brilliant minds of the United States came together to work. Minds like Charles Xavier, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Bruce Wayne, Michael Holt, and even Brainiac 5. As a result the school, on the outside, looks relatively normal while the inside is some of the most highly advanced technology ever seen. Replication devices capable of reproducing any number of materials they might need in limited quantities, a Danger Room that effectively can recreate any scenario based on the desire or memory of those who enter it with multiple rooms for multiple scenarios, as well as a number of other utilities for those who call the school home.

The school grounds are split into numerous sections but the most used one, besides the dormitories, is the main mansion. Within those walls are the classrooms where the heroes are given a traditional education, if they came young enough or simply desire to take the classes, as well as a number of higher education classes specificly with guest lecturers who come every so often like Stark offering a class on future technologies when his time allows or Dr. McCoy teaching a high level biology and genetics class.

Within the Mansion's walls is a bountiful education, a surprisingly robust cafeteria capable of replicating any food one might desire, and an expansive suit of exercise equipment and pools for those who wish to train their bodies to the absolute peak. Under the ground is the Danger Room facility where people are welcome to train their powers to their hearts content.


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All students are allowed to freely come and go in the Mansion. There are no restricted areas here. Do not that the Cerebro is not in the Mansion and, instead, has a seperate building that is restricted (and also will be another thread).
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