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Jun 15, 2020
Houston, TX
Hey everyone! I'm Ylva, and you can call me, well, Ylva. I'm easy like that. Or you can come up with just about any nickname you'd like. I'm not picky, really. But anyway, I've been doing forum roleplaying for oh, about 13 years now. I've been off of it for a little while, but I'm looking to get back to it, so I'm looking for some new partners. I do have a tendency to make my request threads too long, which I think turns some people off, so I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet. Let's hope that works, shall we?
  • I don't have a whole lot of time to write right now, so I'm going to be discerning about who I take on as a partner. I'd also like to talk with you about the idea for a bit before deciding if I think we'll work well together or not. Please don't be offended if I turn you down. Mkay? Awesome!
  • I am a huge world-builder. I'm open to partners who want to work with me to create a world together. I'm open to partners who want to write in one of my worlds, with me in a sort of GM role (my specific plot ideas are much better for people like this. The short prompts are better for those who want to build together.) I do not like to be the passenger in a story, so I'm sorry, but I probably won't want to write in a world developed/controlled entirely or almost entirely by you.
  • I write 3+ paragraphs per post, except in cases of extreme writer's block. I need a partner who can match that. Occasional shorter posts are fine. If I ever get a post shorter than a paragraph, though, I will drop the story.
  • I should also mention that I am a relatively slow poster. I average about one post per week. Sometimes I'll post more frequently. Sometimes it will be less frequent. Please be patient with me- I rarely forget a story, and I don't ghost. Feel free to bump me after a week without a post. Please don't do so any sooner than that, though.
  • Yes, I write romance. Yes, I write smut. Neither can be the main focus of the story! I'm not going to give a ratio, just know that smut should only happen if and when it makes sense with the plot. Sorry, but I only do mxf pairings. I'm not familiar enough with any others. Also, my interests tend to run mostly vanilla, although I'm willing to branch out on some things. However, the following are my absolute no's: Bathroom stuff, underaged characters, anything involving animals in sexual situations, incest, large age gaps (0-5 years is fine, 6-10 is up for debate, 10+ is a no), and Stockholm Syndrome/severely abusive relationships.
  • I generally prefer writing as characters in the 18-28 age range (or 18-28 in appearance, for fantasy races that have different lifespans and whatnot.) I prefer my partner's characters be in this range as well, although I'm more flexible on that.
  • I write multiple characters. I prefer my partner is able to write multiple characters as well. I also have a preference for female characters, although I can and do write male characters as well.
  • Compromise is important. If you are very set in your ways on certain things and not willing to make compromises so that the story works for both of us, don't bother messaging me. I'm talking about things like "I absolutely do not double," or "I only write female characters, I don't care if you want a male love interest." If I am willing to step outside my comfort zone a bit to make things more enjoyable for you, I expect the same courtesy. That doesn't apply to limits in sex scenes (I'll never ask you to do anything extreme, or even push you into smut if you prefer not to include it) or other topic triggers- I understand those and can work with that.
  • No one is perfect. Perfect characters annoy me. Don't make your characters perfect. Or at least if you do, do it with someone else, not me.
  • I don't write pure fluff. All my stories will have some drama, angst, and potentially dark themes. I do respect limits, as long as you are clear with me on what they are (don't get mad at me for violating a limit you didn't tell me about- that's on you.) Don't be surprised if I ask you about your comfort level on a wide variety of topics before we get started.
Whew. Not as short as I intended, but at least it's better than usual. Anyway, now onto what I'm interested in writing. First will be some (relatively) short prompts. These are more general ideas that are open to us doing some world-building together (for the most part.) Next are a few detailed plot ideas for which most of the world and backstory is already planned out by yours truly, so I'm looking for a more passive player to guide through my world. And finally is a (very) short fandom list. Please note that I do not do canons- these should serve as inspiration only.

  1. Magic used to be commonplace, but was outlawed after some huge cataclysm. Any child who shows any signs of having magic is seized by the government to be "retrained." In reality, they are being killed. A group has formed an underground (figuratively and literally) school to rescue gifted kids before the government can find them and teach them how to use/control their magic. Characters could be teachers and/or (18+) students. I figure the school will have students of all ages, from elementary school age up through college age. Not a whole ton of students. A lot of them stay on as teachers once they master their magic. More of a loose organization than a strict, structured school, if you know what I mean. All details to be determined jointly [only hard rule is that this will be a historical-ish (probably medieval or victorian) setting- nothing modern or futuristic.] This will require a good amount of world building before we jump in.
  2. Typical arranged marriage idea. Prince/King of Kingdom A is to marry Princess/Queen of Kingdom B. Simple, right? Well, less so. I'd like there to be a healthy dose of political intrigue (perhaps a faction that is against the marriage, and internal uprising, a plot to overthrow the king, etc.), and perhaps outside drama too (war with a third kingdom, or the treaty breaks down and kingdoms A and B go to war with each other, throwing the princess into the middle.) I'd love to hear your thoughts on dramatic elements to throw into the story. Again, this idea will require a lot of world building before we get into it.
  3. Stereotypical adventure story. We play a band of mercenary-like adventurers who travel from place to place, going on quests for money (kill those goblins, get rid of the ghost, slay the dragon, depose the evil king, etc.) Fun, fast-paced, no long-term plot- just hoping from adventure to adventure. Also very character driven- focusing on their interactions with each other. There will be some initial world-building, but I'd like the bulk of it to take place along the way, developing each area as they get to it. Or if world-building isn't your thing, I do have a pre-created world from one of my plots that would work perfectly for this idea as well, so we could use that too.
Alright, so the idea starts with seven main characters. Yes, I said seven. Each of these main characters is in the possession of a magical jewel that gives them some unique magical powers, as well as the ability to change into a specific kind of animal. They are from all across the known world. Ten years ago, these seven heroes worked together to defeat an evil, tyrannical cult that was intent on world domination. Once the threat was ended they scattered back to their homelands, each becoming a leader of their local people. Now, ten years since they became heroes, each of them has a dream of coming danger that leads them to meet up again. A new threat is coming, and they have to stop it.

This one is a long-term project of mine that has changed a few times. A few details might be open to change, but most of it is pretty set. There's a lot more detail than this, which will be available on request only, because, well, it's too much to put here. As far as the setting, it started out elsewhere but was eventually moved to a D&D-esque world, so bear that in mind. Not that there will be any rolls or mechanics or anything like that, but there will be magic, fantasy races, etc. Set jewels, set abilities that come with said jewels. Set races for each character, although their genders are more open to discussion. Should be a close to even split, though. I have details on cultures, governments, etc. A map. A good idea as to where the plot is headed, but I'd prefer to leave that as a surprise to you. Still, if you're going to ask about this idea be prepared to have a huge mountain of background information dumped on you...
For young Skandian Vikings, it's the most important time of their lives- Brotherband Training. For all the young men (and the women who so choose to follow the path of a shieldmaiden), it's their entry into adulthood. All those who have come of age that year are subjected to three months of intense training, meant to teach them the skills they'll need for a life of raiding on the high seas, and prove their ability to thrive in such a career. More than just a grueling training camp, though, it's also a competition. The trainees are separated into teams meant to emulate a ship's crew, and the teams compete against each other. Team leaders are chosen via nomination at the beginning of the training camp and choose their teams. It's supposed to be more about picking the best combination to assure yourself a victory, but more often than not it turns into a simple popularity contest. That was certainly the case this year. There were enough trainees to form three groups, but only two leaders were nominated. So those two picked their teams, and those who remained, the leftovers, became the third group by default. They are so obviously the underdogs, expected to fail miserably. But will they be able to pull together as a team? Could they even win the competition this year?

So, spoiler alert, this is sort of based on a fandom I have. Some details are the same, many are different. No knowledge of said fandom is required. All characters will be the same age (18 is preferred. It might adjust up a year or two if having them at 18 is an absolute deal-breaker for you, but it won't be any higher than 20.) There will be at least eight main characters, more side characters. Don't fret, I have no problem taking on all side characters, as long as you're willing to write 2-4 of the main characters. It's basically about a bunch of people who weren't wanted by the other groups for whatever reason (maybe they're small/lightly built, or have an attitude problem, etc.) who have to put differences aside and work together in order to prove everyone who doubted them wrong. I have a few good character ideas I'd love to try out, and I'd like to hear yours as well. Again, more information is available upon request.
Everyone has magic. Only a few have powerful magic, however. Magic was developed as a survival tool, so there are two main kinds. The first is meant to ensure physical survival- combat magic, or healing magic, for example. The other, less common kind, is meant to ensure the survival of a bloodline- magics that make the user appear more attractive, or the ability to charm people. MC has the second kind of magic- a passive aura that makes her extremely sexually attractive to men. It's something that has gotten her into trouble numerous times in the past. And now that it has caused a major problem, she has decided to seek out a magician in the untamed wilds to the south who is rumored to be able to find the answer to any question- for a price. Surely he'll be able to find a way to control her magic, right? Well, at least that was the plan, until she got captured by bandits along the way. Just as she is about to lose all hope, YC rescues her. Now she has decided that she needs to convince him to get her to the magician safely- whatever the cost.

Yes, I have a lot of world-building and backstory for this one too, available on request. It could easily lean toward being a smuttier story, especially given her magic, but this is one of the few cases where I'm alright with that. the basic idea is that MC and YC manage to arrange some sort of deal that involves YC escorting her. What he wants in exchange it to be decided between us. This is one of my rare ideas that only has 2 main characters, but rest assured, there's bound to be a whole cast of interesting side characters along the way.

  • Ranger's Apprentice- Good books. Kids book, technically, but a fun, historical-ish concept. Loose inspiration only.
  • Brotherband Chronicles- Companion series to the one above mentioned. Vikings, which is always fun. Looking for story inspired by it, but improved. Nothing canon.
  • Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire- I know this is a love-it-or-hate-it sort of thing. I don't write canon. Mainly just looking for something in the same vein. Gritty, not afraid to shy away from dark topics, includes both action and political intrigue, complex political structure and character dynamics. Very character driven. The series would just be a very loose inspiration.
Well, that's all for now, folks. I may well add more later, as the inspiration strikes me. Until then, I look forward to hearing from some of you. If I didn't manage to scare you off and you're interested in one of my ideas, shoot me a message and I'd love to talk about starting a story with you!
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