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Jun 3, 2019
Yo, what's good? I'm a pretty laid back person and I enjoy writing. As of now I'm a little busier so I am not as available as I like but I plan on that to be changing here soon. I came from Eros but I'm on a few sites, one of which I make profile layouts for fun - an example of a profile code I've made, the character itself is not mine but that of a friend's.

I myself am female but I write male, female, binary and trans characters. I mostly write dominant males and switch or submissive females sometimes submissive males and dominant females, roll the dice and whatever it lands on, pretty much haha. Lately I've been writing hetero pairings but I also enjoy homosexual or otherwise queer pairings. I write all types of roleplay from smut-oriented, to plot heavy to a healthy mix of both. I typically enjoy intense characters, strong character dynamic, edgy shit as well as comedic relief. I like some really weird kinks, don't be shy to ask me if you're curious about any of them and don't hesitate to tell me you would like to omit those if you would like to approach me to write together. I do not expect nor do I want to play every kink with every story! As for my plots, I like them to be pretty involved and extensive so I do enjoy group play for a broader scope of character interaction. I am not very up to date on media, so unfortunately there aren't many canon characters I know or feel comfortable enough with to play. I am definitely heavily focused on OC's and I very much love writing with others' OC's as well.

I love character creation. I have an excessive amount of characters. I do tend to play more modern type personalities. My current muse has been focused on combative-focused characters or superhero(ines) or villains.

My current favorite show is Killing Eve. I'm currently listening to edgy shit. I'm obsessing over Garou from One Punch Man. My newest character is Black Dragon, a supervillain with some destructive ass superpowers. I'm currently drinking a Coca-Cola and playing a cute game called Moonlighter. I'm a very visual person as well as an audiophile.

Anyway, if you'd like to shoot the shit, share some good tunes or maybe some tasty memes or if you are interested in writing, hit me up!
Not open for further replies.
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