Zeeff's Request Thread


Feb 11, 2022
Hi Guys! This is my first ever request thread on any site I've ever been on: I really hope it doesn't suck :LOL:

A little about me:

I've been role-playing more consistently for over a year now; I usually play more dominant characters (I only play male characters) but recently I've been trying my hand with playing more submissive characters and looking for more role-plays where i can do just that. That doesn't mean I don't want to play more dominant or switch characters anymore, you're just more likely to grab my attention if it's a prompt where I'm playing a more submissive character.

I tend to prefer Slice of Life role-plays but if you have a cool fantasy or Sci-Fi plot or pairing, I'd definitely love to hear it.


These are the pairings I'm currently interested in playing. I'm very open to plot ideas or new pairings so feel free to message me with any ideas you might have.

- Teacher x Student
- Boss x Employee/Secretary/Assistant
- Rival Athletes or Teammates.
- College Course-mates or Two College Students.
- Best Friends
- Friends with Benefits
- Neighbors
- Co-workers
- Famous Person x Fan

I'm flexible when it comes to what role I play; As long as we can find something that we both like and are good with.

My kinks are : Ass Worship, Body Worship, Rimming (Giving) , Face Sitting, Cunnilingus, Teasing, Physical Restraints, Rough/Passionate Sex, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Anal, Femdom, MistressxSlave/Pet Dynamic, Biting, Praise, Begging. Romance, Hot Dogging, Puppyplay/Petplay, Kneeling and crawling, Praise, Orgasm Control, Pegging(Futas are welcome) Collars and a few more! (None of these are non-negotiable. I'm good with not including the ones you don't like and are not interested in into our role-play)

Limits: Vomit, Piss, Shit, Vore, Animals, Underage stuff, Literally anything dick-hole related (Sounding)

I can role-play in threads or in pm's. I definitely prefer those two options to outside sites like discord though, sorry.

I'm not too picky about post length. I tend to just match what my partner delivers or write more if needed. I don't mind any length as long as it's not constant one sentence replies; You have to give me something to work with.

I don't mind waiting a little for replies either. I understand you might be busy in real life, have different role-plays to reply to and it might be overwhelming or maybe you're just not in the mood for role-playing. That's all fine, please just try to tell me if you're going to be gone or if you're not interested in the role-play anymore' I understand, It happens, No hard feelings. I'm politely asking you to please not just ghost me.

I can reply a few times a day, it really just depends on how long our replies are because longer posts take me more time to write and can be a little draining. I will definitely reply at least once a week regardless of the length as long as I don't have something going on in my life and if I do, I'll make sure to tell you.

Also, If you want to talk outside of brainstorming ideas for the role-play, that's cool. If you want to keep it strictly about the role-play, that's fine too.

Yeah, I think that's all; Hope to find some great partners soon!
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