Dark Fantasy Gay Original Zeta's Literate RP Search! (Seeking Dominant or Switch Males!)


Jan 4, 2019
Looking for literate and long-term partners hopefully.

I know I have a thread in other sections, but I feel this section is for more experienced and literate players? Figured I'd try my hand here as well. Some people might only be looking in this section after all and it would give me practice at a more literate approach than usual.

I'm a pretty big fan of romantic stuff. Dark and sweet, adventure, fantasy, ect. I heavily prefer long-term story driven plots over sex driven. I'd like to think I'm fairly open minded with things. If interested, just ask. The worst I can do is decline, right?

I should mention, I say USUALLY bottom/sub because that's what I'm more comfortable with. As a sub I also like to take the initiative to switch things up and keep it interesting.

I'm a fairly literate role player who enjoys a good story along with the smut. I can easily churn out 2+ paragraphs depending on what my partner gives me. You do not need to be a grammar god because neither am I. All I ask is that I can understand what you are writing.

Post Length - I would prefer to be at least two paragraphs if not more. And help me build the plot a little. We can build something great together. However if it feels like I'm not contributing too much then please let me know how I can contribute. I do get nervous thinking about whether or not my ideas are good and that kinda makes me just go along with other people's ideas. Just let me know if I start to do that.

Posting - I'm open to Threads or Discord. I will not do it over PMs.

BUT, please PM me if you are interested in my ideas instead of replying to the thread. That would be great.

I will try to post everyday and even more than once a day but I do have a guild and a game life so sometimes I get roped into something.

I love to talk with my partner beforehand to flesh everything out and get an idea of where exactly we are going with the plot.

If you want to drop please let me know. Or if there's something we could change up to keep the interest going let me know. Seriously, I'm not a very confident person to begin with and it's soul crushing to be wondering whether or not my partner is enjoying themselves. And on the flip side, if you need to take a break for real life reasons then let me know. It's fine, there's no real rush just let me know so I don't feel as if you dropped. We all got lives and sometimes that interferes with fun.

Things I'm Not Interested In
Slice of Life, One Shots, Toilet Stuff, Furs

Things I'm Interested In
Long-Term Roleplay, Adventure, Fantasy, Dark and Sweet, Magic, Original Characters, Multiple Characters, Story-Driven

Things That Are Possible And Plot Dependent (Only Certain Plots Contain These)
Hard Noncon themes, Mpreg, Bad Ends, Limited Torture, Rape, Humiliation, Drugs and Aphrodisiacs, Slave/Master, Athro, Sex-Driven, Corruption, Love/Hate, Fight Sex

Whether I’m up for more extreme kinks or Noncon is entirely plot dependent. Since a lot comes from my story worlds there are some pairings or ideas that offer things I normally wouldn’t go for.

Okay, now for something I've taken to doing because I feel it gives a better idea of what I'm capable of. Here will be some examples of my work. I'm not opposed to removing any of these at my partner's request of course if they don't want me to use it. Just let me know. (Post Length is obviously variable depending on my partner)

Link to Thread (Hard to tell who is who since they are all TEST user, but my character is Asimov)
Asimov waited for Cecelia's voice before moving, yet Abel was quicker and he had to settle for defending. Throwing both arms up he managed to block the first kick. The technique was very similar to the one that caught him off guard back in that library. The impact made him grunt as he was pushed back a little. His eyes were glued to Abel's body as he tried to read what he was doing.

Squatting at that distance was surely to be a windup for another leap. This time it was multiple kicks but just as easy to read once he knew what to expect. Looking back briefly revealed that he had been pushed quite a bit. The rules were simple. He just couldn't get pushed past the edge. Staying on the defensive wouldn't do him much good if he wanted to win. Abel's provocation made him growl a little.

This time he calculated where Abel would land as he jumped back a little. As soon as Asimov's feet touched down he lunged forward with a punch that was easily evaded. He wasn't anywhere near as skilled when it came to physical combat such as this, but he was a fairly quick study. Intentionally leaving himself open, Asimov watched the way Abel moved. He used his arms to block this one before stepping to the side in a more advantageous position considering how close he had been to the edge.

It looked as if Abel was putting a lot of strength in his legs to lift off. Asimov attempted something similar, a clearly cheap version of whatever Abel was doing. He didn't know the specifics of how Abel was using his muscles so he couldn't replicate the kicks nearly as well. Not only this, but the fact that he had no real technique of his own meant that there were quite a few holes in his defense that left him wide open at certain times. Mostly when he was landing.

This gave Asimov and idea. What if he struck when Abel landed? He knew it would only work once considering Abel's skill, but getting one hit in would be more satisfying than scratching his head over how he should do this. Asimov waited for the next strike, allowing it to slightly graze his leg so he could be in a favorable locations relative to the retainer. There was no time to waste. Asimov lifted his right leg and swung it at Abel's side in hopes of hitting him before he could prepare another kick.

Link to Thread (Hard to tell who is who since they are all TEST user, but my character is Kaiser)
Kaiser blinked. He wouldn't deny that Galen had a point. "You are correct, but I will not be dissuaded. To let you go would be welcoming investigations to my doorstep in the inevitable turn of events after your release. You'll tattle on me because you believe it the moral and just thing to do." he explained. Morality in general was in the eye of the beholder. Everyone had different views. "You speak of morality as if were a definitive concept." he countered. "To some, the morally just consequence for theft should be the loss of their hands. Others believe the just punishment to be life in prison. Some believe it 10 years, others believe it 2. With so many different views, who is to say exactly what is moral?" he asked with a raised brow. It was a silly concept. "Like all intelligent designs in this world, they weren't intended. We as humans evolved out of necessity. This evolution has made us capable of complex thought and society. Each society in this world has a different moral compass. Some societies believe women to be of lesser value and require that they hide their face and submit to men. Tell me Galen, how do you know which moral compass is the true one?" Feelings were irrelevant. Even courts decided to rule out of facts rather than sensation. Galen's morals were of a sensational kind.

After thinking for a moment, Kaiser shrugged. "I don't expect you to, no. But I expect you to be smart enough to know when you've been beat and simply go along with it. You can't tell me you have no self preservation instincts whatsoever." he said with a raised brow. If that were the case, then Galen was a defective human being. "Again, whether or not I am corrupt is completely irrelevant. The fact is that if I let you go, you will run off and tell the big bad scary cops what I'm doing. MY self preservation instincts say that this is a most undesirable outcome, and so I cannot let you go."

Kaiser decided that he was through trying to reason with the boy. "I am going to be very good to you today. I will present to you a choice of drugs. I will tell you their effects, and you can choose one. Experience for yourself what these concoctions can do. They are temporary and the choices I will give you have been used and proven, so it won't be a mystery." This said, the male walked off to he tray and opened a drawer that was padded with styrofoam and contained an assortment of vials that were labeled with numbers. He set them on the tray as he awaited Galen's response.

Link to Thread
Maverick stepped back when Maru grabbed the rifle and was ready to watch, but was surprised when the other pushed it into his hands. He set his own gun down somewhere and held the rifle carefully. It was heavier than he was used to, that was for sure. It looked lighter than it actually was. Just the condition of the gun made it clear that it was special. "Yeah, I did say that." he spoke up almost as if he were unsure about this. There were plenty of guns here, and definitely ones that weren't as special that he could be using. "You sure I can use this?" he asked.

It seemed like that was what Maru wanted so he didn't question it further. He just didn't want to somehow ruin it, however unlikely that was. Maverick held it up and positioned himself as instructed while the other assisted him. Holding it steady was a lot harder due to the weight, and he aimed carefully for one of the further targets. The scope was a nice touch, certainly not a cheap or standard one, but he expected as much considering the knack Maru had for making these things.

Once he was sure he was properly aimed, Maverick pulled the trigger. Maru wasn't kidding about the recoil either. His whole body was effected by it, but having Maru there behind him helped a lot. Looking through the scope once more he noted that he hadn't hit dead center. "Hmm..." he sounded as he got ready to try again. It took three tries before he succeeded and decided it was time to try one of the harder targets that was really far out there.

Maru's instruction was quite helpful and it would have likely taken him a bit longer otherwise. Once he was ready to shoot he pulled the trigger once more, his body jerking back a little from the force of the shot. When he went to check he found that he completely missed. "What the fuck?" he muttered, searching for where he hit only to find nothing. That was certainly strange. His next attempt was the same, and it left him feeling rather sore, metaphorically. He wasn't that bad at aiming was he?

His next shot also missed, but he caught where he ended up hitting. The ground. How the hell was he shooting the ground? Maverick let out a growl of frustration as he aimed once again, and this time he understood why. The gun in his hands felt heavier than before, and suddenly it slammed into the ground bringing him along with it. "Fuck!" he said as his body crashed into the ground painfully. He released his grip on it instinctively and looked around. There was nothing out of the ordinary. He felt pretty bad about the fact that Maru's precious gun was likely scratched up now. Maverick started to get up only to end up toppling to the ground once more. He couldn't see it, but he knew that prick was around here somewhere. Probably giggling like a fucking hyena at him.

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The mockery only fueled the fire in his eyes as he glared at Khan. "I don't smell that bad. You just wanted a fucking excuse to throw me in, like you actually needed one." he seethed. The moment Khan approached his belongings he mentally slapped himself. He was so busy being pissed off that he hadn't even considered that just being here with this nut job was actually dangerous. Now that Khan has his gun he quieted down. As it was aimed Maverick closed his eyes and brought his arms up to shield himself only to hear a pretend shot. That brief moment of fear gave way to even more anger. Khan was still mocking him.

"Doing such mundane and supposedly enjoyable things won't make me stronger. They won't bring me closer so what's the fucking point?" he asked roughly. There was no point. Not even eating food that actually tasted good could bring him any form of joy. Again Khan aimed at him and as he started to react there was nothing. Right, Khan was just trying to get him going, trying to rile him up, and it was working. After the third shot which he didn't even react to this time, Maverick grew really tired of this.

There was a slight hint of unease when the gun was placed under his chin. Any sort of mistake could result in his brains decorating the lake. Swallowing hard, Maverick leaned into the wall of the pool warily. "You're not funny." he stated flatly, his vibrant green eyes watching carefully as Khan licked the barrel of his gun like a madman. Once that tongue finally reached Maverick's chin he reflexively jerked his head away. "I have a feeling that I don't want to know what your other interests are. Especially if they involve me." The proximity between them was almost nonexistent now and his breathing was a lot heavier. Khan was far too close to him for his liking, especially when you add the fact that he was also naked.

Link to Thread (Hard to tell who is who since they are all TEST user, but my character is Cyrus)
Cyrus saw something coming closer and determined that it was probably the creatures face. This was confirmed by the licking as he attempted moving his head away but failing miserably. At least it sounded pleased. The fingers finally removed themselves, giving him a brief moment of respite. It was short-lived as he felt himself being positioned lower. He knew exactly what that meant and he wasn't too thrilled about it. Strangely, this creature seemed affectionate. He couldn't help but wish he had his glasses to see it.

Once he felt that thick heat against his entrance, Cyrus squirmed a little. Protesting was meaningless at this point, so he merely braced himself instead. Cyrus closed his eyes tightly at the burning sensation of being stretched, slowly but surely. He was gritting his teeth as the organ slowly made progress until it was sheathed within him completely. He wanted this to end, but part of him wanted it to continue. He was given some time to adjust before the apparition began to move, eager to get into a rhythm. Once his prostate was hit he let out a needy groan. Just like yesterday, the chamber was filled with nothing but the sounds of their bodies moving together. Each thrust became smoother due to the secretions which further made it bearable for him.

He couldn't think straight anymore, all he wanted was more of this blinding pleasure. With the addition of that hand now pumping him, Cyrus couldn't stop moaning and squirming in the creatures grasp. This really shouldn't have felt as good as it did. "More." he mumbled, low and barely audible, too ashamed to say it any louder.

Link to Thread
It didn't take long for them to get a rhythm started, Asimov's left hand steady but slow. Everything was quickly becoming too much for him. The sounds they made together, the way Rafael looked right now, he couldn't stop himself from speeding up. His length was dripping within his grasp, only aiding him in his pursuit of pleasure. Again he could hear that foreign word that he didn't quite understand, but judging from the way it was said, it wasn't very important.

Each time he felt that heat strike against his prostate only drove him higher. By now, Asimov was familiar with this. The fact that Rafael was moving faster, he tried to sync himself up with it, his hand gliding ever faster across his swollen flesh. He was so close. Another moan left him, his whole body wrung tight with desire. It only took a few more tugs before he managed to finish, his hand becoming a total mess. Rafael followed shortly after, and he was finally allowed to rest his leg.

Asimov was trying to catch his breath as he was pulled close, those words only making him groan. "Yes." was all he managed to say, his voice heated and breathless, although this time he pulled away a little and shoved Rafael back onto the bed. They were still connected, and Asimov spread his legs on both sides of Rafael's hips, his hands pressed down firmly on the others chest as he took a moment to compose himself while taking in the sight beneath him. It was simply a whim, but he leaned forward and sealed their lips with a kiss. All the while, he used his legs to lift up until only the tip remained. There was a pause and then he allowed gravity to pull him back down, feeling that thick heat filling him up with a moan.

His eyes were full of desire, deepening the kiss and he repeated the motion once again. His body shook a little as he continued, pushing back so he could look the other in the eyes. He impaled himself over and over, taking a pause each time to keep it slow, teasing. His hands raked across that broad and powerful chest, several angry red lines left in their wake. He hadn't quite broken the skin, but it was close.

Asimov's mind was swimming with thoughts about just how crazy he felt right now. After all, he had never imagined himself as the type to take control like this. Rafael's previous release made this a very easy task, easily sliding up and down his shaft. Each time he came down caused him to let out a small moan, that ring of flesh tightening a little each time he did this. He took a moment to lick his dry lips as he slowed down. "Do you want more?" he asked lightly, echoing the question from before.

Those are good examples of my work. Sometimes I post less and it's all really dependent on what's going on in the RP.

As for the NSFW type things, how detailed I am depends on my partners level of detail. I'm not comfortable going into tons of detail otherwise as I fear maybe my partner wouldn't want that much detail in such scenes.

Kinks It's a WIP. If you don't see something on there and are curious just ask.

Kinks I will absolutely not do!
Toilet Stuff, Vore, Sexual Gore, Underage, Mutilation, IRL Pictures, ect.

Death and Gore is cool and all, but not to the extreme and not on main characters please unless stated otherwise.

Dirty Talk - An extreme maybe. I don't find it attractive at all.

Now, let's get to the good stuff.

All plots are negotiable, if you want to add to them or change aspects of them I'm up for that as well. After all, RP is a team effort, we should be building the stories together!

Should note that I'm not opposed to doing the same ideas with different people because it always unfolds differently from person to person and I find that interesting. Don't be intimidated by the walls of text. These are very flexible I just tend to throw everything I think of in there.

I will leave a number next to each plot name to show how many people are doing it with me at the moment. You can still pick those of course, but we’ll need to spice it up to keep it different and interesting.


Jan 4, 2019
Apoc Universe Plots
Modern Fantasy, Supernatural Powers, Adventure, Many Varying Themes, ect.
Modern Fantasy plots that take place in one of my story worlds.
Mostly focuses on possible pairings of the main character with other various loose depictions of pairings.
There's a lot of pairing types here, including Noncon among other things depending on the pairing.
YC can be whatever you want really as long as the main plot is loosely upheld. There is a lot to offer in terms of themes here.
And again, nothing is final. I go overboard with detail in my ideas, but you can throw whatever twist you want on it. It’s better when planned together.
* Means it is a plot I'm currently interested in, but I will do any of them.
Information about this Universe for those who are curious.
Below are just ideas. If you like the world and have a different idea you wish to pitch at me, feel free.

Picking up the Pieces (1) *
Modern Fantasy, Hurt and Comfort, Dark and Sweet, Romance, Story Driven, ect.

This is a fluffier paring and considered my one true pairing. Based on one of the pairings in one of my own story universes since I'm craving this particular pairing, but I will dull it down to be easier to get into. I will love you if you accept this one even if it is a bit constrictive. It will take place after all the stories main events conclude simply to make it simpler. Unless you want the real plottier stuff.

I will say, if you are willing to go with this, I will love you forever. I love getting into different ideas for these two, I feel they go very well together. The moment I decided to pair them I instantly loved them. However, I feel pairing them together on my own in a story is simply not going to help me flesh out the characters since there wouldn't be any element of surprise. It would be too perfect and possibly unrealistic if everything goes exactly the way I want it to after all.

The idea: Maru is living a normal life now that the war is over yet he never knew what became of Maverick after. One night at the bar he notices someone familiar and can't really believe his luck. A chance meeting. Maverick had been in town for no real reason, just one of his stops as he wanders around looking for a reason to live. Of course Maru approaches casually so as not to startle him and maybe buys him a drink. They talk, and Maru ends up offering to let him stay at his place for now.

The war is over of course, and Maru struggles to figure out a way to integrate the young man into society, into a normal life. Most of all, he wants to keep him close so there won't ever be that uncertainty of whether or not he'd ever see him again.

If you decide Maru has been attracted for a few years, perhaps he doesn't ever say anything out of fear of permanently pushing Maverick away. We could come up with some situation which ends up revealing it however, and Maverick ends up reluctantly accepting this confession. (Maverick has been attracted to Maru for a long time but he didn't really know it because he was too consumed by hatred to bother with identifying any other vague feelings.

There are many ways we can go about it, it's up to preference. I'd say a slow burn story with vanilla kinks at the start.

An older man, possibly 30’s to Kate 30’s Maybe early 49’s. Up to you really. Although in the past he wanted to be a father figure to Maverick he was largely rejected in that manner so he simply supported him from the side. Maru can easily differentiate between the battlefield and reality. He's very understanding of Maverick's issues and only wants to help him lead a normal life now that the war was done and over. He has a habit of smoking and used to be into tinkering with guns and the like, even going as far to create his own. Whether he still has that hobby or not is up to you.

Hell, you can make up all sorts of stuff about him, there's a lot of things that are untold and will simply be up to you. Why is he single? How is the relationship between him and his son? What ever happened to his wife? Did she die, was she cheating on him? What was his life like before the war? During the war? What kind of food does he like? Other hobbies? Maybe certain events of the war left him with mental scars? What does he do with his life now? Go crazy. It’s your character after all.

Although it doesn't have to be extensively integrated, Maru was one of the leaders of the group that opposed the Star Signs during the war and they eventually won. He is no stranger to the battlefield in that sense.

When he grew attracted to Maverick doesn't matter, it's up to you.

There can be drama as well as fluff considering Maru does have a son. The boys name is up to you. He resents Maru a lot because he felt abandoned when Maru left him alone during the war years ago(as a means to keep him uninvolved.)

You don’t even really have to read as it will be revealed over time. It’s nust there if you’re curious.
A 23 year old who has a lot of problems stemming from his past. Originally he was an experiment of Delta Union, albeit a failed one. He lost his memories in this experiment and was trained in combat at the age of 15 for use one the battlefield against the rebellious factions that opposed the Star Signs. This is where he met Maru, who spared his life under the pretext that he was far to young to be wielding a gun to begin with. Although Maru had encouraged a peaceful path for him, Maverick was unable to follow it due to his deep seated hatred for Sagittarius. To that end, he sought revenge and eventually achieved it, possibly at a very high price for him.

Maverick was so tunnel-visioned on his vengeance that he hadn't considered what would come after, even going as far as not caring if the vengeance killed him as long as he succeeded. Because of this, he lost any sense of direction and purpose after this vengeance had concluded. He helped with the rest of the war, but afterward he was left wandering aimlessly from place to place in search of something. What that something was, he didn't really know.

Hatred was all he'd known up until now, and although he has mellowed out of this cycle he is still lost. Anti-social to a fault, he only ever trusted Maru and no one else. He's not as broken as he used to be, but he is still developing as his own individual fragment.

Maru doesn't know this, but Maverick is one piece of someone who ceased to exist during the experiment. He split into three people who each embodied a part of who he originally was. Not even he knew this until very late in the war when Divine (one of the fragments) eventually tells him. This explains why he was so broken to begin with. Over all these years however, each piece has slowly developed into their own individual person. This means he will be capable of love if it is somehow shown to him. Only one of these fragments retains his memories, a childish one that is stuck living in the past unable to understand that the future is now and that he no longer has the life he once had.

I feel we can play on this memory thing considering there is a very basic form of memory. Maybe Maverick will start to grow confused because of mundane things he had never paid attention to before, like knowing the rules to board games he has never touched in his life.

Maverick is typically an abrasive individual who shuns all form of contact from others. This is rooted deeply to a vague sense of betrayal. (This feeling is part of a baser memory, vague yet there. Sagittarius betrayed him in the past by offering to help those who were hurt in an event in his home town but instead kept Maverick and used him in his experiments. Maverick doesn't know the details, but that feeling lingers and makes him wary of others, aside from Maru of course.)

I've tried to simplify the plot significantly for better compatibility, although if you want something far plottier then I'm up for switching it to take place during the war. In that particular case I can give you a much more detailed summary with more information if a super plotty RP with adventure is more your thing.

This can be dark or light, preferably both I guess. We can change is anyway you want, it’s just a base idea.

Picking Up the Pieces (Alternate) (0) *
Modern Fantasy, Hurt and Comfort, Dark and Sweet, Romance, Adventure, Fighting, Supernatural Powers, Story Driven, ect.
This one is a lot plottier as it would be in the main story. Thinking it starts during the war while the conflicts are still ongoing, and YC runs into MC once again. WIP Placeholder. Planning to put the more adventure based one here with fighting and other interesting stuff.

Was thinking like the above, but during the war so it would be a lot more involved with many characters and lots of conflict. Whatever we want to go for really.

Siren’s Song (0) *
Modern Fantasy, Possible Romance, Story Driven, ect.

A sweeter pairing but can be a little dark if we want.

Due to the nature of this this pairing, I’m not opposed to YC being more of a switch leaning sub for this. Or he can be a dominant character, either is fine.

Maverick (MC) is on a ship crossing back to the mainland when a rather unnatural storm hits. He has his suspicions on who was responsible but no real proof. The storm causes the ship to rock violently, and MC along with most of it’s passengers get tipped off. The storm makes survival very unlikely.

Of course this is where YC comes in. YC is a beautiful man who is aquatic. I thought maybe scales on most of his body or you maybe you’d like to choose. Just some humanoid sea creature I suppose. He is fascinated in humans and often watches them. Of course he was present for the storm, and upon witnessing MC drowning decides to save his life and take him home.

This can go anywhere really. My main idea was that he is the other half of Pisces, a cruel man who experiments on aquatic life. His power is more of a curse for him because he has two consciousnesses within him. There is him, and YC. YC is unaware of this however and although there are gaps in his memory he pays it little mind. YC only knows of the sea.

The curse here is that Pisces is required to relinquish equal amounts of time between him and YC. When YC is in control his appearance changes quite a bit and he is unaware of anything that YC does.

This could cause some interesting twists later if we go with this. It’s interesting because Pisces is cruel and YC is kind. Polar opposites sharing the same body. Feel free to throw in any ideas you might have, or if you want to go with something different for YC.

Fire and Ice (0) *
Modern Fantasy, Noncon to Con or perhaps Dubcon, Possible Petplay, M/S, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.

This is another idea from one of my established story worlds but is pretty loose. Themes are hurt and comfort, master/slave to an extent, noncon which eventually turns to con, ect. I’m looking for something dark and sweet.

Basic premise would be that Gemini (YC), is the boss of a group of bad guys. I can detail more later if interested of course, but let’s keep it simple for now. He is tired of hearing reports about Maverick (MC) meddling in affairs that don’t concern him. Since he was Sagittarius’ experiment from years ago, he deems it only fair for Sagittarius to deliver the man to him. (Alternatively YC could go after him on his own)

Gemini is only his rank and what everyone call him among the Star Sign organization. When he was young he was merged with his twin sister as a result of a nuclear reactor near his hometown blowing up. (Those with a genetic mutation gain powers when exposed to radiation, and this was his part of his power). Both him and his twin sister now share a male body. Their original goal was to separate, and perhaps it still is.

The male has the power to wield fire, a result of his fiery passion and anger. The female has the power to wield ice, a result of her cold and cruel heart. (You can change this if you want, since they will be your characters. Their power can be whatever you want, along with their personalities.

This is the basic idea, that the male eventually grows to like MC a little even if he sees him as a pet of sorts, whereas the female steadily hates him. A tug of war between sides at MC’s expense.

Of course they can take turns being in control of the body, and for short periods of time they can separate on rare occasion, and for limited amounts of time. I like to think the brother really cares about his sister but really that’s up to you. Names, appearance, backstory, whatever you want. Gemini is only a rank after all.

I’ve detailed Maverick’s basic idea in the Picking up the Pieces plot, but I don’t know how to copy pasta on mobile.

So we have a noncon theme here with possible punishment, master/slave, pet play (collar and leash, but no animal nonsense) and perhaps stockholm. MC will grow to like the male part of YC, but he will fear the female part. If there are other themes you want to see in there just ask and we’ll see what we can do.

Perversion (1) *
Modern Fantasy, Noncon into Con, Love/Hate, Rivalry, Fight Sex, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.
MC and YC are constantly running into each other and hate one another, but are mysteriously drawn to each other. They always fight, but over time these encounters become rather sexual.

Ok, if that’s interesting enough I’ll get into details. Unknown to either of them initially, they are both individuals that broke apart during an experiment. They are fragments of the same person and represent differing parts. MC is the fragment of hatred, whereas YC is the fragment of insanity. Neither have memories of their past before the experiment so they don’t know their real name and they don’t know that they are essentially the same person. That’s why they are drawn together and why a twisted sort of relationship grows between them.

MC has no power at all, he’s ordinary but knows how to wield a gun. After escaping Delta Union by mere chance, he has a singular hatred toward the man who experimented on him, Sagittarius. He has sworn to kill him someday, but currently lacks the power to go so. He is loosely affiliated with the rebel faction that opposes the Unions. Consumed by hatred and vengeance.

YC has a supernatural power. He was kept by Sagittarius and trained to carry out various tasks that benefit their group. Of course he must obey as Sagittarius is far stronger than him. YC is one of the higher ranked individuals under Sagittarius. After one chance encounter with MC, YC becomes fascinated by his unwillingness to give up even when the odds are heavily stacked against him. Most people who don’t have power would run and flee for their lives, but MC is different. YC lets him live out of this interest.

They strangely seem to cross paths often after this, as if drawn to one another as YC grows a twisted sort of attraction to MC. The only problem is that they are on opposite sides, good and bad. And little do either of them know that their strange gravitation is due to their unique connection.

I think it would be interesting plot wise if eventually MC catches Sagittarius’s attention and YC has to make the difficult decision of whether or not to obey his orders.

This could go any number of ways really. We’ll slowly flesh out a story together.

YC can have whatever power you want. Backstory is up to you. My only requirement is that he be a little crazy.

Apocalyptic Fallout (0) *
Modern Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic World, Possible Zombies, Story Driven, ect.
This is a different take on this world. Alternate Universe I guess.

It had been about a year since the bombs went off. One became two and two became four, a war instigated by the Unions. It started off mild, just them against the government, but eventually it spiraled out of control and other countries got involved.

First one should understand how this all started.

People feared those known as Ability Users. People with a genetic mutation that allowed them to manifest supernatural power from radioactive exposure. The Unions were made up of such people, people with power.

At first they were secret, no one really knew about them. As their numbers grew the secret could no longer be kept. Ability Users were not taken kindly to, and this was why. The Unions were a terrible first impression for their kind.

The Unions were a cluster of organizations under the command of Gemini. The Star Signs were the highest ranking members with Gemini being on top.

With the Unions now in power over the land, everyone knew what they were. They had groups across the globe, but the main forces of their organization was stationed on one continent. The Unions were common knowledge now. There were five of them.

Delta Union, lead by Sagittarius. They were a group of scientists specializing in radiation based power through human experimentation. They even had contacts in human trafficking groups for this purpose.

Gamma Union, lead by Capricorn. They control the political aspect of things. They made the laws and Zeta Union upheld them.

Zeta Union, lead by Libra. The punishment forces. They are like the police, but not as kind nor fair. Libra acts as the grand judge of the court system.

Sigma Union, lead by Aries. Their group creates weapons. They also regulate who gets to sell weapons and who gets to buy them.

Theta Union, lead by Leo. Similar to Delta Union, but they research abilities related to transformation.

These Unions make up the current government. As for the world itself, it is largely a wasteland but there are still some cities barely standing. They serve as the main settlements and are inhabited primarily by Ability Users due to the lingering radiation. Many get vaccines yearly to keep stable or risk their bodies rejecting their power and dying as a result.

Some normal people live there or in smaller settlements. These are people who couldn’t make it to Eden. Normal people out here are more often than not sickly, though some have good resistance and live longer lives.

As for Eden, it is one of many places shielded from the radiation. Eden is home to ordinary people with no potential for power. It was founded by the rebel group during the war. The rebels opposed the Unions and everything they stood for. Eden is protected by them. It is a brilliant land where grass grows green and the air and water is pristine and pure, and the land fertile.

So the world is set. I don’t mind the addition of zombies as a sort of thing that happens to ordinary people who get too irradiated if zombies is your thing.

I’m thinking it’s a pretty dark and desolate world and only the main cities are protected, the rest of the land lawless.

As for pairing, I guess just make up a character. I’ll probably play as one of this Universe’s OCs. You can discuss and throw out ideas for it as well. I kinda thought this whole setting up on the spot. I usually play a specific OC for these plots but who knows. Maybe I’ll try different one, depends on how we plan it out.

The Sweetest Poison (0)
Modern Fantasy, Noncon, Drugs and Aphrodisiacs, Possible Noncon to Con, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.
Like the above plot, it’s kinda based on my own stuff but a lot looser. Themes will be noncon that eventually becomes con, aphrodisiacs and drugs, ect. Pretty smutty. Hoping that this slowly grows into a relationship or something even if it’s purely sexual.

So MC (Maverick) sees something he shouldn’t, perhaps a drug deal or something run by YC. Alternatively YC could see him at a bar and recognize him as the one Sagittarius keeps bitching about and decides to spike his drink and take him home to his lab.

YC is the rank Scorpio, but his name is whatever you want. He specializes in poisons and runs a side business dealing in drugs that enhance or manipulate the body and mind. (Not mind control of course.) So YC decides to use MC as an unwilling guinea pig for these drugs.

I personally like the idea of him being super scientific, explaining what his creations do. Maybe even emotionless seeming at first and only seeing the world through perfect logic. Maybe he eventually comes to like MC? It’s up to you, really.

Think like enhanced sensitivity, temporary lactation, increased sexual stamina and desire, sensory manipulation, whatever you can think of as long as it isn’t in my hard no list.

Carnal Desire (0)
Modern Fantasy, Animal Transformation, Noncon, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.

Again, another shameless pairing that I want to explore. This will be the only idea of mine that involves an animal because that’s just how this pairing works.

Leo (YC) is a high ranking ability user who runs the Theta Union, a group which researches animalistic powers. He is the only one out of the group capable of a full transformation, mostly owing to his highly animalistic appearance in human form. Think like ears, tail, ect. If you want to use a different animal then I’m cool with that, but the original idea was a lion or a rather large cat.

You can pitch an idea of how they meet, or we can go with my original idea of Maverick (MC) heading through a wooded area on his way to his next destination only to be assaulted by an animal with strangely specific desires.

You could remain as an animal for a while to keep MC on his toes, or reveal yourself, it’s up to you this plot can go wherever. Just keep in mind that MC isn’t going to be keen on sticking around unless you force him to. (He’s kind of against YC’s group anyway as they are on opposite sides, even if YC might not be such a bad person. Or maybe he is. Entirely up to you.)

Judgement and Balance (0)
Modern Fantasy, Noncon, Sweet or Rough Corruption, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.

Another interesting pairing idea I had. Probably noncon and maybe themes of corruption.

Libra (YC) is the leader of Zeta Union, a group of ability users focused of punishing other ability users. For Libra, he got his rank due to his power of the scales of judgement. He can use his power to judge opponents based on their alignment with the seven deadly sins and punish them accordingly.

Of course since Maverick (MC) is against the Star Signs, Libra would judge him eventually even if he doesn’t have a unique power.

The idea was for him to be judged, but since he’s such a blank slate to begin with being heavily aligned to Wrath due to his singular hatred, Libra would feel this judgement to be unfair. As such, he makes it his mission to create a fairer judgement, even if it means corrupting MC into Lust in order to do so. After all, no one can be guilty of only a single sin.

How this all happens is up to you. It’s just a base idea that I found interesting. Libra’s real name and personality and everything about him is up to you.

Scream for Me (0)
Modern Fantasy, Noncon, Possible Bad End, Humiliation, Master/Slave, BDSM, ect.

This one is extremely noncon. For those who want a much crueler plot I guess. It’s all up for grabs as far as kinks are concerned aside from my hard no’s. Rape, humiliation, limited torture, all that jazz. This is a bit of a Bad End type thing where what if Sagittarius takes MC back? What is MC fails to get his revenge on him?

YC Sagittarius is a cruel man. Sagittarius is only his ranking among the Star Signs of course. He derives pleasure in the torment of others and runs the human experimentation division of the Unions. His goal is research on supernatural powers of course, but he’s up for a lot more.

His appearance, real name, even his power are all up to you. I see him as a sort of bipolar type of guy, happy one minute and downright pissed the next. His personality is up to you though.

MC is a failed project of YC’s from years ago. Since MC didn’t attain a power he was deemed useless. MC’s desire for revenge however has lead him to become a thorn in YC’s side. YC decides to take him back if only to use as a toy to sate his twisted desires.

MC is irrationally hateful and defiant. It will take a lot to break him in.

If you want less of a bad end type thing though you can come up with a happy ending? It’s whatever we make of it. Does MC get saved by someone or dies he continue to be YC’s pet for as long as he remains entertaining? It’s up to you.
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Sephoria Universe Plots
Fantasy, Fantasy Races, Adventure, Story Driven, ect.
Plots based in a Fantasy World of mine.
Keep in mind that though I throw tons of information in these, it isn’t final. We can make any changes we want, I just had an idea and threw out everything I had for it.
* Means it is a plot I'm currently interested in, but I will do any of them.

Information about this world for those who are curious.
Below are just ideas. If you like the world and have a different idea you wish to pitch at me, feel free.

Fiery Will (0)
Fantasy, Noncon, Possible Bad End, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.

Based on my Sephoria Story Universe. I have a link to my story worlds for explaining them, but this plot shouldn't require anything additional from what is listed here since it's sort of a Bad End type thing. I'm not opposed to it turning into something bigger, like maybe your own OC eventually rescuing him and falling for him, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. (Obviously my NO's list applies here too, however)

YC finally gets tired of Kosuke's shit and captures him, tormenting him through whatever means you may desire. You like that sort of thing? Read on, my friend.

An idea based on a story I thought up. A much darker one which can be taken in many different directions. Before you read on, it will be a darker sort of master/slave story. It's a what if the main villain actually decides to take the main character and have his way? (Thus preventing the adventure to gain the power required to stop him)

YC is the bad guy who has a tragic past in which he was too powerful to contain his magic and destroyed things on accident. People hated him for it and he grew very bitter. He would destroy entire villages and instill fear into the people of his world. But this isn't enough for him. To truly attain power, he must gain ownership over the divine swords which will grant him control over those respective elements as well as amplify those powers.

These swords are actually spirits, and they are guardians of the different worlds that exist. One for each element. They can only be wielded by those who are chosen, and YC will never be chosen due to his cruel heart. That only fuels him further, and he researches these swords in a hope to forcefully subdue them. His search takes him across the four worlds that exist, and the only means to pass over is to create large elemental anomalies to cause temporary rips in the very boundaries of these worlds, which can only be done in locations with heavy elemental instability. Inciting the tear is easy enough considering YC is quite elementally unstable himself.

In his search, he comes across information pertaining to the resting places of such swords. This is where MC comes in. YC finds the resting place in the human world, but cannot open it on his own. By a sheer chance of luck he happens to be there when Kosuke is there looking for a girl that ran off. The door to these ruins reacts to Kosuke, giving YC the idea of forcing him to open the door. Of course YC cannot obtain the sword as it in encased in flames. Instead, he forces Kosuke to reach in and grab it instead.

From this point, the sword spirit binds to MC, a phenomenon that cannot easily be undone unless the spirit wills it. Irritated with the outcome, he tells MC not to get comfortable, because he would be back for Pyroclasm. (The sword spirit that MC has no idea about)

This spirit goes on for a long time silently assisting in dangerous situations, an attribute that Kosuke assumes is an alternate personality. A strange journey is embarked upon by accident, leading Kosuke across the four worlds. He encounters YC numerous times, and each time Pyroclasm fights him out of sheer defiance. Even if Kosuke cannot match him, it doesn't matter. YC cannot kill Kosuke because doing so will cause the sword to revert to its impenetrable resting place once more, rendering it impossible to attain until another master just happens to come along.

YC eventually gets really tired of Pyroclasm's defiance and decides to capture Kosuke. At this point YC has found a way to limit Pyroclasm's powers significantly. He is at YC's mercy, and out of pure hatred he becomes YC's toy. The spirit will sometimes gain control, but it is laughably brief.

This is where we can take it in whatever path we want depending on how you wish do have things. Do we want a happy ending or not? I have several ideas here that could be worked out.

We could have it so YC subdues Kosuke's sword spirit to the point where it can just barely act. Powerless, Kosuke is at YC's mercy. Kosuke is pretty pathetic and sad, easily bending to YC's will. You could break him down to be the perfect save if you so wish it, or maybe you want a happy ending where YC falls in love with Kosuke? Or maybe other characters rescue Kosuke?

Or, we could be very mean. Maybe YC found a way to finally take the sword spirit out without triggering it to return to its resting place. In that case, YC can torture Kosuke to death. Then the sword spirit can be your primary toy. Maybe YC found a way to weaken him and allow him to take on a physical body. In this case, the sword spirit is not a whiny bitch. He will fight back and won't just bend to your will. With Kosuke dead, the spirit becomes Kosuke and you will have a very interesting toy that will fight back every step of the way.

Or perhaps you have another idea that we could work with? Depends on what type of slave you want.

So Kosuke (Main MC) is a pacifistic weakling that only gains strength through the interference of his strong-willed sword spirit Pyroclasm. On his own, he will be a whiny uke with very limited will to fight back.

Or we have Pyroclasm (Secondary MC) who is a very righteous spirit. Should YC kill off Kosuke and take Pyroclasm as his slave, this is where things can get fun. Since he no longer has to hold back in fear of his master's safety, he can now openly oppose YC at every turn. Originally he is holding back so that he won't cause his master further suffering, but with his master dead he will swear to kill YC.

If both sound interesting, we could always slowly take things along. So after a while YC can grow bored with Kosuke's wimpiness and eventually torture him to death to incite greater fury in the sword spirit?

Overall, if the idea interests you than PM me. We can modify things however we wish to make an interesting story.

Adventure Plot (Needs a Better Name) (0) *
Fantasy, Magic, Demons, Elves, Dragonians, Fantasy Races, Adventure, Story Driven, Romance, ect.
WIP. Now I did this back on Adonis like ten years ago??? Or something??? But I feel it would be interesting to offer again.

This is a quick write-up, but I will add more detail later. In a rush atm, lol.

Thinking this will be main story-ish. YC can be whatever you want him to be. Probably meets MC at some point and chooses to follow along with him. So we're looking at a long-term fantasy adventure with good and bad, fighting, magic, romance, ect. End goal would be stopping the bad guy, but we can make stuff up and build this story where ever we want it to go. Ideas on your part are encouraged. Let's build something neat together.

Here is a basic idea of the world. Nothing too in depth of course, but it states why the worlds are the way they are, and other background information about the world itself. If you have ideas you want to add, feel free to do so. I have a main idea of the actual story to an extent, but I don't want to spoon-feed a story here. I want us to make something different and unique together.

A Royal Pet (0)
Fantasy, Magic, Demons, Noncon or Con, Story OR Sex Driven, ect.
There are two versions to this I guess.

After somehow accidentally crossing Realms, MC (Kosuke) finds himself in a foreign world, the Demon Realm. Humans are uncommon here, but not as rare as Sephorians, since the difference between the two is that Humans can’t wield Magic whereas Sephorians can. Since Kosuke is a Sephorian, he is considered a rarity.

He is discovered by a demon who wants to earn favor with the royal family, and is forcefully brought in as a sort of gift. YC (Either the Demon Prince or the Demon King, it’s your call) receives MC as a gift of sorts, a pet. As Sephorians are rare he would be like a collectors item, an exotic pet. For this idea, YC can be any sort of demon you want.

The second idea is the same, only assuming there is seven princes, and he gets gifted to the Prince of Lust, an incubus.

Dragonic Bond (0)
Fantasy, Magic, Demons, Dragons, Possible Mpreg (If you want it, and if so, possible Alpha/Omega dynamics), Story OR Sex Driven, ect.
Another idea I came up with. In the Demon Realm there is a race of people called the Dragonians. They are characterized by long ears and a humanoid appearance, but have dragonic features as well such as black sclera to the eyes, scales in various places, possible claws, etc.

About Dragonians
Dragonians of a certain age undergo a ceremony to see if they are worthy of their ancestral power. Most Dragonians succeed, but there are a few who fail. Of those who fail, they are allowed to try each year until they succeed or give up. If they succeed, they are granted the power to transform into a complete dragon. (At birth, they are considered incomplete)

Some Dragonians sport more dragonic features than others. Some have more scales, while others might have a tail. The biggest tell is if their eyes have black sclera instead of white. The type of dragon one can become depends on the Aura they are born with. If born attuned to the element of Fire for example, one will have the form of a fire dragon and will breath fire.

Dragonians are considered by scholars as a failed evolution of the Dragon, hence their need to undergo the ceremony to gain their true power. Most wear the minimum requirement in clothing for convenience, as their transformation can easily tear it all to shreds. Very few Dragonians have the power to speak and understand the language of Dragons, and is something that cannot be learned, but must be had at birth. Real dragons still exist, but are few in number and live on Zorak Volcano.

Now that that’s out of the way, the plots is as follows. MC is a Sephorian who ended up accidentally traveling through an elemental rift and ends up in the Demon Realm. He is found by YC and taken in.

YC is a Dragonian of course. As for the plot...well there are a few things we could do. I thought this pairing up on the spot so I honestly don’t have much for it.

Maybe YC is looking for a suitable mate and comes across MC. Since MC is a Sephorian he looks human in most aspects but unlike humans he has the ability to wield the fire element. Possible Mpreg here? Maybe Dragonians can only take specific people as a mate, kinda like soul mates?

Should note that humans are exceedingly rare in the Demon Realm, let alone this particular type, so MC is a rare find.

Hell, I might even accept an Alpha/Omega sort of dynamic specific to Dragonians. Since MC is of a different race he is by default kinda like an Omega. But maybe it also has to do with soul mates so that is why YC really wants to keep MC? I’ve mever actually done an Omegaverse type RP before haha.

I’ll take any ideas you come up with.

World of Imbalance (0) *
Fantasy, Magic, Post Apocalyptic, Survival, Mythical Races, Possible Zombies, ect.
Since some people like post apocalyptic stuff I thought up another idea.

Background info on how the world became the way it is:
The world requires Balance. The elemental balance sustains the world, and imbalance can destroy it. Normally the Divine Sword Spirits of each Realm would mitigate such catastrophe as that is their purpose. The Divine Sword of Darkness called Umbra turned on the world and decided to seek a master as sow the seeds of chaos throughout the Realms. Secretive at first, he grew bolder and by the time anyone realized it it was far too late.

Umbra sought to cause extreme imbalance and messed up the elemental balance of the world itself. With imbalance, natural disasters can occur on a grand scale, and this is exactly what happened. To achieve it, he sought out his counter balance, the Divine Sword Spirit of Light and found a way to destroy her. This was a grave issue as the elemental balance shifted toward dark. To further this, Umbra went about finding ways of severing the Sword Spirits from their swords and destroying some. The Wind Spirit was destroyed in this struggle, further tipping this careful balance.

The four Realms were chaotic, disaster after disaster ravaging the worlds relentlessly with nothing to counter balance this shift in alignment. The highest elementals did the only thing they could, and restored the world as a whole. This was a very drastic measure as the worlds was split in four intentionally after discrimination and wars broke out among the races.

For the first time in a very long time, the world was whole. Even this wasn't enough to completely mitigate the consequences. The land was barren. So much was wrong with the elemental balance that the world could hardly sustain itself on an elemental level. Earth element for example would make the lands fertile, but the world as a whole was too big now. Water element purifies the water and is the source to rain. All of these imbalances added up and left the world devastated.

The ensuing disasters wiped nearly everyone out. There are some of each race still remaining, who build societies and scavenge the land for whatever they can use to survive. Many settlements have been made to house the remaining populations, and are peppered throughout the land. The Elemental Spirits that remain are trying to provide for the world and what's left of it, but only so much can be done.

An alternate idea for those who want zombies and darker stuff:
Perhaps the imbalance wasn't as severe and many people lived. The world was joined as a whole still. Umbra couldn't stand against the remaining Sword Spirits and instead sought to put the final nail in the coffin. He found a way to open the Void. An alternate Realm typically unaccessable that held only the blackest of hearts, souls deemed irredeemable and unable to remain in the reincarnation process. This dark world brought them to further madness. Umbra unleashed them upon the world, monsters who no longer had a heart. The people called them Zombies. Their pure hatred and resentment led them to the singular purpose of ruining this world.

They didn't operate off pure thought. No, these creatures would infect people with their tainted souls and blackened hearts. Those effected would slowly go mad, and these were the real zombies as they appeared human. The power of the Void magic left them undead, an aimless soul animating a dead body.

Typical zombie stuff ensued, many of the population succumbing to it. There were only so many normal people left, and the ones that remained were terrified. Races that hated each other now worked together to survive. Some lived alone and fended for themselves. There were only few places that were truly safe, some via magic. The darkness of this outbreak further tipped the scales of balance, but there were still those who made a living off hunting these monstrosities, determined to slowly rid the world of their presence.

Ok, we have two possible worlds here. YC can be whatever you want. Any Mythical race works, or even being human.

I am willing to play a dominant role if desired. Typically I'm bad with that, but I do have one character in mind that I feel I can properly portray as a top, although in this case he would be a nice one. I can't play abusive tops.

If any of this interests you, let me know.
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