Zeta's Reference, Fiery Will with Kira

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Jan 4, 2019
Fiery Will with Kira

Since we don't post often it's good to have a list so far so we can recall all the details we've thrown together as well as characters we have added.

Link to the World Thread.

(Picture isn't mine, I merely photoshooped the eyes. Is a good representation in lack of a satisfying picture of my own. I've only drawn him a few times in the past and I'm not too satisfied with them.)
My character. A Sephorian who was born in the Sephorian Realm but during a specific tragedy ended up sent through a rift to the Human Realm as a little boy. As such, he doesn't remember that world or that he's Sephorian. His native power is to manipulate fire, but the Human Realm has a different aural density which makes controlling his power here more difficult.

Found and raised by a human named Falman, he lived on his own now on the edge of a village called Lumine. He is friends with Koujaku of Pure Pallete, a hair parlor in the nearby town of Providence.

One fateful encounter with Latvia in Lumine Forest lead to him obtaining the Divine Sword of Fire, even if he doesn't realize it.

Latvia Redgrave
A Sephorian who was born with an exceedingly rare gift. He is aligned to all the elements, something they call the Omni Aura which was originally thought to be a myth. Due to this, his power is extremely hard to control and often causes disasters. After many years he learned of the Divine Swords, sentient Swords with a will of their own and a mastery over the elements. It is said that one who wields them gains amplified power and mastery over the element the sword reigns over. As such, he has made it his mission to obtain all six of them to stabilize his own power. Unfortunately, his heart is wicked and can never be chosen by the swords. He seeks a way to forcefully subdue them.

Lamia Redgrave
Latvia's younger brother. Has the Light Aura and a unique power to heal others at the cost of his own blood rather than the traditional sort of healing typically associated to the Light. He wants desperately to bring his brother to his senses but has continuously failed to do so. Unlike Latvia, Lamia is a kind person.

(The plan so far is that Lamia inherits Lumina instead of Kosuke, even though the group assumed that he would get it)

A hair stylist from the town of Providence. Is good friends with Kosuke. He is a Sephorian with the unusual power to manipulate both Water and Fire, when normally one is born only able to manipulate one element. Koujaku ended up in the Human Realm by accident when he ended up finding am unstable rift, but found his calling as a hair dresser for humans. Runs a place called "Pure Palette" in Providence which caters to hair dressing.

Has a policy where the first appointment is free. This is how he and Kosuke first met.

A human from the Human Realm. Falz found Kosuke in the forest as a child and has raised him ever since. The name Falz was simply a nickname that Kosuke gave him when he was little but the name just stuck. He raised Kosuke as if he were his own child, even going as far as moving out of the village to continue raising him since Kosuke's ability to control fire had caused many problems, and he never once blamed him for any of it. He knew that Kosuke was special and resolved to be there for him when he needed it. Falman is skilled with the sword.

Minor Character! (Possibly meeting in Alvarna as a side character)

Kudo is a man who runs the elemental mines. He developed the technology for using crystals in tech for everyone and sells them at the Market. Crystals need to be mined from the area around the Market where they keep popping up, as this particular location (where the Market is) is the location where crystals form. Miners would be hired to mine them from the three large mines around the Market. They are then given to Kudo, who sells them. To prevent theft, Kudo has dug special tunnels that lead from the closed up mines to the Market. If anyone tries to go any other way, there are certain traps that are activated (embedded crystals used to hurt or possibly kill whoever tries to go that way) and an alarm is sounded in that area.

He is a unique person, being half-sephorian and half-demon. As a result, he is attuned to two elements. Earth and Fire. Cade has a fairly decent grasp on both elements. He is also a very skilled chef and makes extremely delicious food. Cade's dream is to sample food/ingredients from every single part of the world and make dishes with them that he can serve to others. At the moment, he resides in Corvus but has been making plans to set off on a journey around the world and expand his experience with ingredients and food. When Kosuke's group arrives in Corvus, Cade is about to put his plans to leave into effect.

Cade also has a moral code of never fighting against a woman as he wants to become their prince. He is quite vulnerable when it comes to women, as that is his weakness. If they are a pretty woman, he ends up losing himself and will do anything they want without question, even volunteering himself to do things that he thinks they might like. Cade tends to fight with his feet and legs, as he wants to save his hands for cooking, as that is the most important thing to him. After all, if he hurts his hands, his dreams go up in smoke. His mother is sephorian and his father is a demon and they have a forbidden secret relationship.

Marie is an elf who was chosen by the Divine Sword of Wind. She has always been drawn to the woods and outside areas and was born attuned to the aura of Water. Marie loves to play with the leaves on the trees, the grass on the ground and everything in nature. She also has a knack to create lovely little breezes with her power that completely compliment the original dances she does in the woods, combining everything nature has to give at the same time. Marie tends to be carefree, naive and loves nature with all her heart. She currently lives in the elven realm.

He is the eventually the chosen wielder of the Divine Sword of Earth, Ragnarok. The sword is so powerful it is capable of tearing the earth asunder and reshaping it as the wielder sees fit, but only if the Spirit within it grants the wielder that level of control over it. At basic, the wielder gains the Aura of Earth and can use Earth Magic.

Gintoki can use all the elements, but only to a specific degree and it's because of the talismans he creates using a technique passed down by the people of Chamba. He is an exorcist for hire, specializing in fighting malevolent spirits so that they may pass on to the Spirit Realm.

Throughout his travels it is his goal to try out all the different types of alcohol available across all the worlds.

Captain of Pirate Ship. She prefers the term Treasure Hunter as she thinks Pirate sounds terrible.

One of the crew members of Terra's ship.

Minor character. Insignificant.

They look human aside from some vivid features. Unlike humans, Sephorians hail from a different realm and are born attuned to the elements and capable of using magic.

Elemental Crystals
Due to the humans inability to utilize magic, they instead have created technology. This technology utilizes elementally aspected crystals which dissipate when used up. They can be bought at the Market.

Technology in the Human Realm
The human world isn't super technological, but they have conveniences. Something similar to a cell phone that can contact others, or even water heaters and refrigerators. The elemental crystals can be considered akin to batteries. There are no cars or the like. In fact, the world itself can be considered almost medieval but not quite. There is electricity and lights, but again that is only thanks to the Elemental Crystals and the technology that utilizes them.

World Map
The tower in the middle exists in all four realms since that's what connects them.
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