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Jan 4, 2019
Love on the Battlefield with RainebowSplash

World Building Thread for this RP.

List is in Alphabetical Order.

Main Characters
Asimov Lacrosse - Raised by humans, but was forced to become a demi human to fight the demons. Happens to actually be the Demon King's lost son. Wields the element of Fire as well as the Spear of Light specific to his bloodline.

Sylas - General of one of the groups fighting the humans. Was saved by the King at one point and feels he owes him and has vowed his loyalty. Aligned to the Greed Sect and is of the Water element.

Side Characters
Doctor - No name yet, a demon with three eyes. His power is to heal by speeding up natural recovery of the body, but it leaves the patients very fatigued as if they haven't eaten in days.

Azazel - Leader of the Western Front of the demon army. Is a Pride demon who absolutely hates being in debt to anyone, and will do whatever he can to clear that debt immediately.

Doctor Darshe - A mad scientist on the human side responsible for the current Paladin project.

Doctor Miles - A Demonologist who oversees the general health of the military's demi humans. He feels bad for how they are treated. Often exchanges research notes with other divisions which makes him privy to many things.

Donte - Demon on the research team. He's the one who took over research on the Aegis and revealed just how dangerous this technology is due to the inclusion of Auracite into it's design.

Deimos - Demon who manages the camp's supplies.

Gabriel - One of the Paladins in Darshe's experiments. Was killed by Raziel.

Geneve - Demon on the Research Team. She is one of the heads here and loves to tinker with things. She will even deprive the others of whatever she is messing with if it interests her enough.

Huang - A demi human who is close to Asimov. They were part of the same group back on the human side. They've slept together quite a bit, but it was casual. Huang is a very loyal friend to Asimov and has decided to join the demon army to be closer to protect him. He is of the wind element.

Jorg - A demon who is the leader of the stealth group. He is of the dark element.

Luce - Demon who is of the Lust Sect and is a part of the "Camp Followers" that cater to those with lust. Despite being of the Lust Sect, he harbors a deep interest in technology and is second to Geneve in the research department. He is of the wind element.

Lucifuge - The demon king.

Lucifer - Has only been mentioned so far. Asimov's half brother, a full blooded demon prince who is the first case of anyone from Lucifuge's bloodline not inheriting the Spear of Light. I'm pondering the idea of his element being darkness and instead of a Light Spear, he might be able to create spears of darkness. I don't see him as a bad guy, but simply a selfish and misguided character. In the case of him being able to use dark spears it still creates an interesting case that will most likely cause him to fall out of favor when everyone learns of Asimov's light since the light is seen as more of a divine power. This darkness could have tties to Lucifer's mother perhaps, but she isn't alive anymore. The difference between Asimov and Lucifer could cause a lot of problems in the future due to Lucifer feeling threatened by the idea of a half blood having something he feels that he deserves to have.

Master - No name? Asimov's master. He was killed by Asimov.

Melinde - The illusionist sent over from one of the other generals as a favor for the Paladin information Asimov and Sylas passed on. Melinde is a Gorgon type demon with snakes for hair and a blindfold to prevent himself from petrifying people.

Milly - A demon with four? arms. He was assigned to guard Huang and they are friends now, although Luce has alluded that they could end up being more.

Mikhael - One of the Paladins in Darshe's experiments. Was killed by Raziel.

Mortin - An older demi human but not quite as old as Huang. He shows little emotion and was a part of Asimov's little group back on the human side.

Pony - An demon who is timid but can change form and is considered one of the best Fire elemental user's in Sylas' section of the army. He can change form and wield fire in a unique way, so far as a bow and arrow made of pure fire. (In his true form he looked different, he had dark gray skin that seemed cracked on his extremities were it seemed as though flame could be seen coming through. He had tall horse ears, tail, and a twisted silver horn.)

Raum - A mute demon who is considered one of the best Dark elemental user's in Sylas' section of the army. Although he cannot speak in his natural form, Rama can shift to look and sound like other people, like a perfect doppelganger.

Raziel - The only surviving Paladin with three elements. Is kept in a medically induced coma due to his crazed state of mind. Pretty much a berserker. His elements are Dar, Fire, and Wind.

Rider - A young demi human that was part of Asimov's group back on the human side. He's water aspected. Several years ago he lost his left arm in battle but it was sewn back on by the human doctors. It is not as responsive as before but it still functions.

Rose - A demon who is considered one of the best Earth elemental users within Sylas's section of the army. He can force vines to grow out of the ground on a whim. His name came from his flirtatious behavior in growing flowers to hand off to those he adores.

Tanya - A demi human who was a part of Asimov's group on the human side. Harbors a deep hatred for Asimov that is born out of jealousy over the fact that Asimov was their master's favorite even though she tried so hard to gain his attention. She's of the fire element. Probably will be aligned to Envy.

Tiz - A young demi human who has an intimate knowledge of human technology and security sustems. Was a part of the human military until Asimov ordered Jorg and his men to retrieve him.

Uriel - A Paladin from the human side who was tamed by Luce's power. Wields the Water and Earth elements due to the experiments the humans conducted attempting to make super soldiers by piecing the parts of different demons together in a frankenstein like manner.

Vicar - A full blooded demon that was part of Asimov's group on the human side. He has a soft spot for Rider. He is of the dark element. Thinking about it like that, dark means he could be a good addition to Jorg's team

Zandro - An older demon who looks to be sixty in human years and is considered one of the best Water elemental user's in Sylas' section of the army. His specialty is large-scale ice spells.

Other Things
Aura - Never really stated this, but it is one way of referring to the elements. Fire example, Asimov is of the Fire Aura, and Sylas is of the Water Aura. It is much older terminology that isn't used commonly today. This is where Auracite gets its name.

Auracite - Revealed to be a forbidden substance. One of the older demon kings forbid its usage due to the manner in which it works. It is an elementally conductive crystalline ore that naturally absorbs and stores elemental energies. This eventually became the basis of weapons forged with the ore that demons had used upon one another. Used in this manner, the weapon absorbs the mana of the body in an excruciatingly painful way that can even result in death should the recipient be drained completely dry. Knowledge of this ore was forgotten by most but the humans somehow found some of the ore and have begun researching applications for its usage against the demons. So far it had only been used in the creation of the Aegis but it could very well be used in many other ways if the humans learn more about just how frighteningly dangerous it can be.

Is currently in use for the Aegis and the Paladin's armors. Supposedly in limited supply due to the few weapons the humans found and they recycle the Auracite. Most weapons the Paladins use are coated with it. The biggest project on the human side is to try to make Auracite projectiles, but it's in the works due to how wasteful it is to experiment with what little they have currently.

Aegis - A shield developed by the humans with the Auracite. At first it was a prototype, but has since been refined. It can absorb magic used upon it and reflect it back in a devastating manner. It is not immune to too much damage however, as Asimov's Fire-Endowed Spear of Light can melt and damage it.

Paladin - Demi humans or demons raised by those of the cloth to become fiercely loyal soldiers. Their upbringing conditions them to be perfect soldiers. The recent experiments conducted by Doctor Darshe are expanding upon this by taking such beings and merging thing with the body parts of others to create monsters of multiple elemental alignment.

Paladin Project - So far, they can only have two elements due to the instability of specific elemental combinations that outright kill them. As far as I understand it, they cannot have OPPOSING elements. Fire and Water within the same body will destroy itself. Wind and Earth will do the same. Only VERY specific combinations work. This might not be the case for long if the humans discover ways around this limitation.

Elemental Warding System - The first layer to the Warding System being used to protect certain areas on the human side.

In Tiz's exact words:
I’m going to assume they’re running an elemental warding system. Since they have access to the elements through demi humans they can easily replicate very archaic systems combined with their own technology. The warding system is a peculiar one. There should be five elementally conductive pins evenly spaced around the facility. You would think there to be six but no. Each one is conductive to its own element. The ward isn’t visible but it is a barrier. The only difference here is that it is combined with human technology. To pass through it you would need a special crest attuned to the system to prevent flagging it. Anything that goes through can be detected, as well as the location from which the ward was entered. Consider it a first layer of defense, a warning system.

Light is the element that isn’t used. The four core elements are required, but the pentagon formation requires one extra pin. Since those who use stealth are more often than not attuned to darkness, it makes sense to include this in the ward. You would either create a crest, which is a very difficult thing to even bother with as it would need to be precise, or you could disable it altogether. All five pins would need to be destroyed by their opposing element. They would also need to be destroyed at the exact same time because any malfunction in the ward would get flagged by the other remaining pins.

Golem System - The second layer to the Warding System being used to protect certain areas on the human side.

In Tiz's exact words:
The last time I was there I believe a golem system was active. Magically enchanted guardians. The method of creating them is long lost so the ones they have are things they salvaged and researched. They will likely react to the pin system. I believe this system is specific to their research facility. They look old but they can be quite intimidating.

Seeing-Eye System - The third layer to the Warding System being used to protect certain areas on the human side.

In Tiz's exact words:
Then there will also be the seeing-eye system, a series of magically enchanted crystal balls merged with technology of their own to see a visual of the area around. This goes hand in hand with the pin system because if that fails at least they can see what is going on.
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