Zeta's Reference, Picking up the Pieces with Sweet Necroholic

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Jan 4, 2019
Picking up the Pieces with Sweet Necroholic

Correct me if I've messed anything up please. I figured I'd throw this here since I have it in a text documents but you might find it handy, too. I went a little overboard on this honestly. XD

Since there's two side to this, I'm splitting it up to make things easier to digest since we've gone and made a lot of interestingly complex connections.

Multiple Posts because the information is growing.

Based Around Maverick
Alternative (No shirt, better looking, too)
One of Sagittarius's experiments. A fragment of a boy named Astair Emericson. He is the fragment of hatred. Originally was thought to be worthless as he didn't manifest a power, but it was actually a delayed manifestation. His power was the reason for the initial split as it was too much for his young body to withstand. Suffers from acute Bio Rejection due to the nature of his power. Is affected by other Ability Users passively, his power is mimicry. He imitates power he comes across passively and subconsciously. Due to this, he can attain many powers only limited by those who he encounters. Unfortunately the more power he gains, the shorter his life expectancy becomes. Sagittarius deemed him worthless for his lack of power without realizing that this was because he was the initial fragment, the "Origin" of Astair. As such, he is in fact the strongest fragment.

Maverick has always been somewhat sensitive to the abilities of others as far as feeling them. As soon as a power is used he will feel it. This was true even before his power manifested and is the reason he could fight Ability Users regardless of whether he had power of his own or not. His many fights with Divine also helped with this, allowing him to figure out the best ways to work around his lack of power.

(Maverick's story up until the RP, not important but informative for me so I know what changes we’ve made)
Regardless of his lack of power, Sagittarius continued to experiment on him for years in hopes of finding a use for him. When that didn't work, he was trained in combat and assassination with the purpose of having him assist in their fight with the military.

That was how he met Maru. He had picked the wrong target and suffered for it, but Maru spared him regardless of his insisting they just kill him and get it over with. After a while he chose to embrace his hatred for Sagittarius and focused solely on the idea of someday growing powerful enough to kill the man. Met with Maru many times by coincidence, but ultimately he always ran off whenever he got an interesting lead.

Maru had crafted a gun for him to protect himself with on a whim, and it became Maverick's favored weapon. It was a lightweight pistol with the word "Avenger" engraved upon it in red. The gun's name is the source of Divine's little pet name for him.

At some point he eventually tried gathering intel on one of the Union's facilities. Something he could use. Along the way he found Isaiah, and on a whim decided to take her with him. She around his age, and one of Sigma Union's scientists. Taking her was a crippling blow to them. She grew enamored with him, but he didn't reciprocate the feelings. Eventually when he was confident she wouldn't run back to the Unions, he just left her altogether to focus on his own goals.

Due to his nature as the fragment of hatred, Maverick grew a singular tunnel vision on his hatred for Sagittarius. Nightmares of him time in Delta Union plagued him as a reminder, that he couldn't rest easy until he finally finished what that bastard started. Once he became aware of his power after growing increasingly sick at random, he decided that it was finally time.

He allowed himself to get caught after doing some things that really pissed Delta Union off. This allowed him close enough to Sagittarius who had been ignorant of his power. Maverick ended up killing him but nearly died as well, a result of his acute rejection. Afterward, he no longer had a goal. He had been so driven by his hatred for Sagittarius that he hadn't cared about anything else. He had nothing else to live for.

Maverick accepted the fact that he was going to die young, and he was fine with that. He kept it to himself even, and although Maru offered him a place to stay he declined. He felt that he was out of place. Maru had a wife and kid, he had a normal life it seemed. Maverick didn't want to intrude upon it. It was just another reason to quietly leave and maybe die where no one would find him. Divine was adamant on finding a cure, but he wasn't confident in it.

Maru had on many occasions wanted to keep him around. Even offered to be somewhat of a guardian, a father he could rely on. Maverick had outright refused every single time. He felt that he didn't need something so stupid. He lived this long on his own and he wasn't going to settle for relying on others when he felt that he himself was the most reliable.

Over time he just wandered from place to place aimlessly. He recalled something Maru said years ago. A promise. Maru said that if he promised to keep searching for a reason to live, a purpose, that in turn Maru promised that he would find it. Maybe it wouldn't be then, perhaps it would take years, but he would eventually find it. Of course he meant a reason or purpose that wasn't petty vengeance. Funny words coming from someone like Maru, but they were meant to been encouragement, to hopefully lead him on a path that was better than the one Maru took.

It was years later that he ran into Maru again, this time at a bar. Maru's life had gone upside down, or moreso than he had thought it had. With nowhere else to go and Maru insisting on his company, he decided it couldn't hurt to stick around for a bit. He was slowly starting to open up a little even.

(Powers so far) Slashed out powers are ones he no longer has due to events in the RP. Electricity Manipulation (Sagittarius), Gravity Manipulation (Divine), Optical Pulse (Maru), Galvanized Skin (Robin), Ice Manipulation (Yumi), A weaker version of Maru's power (Darius), Minor Water Manipulation (Crystal), Enhanced Galvanized Skin (Griffin), Gilded Hair (Claudia and Natasha), Kinetic Touch (Adalric), Silencer (Kai), Sonic Blast (Jiro). Also should be others that he picked up randomly from people he doesn't even know, and I'd think that going into Delta Union to kill Sagittarius probably garnered him a few as well. MAKING ASSUMPTIONS since Gemini definitely took Sagittarius's, but Lilith has taken some and although the first time they were powers he had gained back, the second time they were powers from people he hasn't been around. Gemini took them all except for his base power.

Lilith took only three from him. From the description however, seems like she took Maru's, Yumi's, and Sagittarius's. Due to his power though, he will quickly regain Maru's and Yumi's by just being around them.

IDEA! Perhaps what she did was also sort of reset the progression of those powers. Maverick has definitely used Maru's power in the past, so a benefit to her taking it could be resetting the decay of his eyes. Not that they were very damaged at all, but over time maybe they could have been if she didn't do this. Makes it so what she did had a bigger impact than just overall removing one power.

Divine - The fragment of insanity. He is a product of the experiment with Maverick and is one of the fragments that split from Astair. His power is Gravity Manipulation, which is the very first power that Maverick imitates. He is strangely drawn to Maverick, and harbors a rather twisted affection for him.

Personality-wise, he is a little off kilter. He acts in a rather aloof manner with a lack of seriousness, but much like Sagittarius, he can switch moods at the drop of a hat. Has taken to playfully referring to Maverick as "Avenger" due to the name of Maverick's gun and his desire for vengeance.

Unlike Maverick who was often oblivious to their connection, Divine over time began to realize that there was something special between them. It was the reason that unlike others who crossed him, he couldn't bring himself to outright kill Maverick. He later grew curious and used his high position within Delta Union to learn the truth, something he continued to hide for a long time regardless.

???? - (Never thought of a name since I've never thought about him too much, but adding here in case we decide to bring him into the mix somehow)
The fragment of happiness. This fragment holds all of Astair's memories. It was kept away from Maverick and Divine and isolated due to the negative effect it has on the other two. This is likely because this fragment instinctively tries to impart these memories to the other two, but such a thing would obstruct their individual development.

Neither Maverick nor Divine want these memories anyway, as they represent a life they don't know. Growing as their own individual pieces, they have memories and experiences of their own. It would be like someone telling you that everything you experienced up until now was false, and could only lead to confusion.

Astair Emericson
A boy who was experimented on by Sagittarius in hopes to force the manifestation of a greater power and he showed great promise. The project was meant to be a means of overthrowing Gemini as it is believed that his native power could rival Gemini's. Unfortunately, a miscalculation resulted in the a split where he became three different people. It is thought that the reason was lack of preparation, and the power being too overwhelming for such a young boy.

Maverick is the real Astair but lacks his memories. Each fragment represents a part of him and altogether make a whole person. Happiness, Hatred, and Insanity. Maverick is Hatred, Divine is Insanity, and ???? is Happiness.

It is possible for the fragments to later merge together back into one individual, but only Maverick has the power to see to this. Merging them together would ease the effect of his Rejection to an extent, but Maverick fears the possibility of losing who he is in the process. Instead, he claims that he doesn't want them because they are all their own people now. Merging was Divine's idea, but Maverick absolutely refused it. Maverick also just couldn't see Divine as a piece of himself due to how wildly different they were, and originally denied the possibility of them being one and the same.

Each fragment will develop over time as its own individual, eventually gaining the emotions and other such things they lack.

Yumi's daughter. She had been more fortunate than her mother as she was born without a power. Also, she was taken in by Aries of Sigma Union to do research and development of weapons and other tech. Instead of the methods Delta Union employed, Aries kept her in line by threatening the well being of her father, whom they had imprisoned. Isaiah is brilliant and now assists her mother in research on rejection, although she is new to this field of study and is still learning.

Isaiah has a mad crush on Maverick, who had rescued her from Sigma Union back during the war. Unfortunately for her, Maverick doesn't feel the same way. She is jealous of Maru for holding Maverick's attention.

The leader of Delta Union and a sadistic man. He led the research on abilities at Gemini's request, and often experimented on live human subjects. He was killed by Maverick back during the war. He had secretly planned to overthrow Gemini at some point using the power of Astair Emericson, but the project was an abysmal failure. His power is a rather strong form of Electric Manipulation.

Leader of Zeta Union, the authority of punishment of those under the Unions. Sadistic. She punished Maverick many times, but was unallowed to touch Maru due to Gemini's obsession with him. Libra's power is unique in that she can look at someone and judge them by their sins. It’s called the Scales of Judgement. Just from a glance she knows which sin one is most guilty of, and her punishments often reflect them. All punishments are cruel, and all accompany some for of physical and or mental pain. Punishment under the Unions is non-lethal. Her power also can be used combatitively.

Interesting things I was thinking about with her power but it's very...Incomplete because of my lack of creativity. Might not even be important since she might be dead.
Wrath - Physical punishment, such as severe beatings and torment
Lust - Sexual torment, rape and humiliation, ect.
Gluttony - Forced over-feeding and humiliation, ect.
Sloth - Forced physical labor.
Pride - Mental abuse and humiliation.
Envy - Not sure?
Greed - Having everything they hold dear stripped from them.

Wrath - Purgatory - The target suffers severe burns and a slow agonizing death.
Lust -
Gluttony - Last Supper - The target of this rapidly gains weight until they die.
Sloth - A Life wasted - The target of this becomes extremely slow and lethargic. (Could also cause rapid aging until death?)
Pride -
Envy -
Greed - Mida's Touch - Only...They turn to gold as soon as they touch something dear.

Now, for fun I was thinking about characters and if they were judged what would it be. Not very important but I thought it would be interesting.
Maverick would be Wrath. That’s a given due to his being the fragment of hatred.

Maru definitely Wrath. Well, technically he wouldn’t be guilty of anything since he was trained and raised as an emotionless killer. As Scorpio he gained so satisfaction from the act of killing. What he would align to right now would have to be...Envy? He’s not egotistical so it can’t be Pride. Wrath would be the alignment at specific times as his PTSD acts up I suppose.

Gemini is a mix of both Wrath and Lust. Wrath for his sadistic pleasures, and Lust for his twisted love for Maru.

Sagittarius is a mix of Pride and Wrath.

Divine would also be Pride and Wrath. Maybe a hint of Lust due to his twisted attraction to Maverick.

Isaiah is definitely Envy. She envies Maru for being the object of Maverick’s attention.

Libra would be Pride. Prideful of her position as the leader of Zeta Union.

Darius would be Wrath due to his overwhelming hatred of both Maru and Maverick.

The Taurus after Griffin. Has the power to act as a magnet.
(The power to act as a magnet to metals. The body acts as a magnet to all forms of metal at will. This power can be a scary one due to the fact that there is iron in the blood. Acting as a magnet can go both ways, positive and negative. This can be utilized to send metal objects like pipes flying at insane speeds that can impale with ease.)

Siegfried's son. Has the power to imbue objects with Kinetic Energy.
(The power to alter kinetic energy in an object. This can be a powerful ability depending on how it is used. Touching an object can add kinetic energy, but that energy is chosen at will. In that sense, merely flicking a coin at someone could in theory penetrate the skin if enough kinetic force is willed into the object. On the flip side, anything coming at them can be stopped by the hand alone by lowering the kinetic energy of the object upon impact.)

Based Around Maru
Younger Maru
Unknown to himself, he is Gemini's favored (or unfavored depending on how you look at it) son. Was born frail and powerless with a heart condition and a severe allergy to all kinds of medicine.

Although Gemini took his brother during his separation with their mother, he didn't know that she was pregnant with another. After she died however, Gemini traded power and money for his son. (Was a fabulous deal for his mother's husband at the time because the man hated Maru to begin with.) In a effort to save Maru's brother, he forcefully transferred one of his brother's powers to him regardless of the fact that it would be dangerous for him. (There is a whole lot more to this, as Gemini never knew who Maru was at first, it's complex.)

Also, he has a thing for fragrances, and prefers to smoke clove flavored cigarettes.

Other Stuff (What I know about him so far)
Maru was passed to Sagittarius for experimentation. These experiments resulted in a regenerative ability to heal at an accelerated rate but at the cost of nutrients and stamina. Basically, the body working at a much faster rate than it should for healing. It's not an all-powerful power because his body can shut down very easily from dehydration and lack of nourishment if he's not careful. This power allowed them to experiment further. It cured the heart condition, but Maru is still allergic to all forms of medicine as it makes him ill with fevers and the like.

Was raised as Gemini's loyal guard dog and trained severely. Much of his trauma has to do with the terrible things Gemini did as punishment, often recording and taking pictures of it for amusement.

Was unfeeling and apathetic, even to the point that he never took care of himself resulting in many near-death experiences due to his regenerative power taking a toll and his lack of care for his own well being.

Due to certain things that were ingrained within him when he was young, he is silent for many things that most people would be vocal about. Pain, pleasure, ect. He also lacks in physical sensitivity.

Later ran away with Griffin and Yumi after attaining the one thing that could undo him. (A gun with specialized ammunition that was designed specifically to cripple him if he ever tried to betray them. He keeps it under the floor board beneath his bed.)

After running away, he and Griffin joined the military movements against the Unions for a while but eventually settled down with Crystal. Crystal wanted to love him and make him happy, but only ever pushed on him things he never wanted, including a child. An argument one night resulted in him accidentally losing control of his power and blasting her head off with his power. After that, he drank a lot and lived alone in fear of hurting anyone else.

As all power comes with a price, his power ruined his eyes. They were once a normal hue, but over prolonged overuse of his power even against Yumi's countless warnings, they now have a black sclera and a pale golden iris that glows faintly in the dark. His eyes are extremely sensitive to the light now and too much light filtering through them can cause him to lose control of his power. (Probably part of how his wife ended up dead.) The upside to this if there is any, is that he can see perfectly normal in the dark as if it were day, but that means normal lighting is painful to him. Due to the damaged state of his eyes, they often bleed when he uses his power.

Due to the circumstances of his past, Maru is often seen as an uncaring and unfeeling monster who killed and maimed while feeling nothing. Held no mercy for anyone, but that changed upon meeting Maverick. Despite being shot, he saw himself in the boy and spared him. This was the real beginning of his changing for the better.

Has an abrasive personality and has many similarities to Maverick, part of why they can get along and understand one another so well. They both are stubborn to a fault.

Due to his rejection and the nature of his regenerative ability, Maru is unable to gauge just how bad his rejection is. As such, he could die anytime.

Known previously as the leader of the Unions. Has the powerful ability to touch people and transfer their powers or mutations to himself as well as to others. Currently maintains a youthful appearance despite his old age due to many of the treatments he received from Sagittarius, many of which were first tested on Maru to ensure their safety. (I assume he also has regenerative power like Maru, which would make sure he ages well as well as making him hard to kill)

He is in fact Maru's biological father and used and abused him for his own twisted personal gain. If anything, Gemini is the primary source for Maru's PTSD.

Complex relations here. Maru and his Kai's father, Maru's mother's previous lover, Lilith, Claudia, and Darius's grandfather, ect. Currently married to Lenore. (Did I miss anything?)

Maru's late wife. She has the weak power to manipulate water, and would have inherited the position of Virgo had she been any stronger. She is Gemini's current wife's daughter, but shares no blood connection with Gemini. Was accidentally killed by Maru during and argument years ago.

Loved Maru deeply and only wanted to help him, but grew bitter of Maru's fondness for Maverick. She never let that get in the way of her unconditional love for Maru, however.

Crystal and Maru's son. Was born without power, but later after his mother's death he manifested one. Has a weaker version of Maru's power that manifested only in one eye. He was sensitive to his mother's feelings and hates Maru for many reasons. One if the biggest was his other' death, but another big reason what Maru's fondness for Maverick, whom Crystal disliked for that very reason.

Is part of a gang at the moment which ended up garnering the wrong attention and resulting in a hit being placed on him. Due to Maverick's intervention, Darius and his buddies are god knows where but they're alive.

Claudia and Lilith's cousin, and Maru's brother's nephew.

The previous Taurus, and good friends with both Maru and Yumi. They ran away from the Unions together. Eventually settled down and married Farrah and had a kid. His power is absorbing minerals he comes into contact with and his cells copy the properties and incorporate them into the properties if his skin. This is a versatile power that can have many uses, from making his body more resistant to attacks to using the minerals to camouflage his skin.

Griffin's wife. Has no ability, but her mother had one. Her mother slowly died to rejection, and because of her mother being an Ability User she sees Ability User's as she would anyone else. She treated them equally.

Farrah and Griffin's son. He has the power to galvanize his skin.

The previous Aquarius. She was a valued scientist in Delta Union and lead research on rejection alongside Sagittarius. Regardless of this rank, she was still abused much like Maru and Griffin, but they got a lot less of it than Maru did. Her power is Ice Manipulation. After the war she found her daughter Isaiah ended up doing further research on rejection and ways to mitigate and cure it. She has developed vaccines to slow the progression of most types including her own. She also has many informants, and has an extensive collection on most of the data that Delta Union had possessed.

Currently has a lab in an abandoned shipyard in the city of Trent. She is Isaiah's mother.

A strange little girl with a unique power. She has a much weaker version of Gemini's power.

She is Maru's niece, Maru's brother's daughter, and Gemini's granddaughter, but not related to Gemini's current wife Lenore. She is Claudia’s sister.

Apparently she is hated by her grandmother due to the fact that she has power, and also because she is related to her uncle (Maru), whom her grandmother also hated for whatever reason. (Probably due to Gemini's twisted love for Maru)

Lilith’s older sister. She hates Gemini and wants to help her mother take him down. Her power is to harden her hair and move it at will. It can be like blades.

Kai and Natasha's daughter.

Lilith and Claudia's older brother, Kai and Natasha's son. Jiro is currently Gemini's bodyguard, but only does it for the sake of his sisters. His power is a hybrid of both Maru and Kai's, although slightly different. He can use sound waves to cause destruction.

Kai (Maru's Brother)
Maru's brother who is two years older. Unlike Maru, Kai was born with two very powerful abilities, but due to the strain of them Gemini transferred one of them to Maru to save him regardless of the effects it had on his brother. Kai's power is sound manipulation, specifically silencing sound. It is extremely powerful when paired with Maru's ability to redirect light to blast things to oblivion.

Although his wife brought him away from Gemini initially, he currently works at one of the companies Gemini owns. He is Lilith, Claudia, and Jiro's father, and Natasha's husband. Has the power to manipulate sound, nullifying it completely.

Maru's brother, Gemini's son, Claudia and Lilith's father, Darius's uncle.

An ex-assassin rebel who freed Maru's brother from Gemini's clutches for a while. She hates Gemini and wants to free her children from him, but in order to do that she wants information to hopefully take him to jail. Kai's wife.

Fei Long (Scorpio)
Was one of the candidates for Scorpio, but Maru was chosen over him. Fei Long specializes in poisons. After Maru and his friends escaped, he was next in line for the position of Scorpio. (Part of choosing was a very big battle royale to see who was the best. Many people died in this, and Maru had been on top.)

An acquaintance of Maru's. Owns an old military base east of Trent. Is very good with gun repairs and the like, but not as good as Maru. Ross's wife. She was in the military her whole life and tested out weapons that those in Sigma Union invented. Eventually escaped (I assume?) and met her husband within the rebel faction. (I assume?). Has no power.

An acquaintance of Maru's. Owns an old military base east of Trent. Is a very good mechanic. Jacqueline's husband. Worked under the government against his will during the war, but escaped and joined the rebel faction where he supposedly met Jackie. Has a heart condition which requires him to take medication for. Has no power.

Gemini’s current wife. She seems close to Diana. She absolutely hates everyone on Maru's side of the family. Has no power.

Senator’s trophy wife who was also under Delta Union’s care back in the past. She is the one who ordered for Maru to kill Darius. Not sure if she has a power or not.

For reference. They no longer exist of course, but this was what each one did incase we forget.

Delta Union: Lead by Sagittarius, this faction is focused solely on the forced manifestation of ability based power. They often experiment on those who are known to possess the genetic mutation requires as a means to hopefully learn how to empower them, predict and control what ability one may gain, and to flatout nullify the condition of Bio Rejection.

Gamma Union: Lead by Capricorn, it is focused on political engagements and contact with the public.

Zeta Union: Lead by Libra, it exists as a punishment force to judge the sins of those who oppose them or misbehave. This group polices known ability users to an extent, but also focuses of eradication of groups that may oppose the Star Signs as a whole.

Sigma Union: Lead by Aries, this group is focused of weapons development and technology.

Theta Union: Lead by Leo, its main objective it learning more about the powers involved with transformations.

I've kinda skipped the following because I have no names for them but if we ever expand further upon them I'll add them to the list.

Gemini's CURRENT Wife (or the one after Maru's mom, I dunno how many wives he's had LOL), Maru's Mother, Maru's not-dad (Corrupt Politician Guy), The Senator's Trophy Wife (Whoever hired Maru to kill Darius. So far I know she was also in Delta Union since she knew Maru was the previous Scorpio)

I've made reference to the following, but never truly expanded on them.

Aries, Masao (Capricorn)
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