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Jan 4, 2019
Since my Bookmarks have decided they don't exist anymore despite the fact I bookmarked them a couple days ago, I should do one of these I guess.

I probably missed some since all my Adonis posts are on the test account.

Should note that "Probably Dropped" means I haven't heard from them in forever. "Discontinued" is confirmed.

I'm not opposed to continuing any of these RP's should my partner contact me and show interest.

If anything is in the wrong section it’s because I can’t be bothered fixing it until I get to a computer because copy pasting a single line of text on mobile is fucking cancer.

Ongoing RP's
Consequences of the Mechanis with CyTheConqueror - Ongoing.
Crystal Hearts with SweetNecroholic - Ongoing.
Love on the Battlefield with Rainebowsplash - Ongoing.
Perversion with GinKitsune11220 - Ongoing.
Picking up the Pieces with SweetNecroholic - Ongoing!
Roleplay with DeeShadium - Ongoing.
Slave Boy with Sky Reed - Ongoing?

Consiquences of the Mechanis with Jigokufan - Ongoing?
Fiery Will with Kira - Unsure.

Discontinued RP's
Carnal Desire with Carmen - Discontinued.
Carnal Desire with Okami - Discontinued.
Dirty Twins with Kasumi - Discontinued.
Labyrinth of Dionysus with TealHyena - Discontinued.
Love Me with RedStars - Discontinued.
Love on the Battlefield with GreenTea - Lack of Muse? Haven’t heard from her since Eros.
Love on the Battlefield with Momo - Discontinued.
Picking Up the Pieces with Carmen - Discontinued.
Strictly Business with Baba Yaga - Discontinued.
The Siren with Mochi - Discontinued.
The Sweetest Poison with Mochi - Discontinued.

Probably Dropped RP's
A Mechanis Story with AgentPurple - Dropped.
Artificial Love with LaLaLandtastic - Dropped.
Comfortable Corruption with Jem - Dropped.
Companion with Kasumi - Dropped?
Companion with Lukhan - Dropped.
Companion with Perverted Shadow - Dropped.
Love Me with CrazyInsanity - Dropped? (Pretty sure.)
Love on the Battlefield with Alpha - Dropped before it even began.
Mechanical Lust with GummieSharks - Dropped.
My Good Luck Charm with PeachBottom - Dropped.
Paranormal Revenge with Yami - Dropped?.
Perversion with DevilsLeftHalf - Unsure. Probably Dropped.
Sinful Pleasure with Kitani - Dropped.
Some Wounds are Invisible - with Spiderfingers - Dropped.
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