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With the rampant inactivity of things for me I might be looking for new partners and a way to refocus the group RP I run.
I will be leaving tomorrow for my vacation. The possibility of me being able to reply from tomorrow until Friday is highly unlikely. If I do manage to get a reply in, it'll likely be on my phone and therefore shorter than I prefer with possible mistakes I wouldn't make if I was in a PC.

Thank you for you patience in advance,

As a warning/announcement in advance;

I will not be able to access a laptop/computer Monday - Friday as I will be on vacation. I will have my phone though, and I do have discord so if anyone would like to talk and/or RP on that I wouldn't be opposed to it at all!
Certain life factors are pulling me away from Roleplaying for the foreseeable future, sorry to anyone who wanted to rp with me or i was currently rping with.
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