Site Rules & Policies [Last Updated 1/1/2019]

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Dec 30, 2018
The Site Rules [Last Updated 1/1/2019]
  • You must be 18+ as the site is community moderated.
  • This site is intended to be a repository of fiction. Please keep people's personal lives and information off of it. (i.e. No Cell #s, Facebook, Pictures intended to represent users, etc.)
  • Do not post illegal speech. (i.e. Sexualizing minors, obscenity, other people's copyrighted content, harassment, revenge porn)
  • Post content in the appropriate category. (i.e. Adult novellas in the Adult section, YA content in the YA section)
  • Don't stray into the gray area for any of the above rules.
  • Content will not be deleted except by juries, content being reported to the staff as violating the rules, and/or takedown notices.
  • Do not attempt to pass on messages from users whose access has been terminated or otherwise attempt to bypass the technical controls we have in place.

The Site Policies (See policies for last update date)
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